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My name is Duncan Bracey and I have been marketing online for about a year. I was laid off last Dec., so a year ago. Well I guess its safe to say its been a rough road. But thank God I finally found some honest help.
You see I wasted a ton of money for a long time. Unfortunatly there are lots of scammers out there waiting for us new folks searching for a way to make money from home. But trust me there are some honest people on the internet, that are willing to help you and me make it in this industry.
And that's what I would like to do for all the people on here today. I will help you in everyway I can I will give you my home phone #, my cell #, I have direct toll free 800# to my house, I can get calls on skype, which is one of the tools I will discuss with you if you want, but I only want people who are serious about setting up a HOME business and making some really GOOD MONEY! Email me at my personal email only if you wanna talk about getting going.
Email me at:

Thanks & I look forward to hearing from you.
I should contack you within 24hrs
Godspead, Duncan Bracey, TheBraceyGroup
I am just a regular guy like you sitting in my house, only im smiling cause I finally figured this thing out! My wife is soooo relieved.
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    Hello thebraceygroup
    What you do exactly?
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    Nice to meet you thebraceygroup. I'm fairly new here but have been watching for quite a while. Is there a newbie forum?
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      Originally Posted by SherryLee View Post

      Nice to meet you thebraceygroup. I'm fairly new here but have been watching for quite a while. Is there a newbie forum?
      No, but there is newbie advice all over this forum. You can look up almost anything with the search function.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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        Duncan, can you give an example site that makes you money? Or tell us what niche helped you to "figure it all out?"

        "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Hey Duncan,

    What exactly are your plan?
    I mean what kind a "business"
    do you want to help us set-up?

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    I am sorry for taking so long to get back in touch with everyone here, thanks to those who posted reply's, I have had a unfortunate loss in my family, and have been away for a week or so.... back to normal at home I hope

    I am interested in getting a group of highly motivated people who want to make some good money on the internet but just havent quite been able to break thru, to team up and that way we can kind of allocate the tasks to different people, instead of one person having to figure all this out on there on. If you been doing this long then you very well know that learning all the different things can be a bit overwhelming. Of course we will all be complamenting one another in the same oppurtunities, I personally have been using the PIPS system but have found that it there has a few flaws where it can be a bit overwhelming unless you have alot of money and can just outsourse it all, which Stone gives you that choice, and if you have the means to do that then this team wouldnt be for you. You see I relize there are 10's of 1000's of people here in the warrior forum and getting advise from that many people can be very overwhelming, so this would narrow it down to about 20 different people sharing there sourses and knowledge with one another.
    TheBraceyGroup, better remember that name because I will make it BIG in this business! So you can tell your Grandkids you remember when that kid was just STARTING OUT!!
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    First - Sorry to hear about your family. Hope you are better now and manage to get over the loss with the help of good friends. Here`s my first concrete question:
    Do we have anything to invest financially to even get started with you?
    If this is the case and we have to pay for something (even a little bit) I am off but if I can try for free and see if it works and make my money as easy as you say, I would be interested.
    Charter Catamaran in Phuket and you know what sailing really means!
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      How come no one else smells SPAM here??
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        First of all no I don't smell SPAM however in my neck of the woods, most folks love the spell of some good spam frying up in the frying pan...
        But all I was talking about here was getting together a group of people that are struggling to start making money and posibly share with them what I went through, and maybe direct them in a direction where they can avoid being scammed. I personally wasnt going to ask anyone for a dime. And down the road if I do help them out and they feel indebted to me then sure I won't turn some money down. JK LOL. Really I am looking some people to share experiences on a more personal level, where we can kind of get to no one another a little better, and then help each other build some profitable income streams together through list building, product sharing, and just be able to work off one another. Then we could avoid having to help some other guru get rich and get more of the bottom dollar in our pocket. There is just to much information on the internet available for one person to get it all in a be able to determine what info is the best to use, without suffering from what some of us refer to as information overload. I found that was my MAIN reason for throwing some many wasted dollars away. Because come to think of it alot of the money I threw away really wasnt always money wasted it was alot of the time just that I would buya product or invest in a system and before I could master that item, there I was re-entering my credit card for the next offer I was emailed. And I personally dont want to make money off poor email feeders like I was. I would rather find some customers, that would become more loyal to me and what I was doing, and stay more focused on succeeding in just a few areas, and then with some success in a few businesses, we can then build our own business, that way I feel we are less likely to quit. You see I am to the point no matter what happens I am not giving up till I am rich, and I mean filthy RICH, I don't want anymore worrying about paying bills, and in the meantime I also don't want to have to worry about having to wake up at a certain time 5,6,or even 7 days a week to go make some other man's family rich. I refuse to do that my whole life.
        I really believe that the only way I can be truly happy is working for my self. But also only if I can go out a when I want to buy something I want to be able to go get it. Once again if you wanna get to no me email or call me with my contact details.

        ps. thanks for the concern about my family to the ones that said something about it. Have a money day
        TheBraceyGroup, better remember that name because I will make it BIG in this business! So you can tell your Grandkids you remember when that kid was just STARTING OUT!!
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    Duncan, I'm also sorry to hear of your loss. It looks like massive action is the healing path for you after a very rough year. In addition to prayers that your goodwill will return to you multiplied, I have a couple of practical resources I can mention that might help. (I don't have any association with the services I mention.)

    I recommend you create a network (which is free) and let anyone who wants to post something about themselves. Then follow up with the people who seem most compatible, and create a separate, password-protected "inner circle" group for your team. Have everyone read "think and grow rich" and commit to the Master Mind Alliance principles. Work together to create your plan, then implement it. is one of several services that lets the team have live voice chat. But if it's an international group, email and forums may be more convenient because people can check in at any time of day that works for them.

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    Thank you so much for the advice. I'm a newbie here myself..
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