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Hi folks

Im launching a website next month that will host and contain regular webinars from people in the personal development area. My overall format will be roughly 20-30 minutes talk, 20-30 minutes Q&A followed by 10 minutes at the end to promote an evergreen product or service i.e. and ongoing promotion and not a scarcity one.

I want the talk to be informative about your chosen field and not a pitch-athon. The listeners i have will be conscious of not being bombarded with sales talk but at the same time will appreciate a little spiel at the end with a relevant promotion at the end enabling them to further their education.

After the live webinar a copy of it will be posted up for permanent viewing and access to it will be free. I will be actively driving traffic to each and every webinar aswell as the overall website. I expect to get good viewings as the website gets under way and it will be a great opportunity for you to promote yourself. There will also be a permanent affiliate link below your video giving access to your product / service constantly.

Please contact me if you want to speak on my webinar or know of anyone who will be interested. Where possible i would like to speak to you in person e.g. skype before hand and would ideally like to listen or view any previous material you may have.

I would also welcome any contributions such as prerecorded audios / videos to put in the bonus section of the site. If possible i would need your permission for viewers to download these but this will be based on your discretion.

Any questions then please don't hesitate to ask.

Many thanks


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