How do you define success?

by jnasty
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With the new year upon us, I've been working on revisiting my goals to see where I am and where I am going to, as I'm sure many of you have.

"Our goals are just paths, to our idea of success."

My idea of success seems to change as I grow, mature and achieve goals that I have laid out for myself previously.

I also find that goals that I may have set 5 years, 3 years, 1 year, 6 months, even 3 months prior, have the ability to change dramatically. Other times, I find that they aren't truly what I am striving for at all. I believe this is a natural tendency caused by the fluid nature of goals and our idea of success. As you grow, so will your goals.

This is why I am asking you, my fellow Warriors:

How do you define success?

And how often do you revisit your idea of success?


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    If you're talking about internet marketing then making money lol. But a more virtuous answer would be financial freedom or something like that.
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    How I define success? reaching a point in your life where you find your happiness.

    Best Regards,
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      Having financial freedom and not having to worry about working for the man ever again. That and having total peace of mind and happiness. If I can reach 10k a month in recurring commissions that would be Success in my book.
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      Originally Posted by DarkLour View Post

      How I define success? reaching a point in your life where you find your happiness.
      This guy just answered this thread.
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    I think its all about what you want in life. I am successful in
    everyday life but would like to be come more successful in Internet Marketing so I guess I just like to keep challenging myself and setting new success goals.
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    "Success is not a measure of the heights one attains...but rather the obstacles he overcomes in their attainment. "

    Great quote, and so true. I define success as overcoming life's inevitable adversities.
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      While many people say that money has nothing to do with success, I disagree. It is not the pinacle or deciding factor, but it is part of it.

      Success to me is when a person has a happy healthy connection with his family and friends. He has a passion and purpose in life and continues to grow with it. And he has a passive income that exceeds his monthly expenses, whatever level he chooses for his life. This provides freedom that many do not have. That is what I strive for.
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    Learn one new thing a day! Whether it be a lesson, distinction, or experience...
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    Until you are able to show me someone that you have helped in any way to succeed or be happy, you are not a success by my own standard.

    Every successful person must have a succession.
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    I agree, for me helping people is a big part of success - though you can help people in many different ways. I also like to push myself. When I do something I was afraid of and come out the other side, that always makes me really proud of myself.

    There are so many ways of defining success, it all depends on your goals in life. I would say don't define it by money - just make sure you have enough money to further goals like freedom, travel, helping others and taking care of your family.
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    There are many definitions of success. To me it is when your hard work pays off.
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    Success is when your dreams become a reality...

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      Doing what I really like is success for me.
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        Interesting question, jnasty!

        I think the basic definition of success is the accomplishment of an objective (duh). But I also like to think of success as the path leading to your goals. Let me give you an example from my own experience.

        Success doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be the moment when you make your first affiliate sale, or your 1000th sale. What is a successful affiliate? He or she is, more or less, somebody who is able to profit from promoting other people's products. But of course you'll have to do many things in order to make profits as an affiliate. That is the path. And without that path, there is no success. But the fact that you've chosen to take that path is already an indication that you've committed yourself to pursuing profits as an affiliate marketer. The profits will, almost certainly, follow if you are able to stay committed and don't give up. Successful affiliates continue to tread that path, and that's what keeps them successful.
        Teach yourself success.
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    I like Earl Nightingale's definition:
    "Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal."

    To me this means:
    Pick a goal or ideal,
    make sure it's worthy of your attention - the energy of your life,
    and proceed to make it real,
    step by step.

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    Being able to wake up in the morning,do something you love and go to sleep at night without worry of any kind.
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      A combination of most of the post's on this thread could count as success;

      As people have mentioned money can play it's part, good health (mental and physical) plays a part and as mentioned several other factors all play a part.

      For me every morning when I have a shave I need to be comfortable with the reflection looking back at me. Because money can come and go and life will throw different challenges at us if through it all you maintain your own self respect and respect for others then you are a success.


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    Success to me is being in a position where I am able to help other people.

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    For me, recently I planned out exactly how I visualize success. It involved carefully considering what an ideal day/week/year would look like for me. The whole exercise took 4 hours, but it was very interesting and informative.

    What I wanted was a destination. This way, I could plan out the route I would take to get there. I find it's easier to think about what to work towards, the clearer your destination is.

    I personally define success as a feeling and a lifestyle. The two are related, but slightly different.

    The feeling for me is happiness, relaxation, achievement, challenge, growth, goal-orientation, pride, leadership, helping others, healthy, energized, excited to face each day, and so on.

    The lifestyle is more free than the average. Not forced to work, but working when and how I want. Freedom and wealth to travel and live the way I want. And the freedom to help others, and take care of my family properly.

    This is a summary of my results of the exercise. I recommend it to everyone, it was very beneficial to me.

    Take Care!
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    • Profile picture of the author jnasty
      I must say, the responses have been awesome!

      I'm seeing a real understanding of success; and a strong appreciation of freedom and success, as an emotion and a lifestyle, as apposed to strictly a desire to obtain money.

      This IS great.

      It shows that we are working towards something more...and may be on the right track.

      To succeed, we need to know where we are going...

      J Nastor

      PS. lets find out.
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    I define success as the continuous progress of a worthy goal.
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    Success is continuously seting goals and reaching them.
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  • If you get what you want, that means you get success.

    Success is not measured by how much wealth you have or how many degrees you have, it is measured by whether or not you have achieved your goals.
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    The answer is not money.

    Success is when you are good at what you are doing
    for a career and are recognized as such by others.

    If that success provides you satisfaction and happiness,
    then you have the right career.
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      To define success in just one way is to say that I am static, unchanging throughout my life. But that's simply not true for me and probably not for anyone else. For example, if I define success as making a certain amount of money, or not having to work for the MAN anymore, then how do I find future success once I've achieved that? But success for me is a daily thing as I achieve today's goals, monthly and long-term goals. If I change my goals, then my idea of success changes with them and stays current with my life, needs and philosophies.

      Annette @ SweetHomeLiving

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    For me, success is feeling pure happiness in whatever I'm doing.
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      The attainment of my goals, however small or big, within a given amount of time. I don't believe objective success exists...some universal entity of achievement.

      For me making it to the bank before it closes is just as successful as going to the bank to cash a nice check from my business. They're just different goals i had set out but it's their consistent and continual attainment that i consider success.
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    Success is subjective, so it's whatever you say it is. For me it's raising my kids and being happy here and now. Doing what I love each day and being around those I love.
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    Working towards your goals at any given moment
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    Success could be different for everyone.

    The goals which I set when I was starting with IM were: more money, more time, less work.

    I achieved them and I consider this as success.
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