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First, I have found that my original thread was deleted...I have no idea why, but here it is again.

A quick article to wake up from that mental fog

So it's around 2:55 AM, and I had an idea to write an article to help you guys out, to maybe provide a wake up call for a few, and to give you the only proven, only real way to success. Well, what you and I constitute real may be two entirely different ways. What I mean by real is that if you do it this way, there is no doubt in my mind that you won't succeed. Success will be inevitable if you approach things this way.

Here are a few achievements to give some support to what I say. Let me note, I hate flaunting and bragging and all types of arrogance. 11th grade JV Wrestling 9-1, 12th grade Varsity Wrestling: 1st Place New England Invitationals, 4th place Class A's, New England Qualifier 21-3 season record HVW, Captain Football Team, Crossfit Level I trainer. I have also been cast in 2 main-stage productions- 1 my senior year in high school and 1 in college with decent rolls. This past summer, I worked on a set as a production assistant in a Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale movie. While these achievements are not high in grandeur like winning the Olympics or being cast in a movie or placing first at Nationals,
they do reflect some success that pursued further would lead to higher placements and better positions.

Well, enough with the fluff, I'll get into it.

I by no means do Internet Marketing anymore. I have no interest in it at all. Granted some money to help a college student get by is great, however, this game is not the main focus in my life. What I have come to realize is that the key to success, the path which labor will yield the most favorable fruits is a path towards excellence. Today I was reading an article in the Crossfit Journal "Form Follows Function" by Russell Berger, and he said something that made me reflect on my life and achievements. "It seems life's most desirable rewards rarely come to those who set out in pursuit of them--but
strive instead for excellence, and the rewards of life often find you."

And I thought about that statement, and I reflected on my life. And the times that I did have success were when I was not in pursuit of the destination, but when I was focused on the journey. I became better in wrestling after I read the Bhgavad Gita and saw the plight of desire and attachment. I embraced this paradox of desire without attachment.

*Sidenote: Most IM'rs are operating under the paradigm that you must desire what you want in order to get it, the genius or not so genius thinking of Napoleon Hill. Desiring something or not desiring something is not going to bring about success. It will actually eat away at your soul because the longer you go without it the more and more unhappy you are. This is the motivator behind the thinking, or you will want it so bad you would do anything to get it. The desire easily breeds and "ends-justifies-the-means" mentality. Think of selling your soul to the devil for fame and fortune. You did get fame and fortune, but you did not truly deserve it, nor did you achieve it because of your mastery of a craft. (Not a good mentality to have in the long run, and not a marker of true success and character.)* Back to the story
So I placed my focus on becoming the best conditioned heavyweight in the league and had my sights on nationals. (Missed it by one placing). As a result, I won many matches. I can tell you if I focused on a win ratio, I would have probably done worse or have suffered much more mental anguish than necessary. My conditioning and technical skill level would have suffered.

The most important part of success is focusing on the journey. One must enjoy the process of what they are doing and be fully engaged in it. It is in this process, and in the practice that mastery is achieved.

The best are also masters of the basics. Fundamentals: what most people dread to learn. People don't spend time on the basics, they want to get into all these cool things and learned advanced knowledge. Sure that's cool, and you definitely can do this advanced moves, do all this cool backend stuff and little tricks to help double income or whatever, but ONCE you have MASTERED the BASICS. They are called fundamentals for a reason, because without them, everything else would be rubbish.

Be they underlying principles or techniques, the fundamentals hold all the secrets behind these advanced principles. Behind every advanced wrestling move there is one constant. Control the hips. Hip control of yourself and your opponent leads to success. Wrestling is all about the hips, and once one can master hip control, one can win easily.

The same with marketing. What are the basics? Yup, the basics.

Find a Niche (Something you love)
Create a product (quality, more on this later)
Make a list
Populate your site with content

The underlying principle behind this model, which makes all sales work and is responsible for satisfied and happy customers who will give you your money whenever you have anything new...

GIVE VALUE- You don't receive anything except by giving. And to add some more happiness, give without wanting anything in return. Constantly give value for nothing. Give them so much value, that they feel obligated to compensate you in some way. People will return favors. You give them all this value for free, and you come out with a product, they will buy it. They will be dying for your product because it is filled with valuable information they can use. They see how you deliver and the quality you put in for free, they could only imagine what you would do for money.

I don't do IM,however, my recent life project...becoming a personal trainer/coach has brought me to an idea to create a website dedicated to helping people learn to be healthy, fit, and perform to their highest level etc... For me it's about learning how to educate people, and learn more myself, kind of a motivation to be constantly learning pursuing mastery in a field. It will help me refine my skill and help people in the process. A bonus is that it is a reference I can refer clients too. Base your product or idea off of something you love and you know you will do regardless of the site because that is what you will succeed in. You will be an expert because of your interest in the subject. It is only a matter of time.

Basic principles, but few really do it. Also, Always seek to PERFECT THE BASICS.

I speculate it because this is the path of most resistance. It requires work, hard work. It will not happen overnight, but in some cases it may. There is no easy path, ever. No matter how much you want a pain free path to exist, it just does not exist.
In a pursuit towards excellence, the easiest path, the ONLY MAGIC BULLET is indeed HARD WORK!

So if you want to succeed faster than anyone and have that success last throughout the ages, Pursue Excellence, Work Hard, Give it your all. GIVE VALUE. GIVE. The most important lesson in life is to freely give. Be a giver, give everything you have to everything you do. Give to people. Don't expect to receive anything in return. I tell you if you do this, not only will you feel good, you will notice that success will follow you. Taking importance off of yourself and putting it in others and into your activities will yield a harvest large enough to last a lifetime or thousands of lifetimes.

Know there is no magic bullet, Pursue mastery and excellence, focus on the journey, master and execute the basics, make the journey last your lifetime, do hard work and give.

Make your journey towards excellence last your entire lifetime, it is a journey that has no end, but can only take you higher and higher.

Stop aiming for success, pursue a journey towards excellence and success will follow.
"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it." - Henry David Thoreau

*After thought.
On failure. True Failure only occurs when you say I can't. You must lose in order to win. You have to make mistakes in order to learn. They are just setbacks whose lessons can put you further ahead than if you never encountered them. Embrace those failures, don't ever say you cannot though.

For all of you who have doubt- look up Kyle Maynard. Doubt yourself after reading his story, I DARE YOU.

Live Well & Prosper
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    Interesting article.
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      Thanks for the informative article.
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      I totally agree with the "working hard" part in that article.

      But it would be infinitely better to be working hard at the right things.

      Only then will the work be easy and worth it!
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        Hey Guys, I'm glad you all liked it and I really hope it helps!

        Originally Posted by AffiliateKungfu View Post

        I totally agree with the "working hard" part in that article.

        But it would be infinitely better to be working hard at the right things.

        Only then will the work be easy and worth it!
        Yea, I totally agree, working hard on the right things is what matters, I'll add that in later. With wrestling, if you are working on how quick you can pin somebody and fail to work on conditioning, if you're caught in a long match, your sure to be drained.

        Choosing the right things to work on is key. Most of the time they are the basics, other times they can be more elusive.
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        Originally Posted by AffiliateKungfu View Post

        I totally agree with the "working hard" part in that article.

        But it would be infinitely better to be working hard at the right things.

        Only then will the work be easy and worth it!
        I also emphasize on Working hard but include 'Working smart'. I believe in doing right thing at the right time and in the right manner .Time management is the key to success because 'time and tide wait for nones.'
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        • NavySeals91,

          You nailed me right there.

          "Focus on craft mastery."

          I had glimpses that it was the

          thing to do to succeed. I couldn't just put it to words

          and conceptualize it.

          Now, I'll just focus on mastering my craft.

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    Thanks for sharing that!
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    Very nice informative article. It will help lots of people.
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    Very informative, as everyone else agrees. Thanks for the motivation!

    PM me if you need a custom WP plugin or a website built!

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    Great article.

    Some nice points about giving freely to others. I really like that.

    I guess so many people focus on themselves and how to get get get without ever think about providing real value for others.

    Thanks for this,
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    Thank you for sharing your article. I appreciate what you wrote about perfecting the basics, focusing on the journey and not the destination and giving without expecting anything in return. I recently viewed a YouTube video on an interview with Will Smith. His father had him build a large, brick wall. He focused on laying each brick perfectly and not on the "destination" of having to build a wall. In the end, he was able to finish the wall, but it came only with consistency and dedication.
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    Thanks alot for this article. I will read it again and again.....and again! Really appreciate

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    great article. it is so important to concentrate on the basics. This so often overlooked especially in internet marketing.
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    Find a Niche (Something you love)
    Create a product (quality, more on this later)
    Make a list
    Populate your site with content

    good plan

    Thank you

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    Really interesting concept. I do disagree with your statement about napolean hills thinking though. I am sure that it does drain away at your soul. However, I have always found that focusing on what I want to achieve gives me a mental push to do it. I am not saying that you can think about something and have it come to you, but the more you think about it the more you will act in a manner to achieve it.
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    Very cool article but I'm with GClunis.
    What is it that you don't believe about Napoleon Hill's teachings. Was your only experience with him and in this subject "Think and Grow Rich"?

    Just curious.

    It's not about what you think, but a matter of how you think and believe that determine the principles in his teachings.

    Once again thank you for the post. It's Very nice
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    nice article...and i would also agree to AdvertSmartCom about Manny Pacquiao started low and still humble... but with great results... I just hoped he doesn't hook himself up to politics...
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      Very nice informative article. It will help lots of people.
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        Bundle of thanks for your great article.
        Really it helps a lot of people of this forrum.
        Hope you will always keep us inform about your knowledge.
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    part that very difficult way is when we want to get traffic is need time
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    I agree with making mistakes allows you to become better. We cannot get the experience needed if we never start to begin with, and with starting comes improvement.
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    Successful people see the glass as half filled, not half empty. They perceive obstacles as their stepping stones. Thinking positive not only helps you keep going, but also eases you from unwanted stress. Believe in yourself and develop a positive attitude. When life seems to be a series of set backs, just repeat the golden phrase in your mind.
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    very nice share...
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    Pretty Good Article
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    Wow! Great post!! Will read it again!!
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