Has anybody got results from how to get lots of money for anything fast

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Has anybody got results from how to get lots of money for anything fast i have been reading it and think it clears most of the things that other law of attraction courses does not. Has anybody attracted some real money by following the instructions in the book
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      I have studied the law of attraction, but only really focused on it a year ago. When my mind is focused on the positive things in life, more good things do come along.

      As far as seeing a huge increase in money, I have seen success, but not enough to live off of it.

      Never give up is all I can say.
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        Not yet, though slow beginnings are now more promising.

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          From my perspective it's a pretty complicated process.

          But that's awesome if you are attracting some neat things through it ~ I will say there are many ways to skin a cat as they say, and I prefer an easier route.

          No disprespect to Stuart by the way... what's excellent about the work is writing your "story" and fine tuning it, taking out wording that you've got resistance to. Not new however, and I don't think he made that up originally... it's belief system work, and scripting to align with your highest intentions and desires... Inner Being.... Higher Self...(whatever you say) and getting out of your own way.

          The point is aligning with who it is you truly are. Your vibe soars, you attract wealth on all levels. (It's really not about the money, we just think it is from ego)

          With that said, rock on with money making... it is pretty dang fun is it not!!??

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    The whole law of attraction builds on the old wisdom by Earl Nightingale: "Man becomes what he things about".

    If you constantly think about positive things, positive outcomes and success, you'll do that. Law of attraction relies little bit too much on the wishing side but that's just because it sells more books when the premise is that you magically get rich by wishing.

    When you think positively and expect success, you'll have much better mindset also for temporary failures. Failures are only missteps towards success and it's just fooling yourself to expect success without missteps.

    And no, I haven't read that book but based on what other people are writing here, it sure sounds like it's missing the action part. Please do correct me if I'm wrong
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