I'm Struggling To Find My True Passion

by Wasim
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The title really says it all. I really am struggling to find my true passion.

In order for me to really get the best out of this post I want to be completely transparent, open and honest about my real feelings as it's the only way I'm going to move ahead.

My personal blog is full of creative things that I like, but here's the problem. I only like it, I don't look upon the content of my personal blog with a great sense of love for it. I think because of this lack of love for it, without previously being aware of it untill now, I must have been doing it all half hearted and it is beginning to show.

Other areas of my life I'm happy with. I'm married to a loving supportive lady, I have a beautiful healthy daughter and a loving family and although some would say, 'I'd do anything to have that !' I am thankful that I have all this in my life but it feels something is still missing ..... it's my passion and hunger to do something great but I can't seem to pin point it !

My skill sets - I'm good at drawing, digital graphics, simple motion graphics for movie footage and can also write effective articles. I get on well with all types of people but I'm still lacking something. Again it's what I really love doing.

I know that no-one else can find my true passion for me or understand my gut instincts but I am fascinated to find out, not only what your real passions are but how you came about finding them? This might actually help to trigger something within myself.

In my desperation I even thought of using my personal blog as an open documented journey of just that - of finding my passion and asking people to follow it, not only to help me, but maybe in return it may help to look inside themsleves too.

So have you found what it is that you love doing? and can you define the actual moment that you found what it is you really love doing?
  1. Was it by accident?
  2. Did you know from an early age?
  3. Did it happen stage by stage?
  4. Was it because of a specific event or circumstance in your life?
  5. Did you see something missing in your life or someone elses life?
  6. OR Have you just simply fallen into your career as a result of your surrounding environment? i.e. Family business passed down etc?
I look forward to reading some replies.
Kind Regards Everyone.
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    You make some good point,s and most iomportantlty, only you can decide what you really want.

    I was in a similar situation, in that I relocated to a new country, and had to start over again, and did that online.

    It is not easy, but I suggest taking the time to sit queitly, alone, with a note pad, and just jot down all your ideas, and desires.

    Think what you really want, and just start writing.

    It doesn't matter how long you take, even if you have to write a little 'nonsense' just to get started.

    Do not assume an idea is too big either.

    If you want it, do not wiorry about the how, just write it.

    This way, you are letting your creativity fliow, and be yourself.

    I always say in my various blogs, that no matter what you have to do, do not worry about the details yet. Just plan your desired end points, and the rest will fall into place.

    I explain this more in my success site , as per the dig below, and know that once you start writing,. you could go for pages, Give youreself the chance to do this.

    Your true creativity will flow.

    Keep up the blogging, and you will find that in timne, you can moneize it, and always ensure you are offering value to your readers.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Wasim

    What an honest and open post!

    I can relate to your predicament. After all, we all know of people who seem to know from day one what they're about while others struggle to 'find their bliss' let alone follow it.

    I love reading the stories of how some of our 'greatest' (most famous, most noted) achievers, whether in music, art, literature, business, spirituality etc 'found their passion' or 'were found' by their passion

    Some were nurtured by their parents and/or significant others, some stumbled upon it early or late in life and some appeared to have been hauled towards it by the sheer force of rejecting everything else!

    But even within these narratives, there are threads that weave in and out somewhat haphazardly, idiosyncratically, rather than linearly and with 'internal consistency'!

    In other words, we (and they) get to see and tell some of the story but never all of it simply because there are always unseen, unnoticed, unclear parts to it, multi-layered and forever 'becoming'.

    I have observed that for those of us who have struggled with this, our main obstacle is our beliefs.

    We believe that there must be this one 'thing' that we must become so completely consumed by and that will thereafter gloriously define who we are.

    I have come to realize that such thinking is erroneous. It mistakes 'the thing' for passion. Passion is not what we do. It is what we feel which is why Joseph Campbell's quote is so often misinterpreted, I think.

    It's not about finding what you love doing and then doing it, not to start with at any rate. Rather it is bringing or allowing joy and enthusiasm in your life and in the things you do which will then lead you to the thing (or things) that enables more and more of that joy and enthusiasm (that passion) to be expressed.

    If you believe that your 'passion' (a 'thing' that you want to be consumed with) is eluding you, well that is what you will experience and you will be forever chasing after this phantom.

    On the other hand, if you simply relax and commit to experiencing joy and enthusiasm (for now, it might be better to forget the word 'passion' altogether) in whatever it is you happen to be doing, sooner or later (and sooner rather than later), you will find that the 'bliss' you begin to experience will lead you to whatever it is you most want to do in life.

    That, I think, is what 'following your bliss' really means. Like passion, bliss is not the thing in itself but how you feel. Be guided by your feelings of joy and enthusiasm which you must allow rather than hold back until the 'thing' you most want to do (what you're calling your passion) appears.

    I hope this helps. For what it's worth, you're already on your path. You've never not been!
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    To the op, if you did not have to work tomorrow to earn a living and money was no longer an object, what would you choose to do ? that would be a good starting point to finding your passion.
    | > Choosing to go off the grid for a while to focus on family, work and life in general. Have a great 2020 < |
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      Originally Posted by tryinhere View Post

      To the op, if you did not have to work tomorrow to earn a living and money was no longer an object, what would you choose to do ? that would be a good starting point to finding your passion.
      This is indeed a very good way to find out. Try to listen to your feelings and your time as well. If you do somethinng for hours and you forget about anything else around you, you`ll probably know what is your passion. I sometimes compose music and during those times I completely forget anything. I am not hungry, I don`t feel tired and I could go on for hours without standing up. So Music is definitely my passio but there are other things that fulfill me as well. Its up to me choosing which one I pik to make a living for example.
      I tend to follow my passion and I have a decent live which I am grateful for. I am not rich, not poor, have a lovely wife and good friends. Things, that support my passion add up naturally since I follow it.
      For you it seems to be writing. You are an artist so think about what you would love to do if you could and then start making a plan and see yourself realising your plan.
      Good luck and all the best wishes
      Charter Catamaran in Phuket and you know what sailing really means!
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        Thanks for all your advice and kind words of support. I really appreciate it.

        Your comments have sparked off something very special. I remember as a child I would be really happy if others around me were happy as a result of something I did whether it was a drawing, something I wrote or however simple. Looking back it now I would say that it was not the need for attention but more to do with me seeing them happy. I knew I was ok if people around me were smiling.

        Even know I feel like I should me doing alot more to create happiness in other peoples life. It's something that makes me personally feel good inside. When I hear stories about how people turned their lives around I feel a sense of satisfaction. If I could manage to help someone change one single thing about their life or even manage to get them to acknowledge to themselves that something needs changing I would be happy. i.e a bad habit, an addiction or something simple as just learning to appreciate nature.

        I'm sure we all have some kind of hunger to make people happy as well as being happy ourselves.
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          Originally Posted by Wasim View Post

          If I could manage to help someone change one single thing about their life or even manage to get them to acknowledge to themselves that something needs changing I would be happy. i.e a bad habit, an addiction or something simple as just learning to appreciate nature.
          Oh boy ... linking your happiness to being able to make others happy is a great way to make yourself forever unhappy. No matter how many people you help - you can never stay happy for very long unless you come to fully realize that you don't need to do anything or change anything to be happy. Happiness and passion is an inside job. You decide to be happy and you put passion into your life. People decide to be happy or unhappy. Some will decide that no matter what - they will be happy because being happy is a priority to them and they know they can't make others happy if they themselves are miserable. Most people decide to be unhappy, they tell themselves that in order for them to be happy certain things must happen first before they can let themselves just be happy. They believe that everything and anything has to change before they can feel passion and happiness and it is that belief that prevents them from having what they want. I still struggle with this myself thanks to my religious upbringing. But I'm happy when I remember to use "The Option Method" and unhappy when I forget it and go back to believing that things must be different from what they are for me to be happy. It may help you to...

          Click here to read up on "The Option Method" as created by Bruce Di Marsico if you really want to know what it takes to be happy!

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    A professional might be able to help you focus. A trained listener (eg. a psychologist) can sometimes hear things that you may not even realize that you have said.

    BTW, I have no connection to that profession.
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    What do you do when you are free?

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      Passion is overrated. It's all well and good when you do have a passion for something, be it a cause or hobby or activity, but it's not necessary. Believe it or not, most people do not have a passion for anything.

      Shoot for contentment instead. You sound like you have more going for you than many people do and you should be focusing on enjoying that life instead of searching for some grand passion that may not exist.

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      Fast & Easy Content Creation
      ***Especially if you don't have enough time, money, or just plain HATE writing***
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      Originally Posted by zim View Post

      You have a great talent in drawing and graphics. May be should consider using it for the good of humanity instead of using it as a source of income. In my view, it would be greatly fulfilling for you.
      I think you may be right there because what I have realised is that I seem to keep stopping and stating with my drawing and graphics. When I do start and I also begin to question why I'm doing it and there is never a good enough explanation or reason and if there was a good enough reason I'm sure my work would be consistent too.
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        One good way to find your passion is thinking about what you most enjoy doing throughout your day. That can range from the most subtle and mundane thing, to something that's so obvious that you find it hard to deny it exists.

        Many people love sleeping, others eating, most enjoy goofing off for no reason, and still others sitting around watching movies or playing games. Others find joy in helping others
        find solutions to problems.

        Think of the things that you find fun and enjoyable, things that you most enjoy talking about to others, things that you have sufficient knowledge about, and can express verbally and physically with little effort. The keyword is: FUN. That which fills you with constant joy and satisfaction.

        There's a saying that we learn more from what we teach others and from the feedback we receive.

        Perhaps, you can utilize your skill sets in drawing, digital graphics, simple motion graphics for movie footage, and writing effective articles to teach others those same skills as a hobby.

        If it's something you enjoy doing without the expectation of receiving payment for it, you may be able to slowly develop that into a regular habit that leads to becoming your life's work and source of income.

        It may not even be an intellectual gift that you possess. It may be a physical skill you can perform effortlessly that can lead to bigger things and open doors.

        Another good way to find out what you're good at is asking friends and family what they think they see you doing for a living. Their answers may be surprising and can trigger an "ah-ha" moment. Sometimes others can provide clues and ideas about us that we never thought of.

        From the connections you make with others, you may be able to pinpoint what it is you're most passionate about.

        Ultimately, you'll organize all of the data you've collected and be able to implement a plan of action that leads you to discovering your passion in life.

        Hope that helps.
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    Everyone struggles at some time, so don't let it get you down. You may feel like you are struggling at the moment, but you have taken a very positive step in reaching out for support in the community by posting your feelings and concerns. Thank you for sharing!

    There has been some very good advice given already about finding your passion, so I won't venture to give any more. I'll tell you instead how I discovered my own passion for writing.

    When I was in Year 8 or 9 at school (middle high school), my English teacher set a task that most of the students HATED! It was to write a "novel" of at least 10 chapters and present it as a novel. I loved this project and that was when I first thought, "I am a writer".

    I became determined to become a writer and studied journalism at university. I thought that was the only form of writing that could make money. I worked as a journalist for several years, but eventually it got to be boring. I hated working the long hours and I became disenchanted with whole writing about crime and for front page honours thing. I gave up being a writer.

    My creative side still needed a writing outlet and I began journalling and writing poetry (but not consistently) while working as several other things - a marketing manager, technical writer, and trainer (all focused on some sort of communications and all using writing in one style or another, but very different jobs to work at).

    Then one day, my mother joined the University of the Third Age and started a short story class. She would send me the class assignments and I would write the short stories. We'd then read each other's stories. I loved it and rediscovered my lost passion for writing. However, the short stories were not always my cup of tea, and I couldn't sell them, so I started looking for an outlet where I could make money from my hobby of writing for pleasure.

    I discovered Constant Content where I could write articles on every topic I wanted to, and could make a decent return per article. Now, I am so passionate about writing that I want to tell the world "I AM a WRITER!" My passion for writing overflows and I want to help others realise the dream of writing too. I have a website with free articles about writing, just because I am so passionate about it myself.

    I think I have always been passionate about writing, but like a tide the feeling ebbs and flows. Sometimes, I can't be bothered, and other times I can't wait to write. I'm learning that writing is part of who I am and I can't ignore it for too long. However, there are other things that bring me joy in my life too - such as my loving husband. I have a passion for Christ's people in the world, and for sharing good times with my friends too. Whenever passion seems far away in one area, I always find another to feel passionate about. If passion still eludes me, I gather contentment and know that the fires of passion will ignite again soon.

    Hope this helps,


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    Find one thing you're great at and do it - this will motivate you due to the icnreased confidence and allow you to find your passion and succeed!
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  • Profile picture of the author igorb
    Great thread Wasim.
    Best I could advise is to try to get copy of Jack M Zufelt book.
    His "The DNA of Success" covers these topics on highest level.
    Highly recommended.
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  • Profile picture of the author Patrick Warren
    You are a good writer. Right now you're like a rifle without bullets. Once you pick a target, the bullets will come.

    Then it's ready, fire, aim!

    It took me a long time and many years of indecisiveness before I got on the right path. Actually it happened only this year when I made a conscious decision and chose a path. I didn't even know how I'd accomplish it, I just said it, prayed it, and the next week I found an unexpected deposit in my bank account which allowed me to pursue my dreams!

    Explore your spiritual side and align your desires and interests with your Calling. Only you can know your calling and you may slowly realize it over time, or you may have an instant "eureka!" type moment.

    For now, continue to use your creative and writing talents to help others.
    You're on the right path. Don't worry. Just move forward and trust that things will fall into place. You will perform and be at your best when you are calm and confident.

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