Opinions WANTED on my first info product!

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Hey guys and gals,

I am totally new to this internet marketing thing. However, I am taking action!

I am in the process of lining up interviews to offer my readers, sell, etc.

Where I need help is here: I just wrote a freebie report. I want to know from you, if it offers any real value to people. My opinion is kind of biased.

Any tips on headlines, layout, etc. will be appreciated!

I will be adding my blog address, my contact info, some other links probably at the end before this is complete. Also, I will have an ebook cover made and possibly a short short sales page about my blog, info, etc. to capture opt-ins.

I am considering offering this as my incentive to optin to my list from my blog.

Thanks a lot to any who help out.

P.S. If you would like to talk about being interviewed, I am game.
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    Here's my two cents.

    You probably should flesh it out a little, especially giving more details about your situation and how you got into such a mess. Actually, flesh it out quite a bit.

    You should cut waaaay back on the exclamation points in the first section.

    And I would take out the religious stuff, unless you're offering it to a list that's already inclined along those lines. You'll turn off a not insignificant number of your readers if you leave it in, IMO.

    Hope that helps.
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    Hey well done on taking action that is great.

    My 2 cents I would change the headline. "How to go from hating your job, your income and well your life to living the life you dream of" now that kind of sucks but you get the idea throw some emotion in it.

    With the report get more personal about your story, build a little rapport and use more stories such as references from books etc, unless you are really positioning yourself as the epxert.

    I would remove too much emphasis on religion and agree with Bazbo comments. If it is a list that you are already targeting are christians you will lose people, you may get them and then when you make reference that life is a dress rehearsal for death so to speak etc I reckon they will drop like flies and your unsuscribe rate will fly.

    Now again that is totally cool if you couldnt give a hoot about that and you really want to share your belief system and that is a core part of your message then your list will end up reflecting that but if you are after a larger demographic I would just hold back a little or tweak the message a little.

    But again well done for getting it happening.

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  • Profile picture of the author forous
    Why will I buy just another way to change my life? After all it is just another way.

    That was my thinking, when I first read it.
    You got to give it a provocating or thoughtful or funny title that will prompt readers to read or wander what is in this for me?

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