50 Great Ideas to Get More Traffic to a website - I found it and you might find it useful

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NOTE: I did NOT write this. I just found it at a different post and I figured that you guys may find it useful. This content is by donsnfury
from ewealth.com. Again, I just want to share it with you.

1. Write and submit articles to the article directories.

2. Leave comments on other people's blogs with a backlink to your site.

3. Answer people's questions on www.answers.yahoo.com.

4. Post in forums and have a link to your site in your signature.

5. Write a press release and submit it to www.PRWeb.com.

6. Advertise your website in the appropriate category on www.CraigsList.com.

7. Give an unbiased testimonial on a product/service that you have used in exchange for a backlink to your site.

8. Start a blog and submit it to the 100's of free blog directories.

9. Manually submit your website to the major search engines.

10. Optimize each page of your website for a particular keyword or search phrase.

11. Add a link in your email signature to your website. It's a free and easy way to get a little more traffic.

12. Make a custom 404 error page for your website redirecting people to your home page.

13. Use PPC search engine advertising.

14. Add a "bookmark this site" link to your webpages.

15. Have a tell-a-friend form on your site.

16. Send articles to ezine publishers that includes a link to your website.

17. Hold a crazy content and make it go viral.

18. Give away a freebie (ebook, report, e-course) to keep people coming back to your site.

19. Add an RSS feed to your blog.

20. Submit your site to any related niche directories on the net.

21. Participate in a banner or link exchange program.

22. Create a software program and give it away for free.

23. Purchase the misspellings or variations of your domain name, or those of your competitors.

24. Buy a domain name related to your niche that is already receiving traffic and forward it to your site.

25. Pass out business cards with your domain on them everywhere you go.

26. Start and affiliate program and let your affiliates send you visitors.

27. Start a page on social bookmarking sites such as www.MySpace.com.

28. Submit a viral video to www.YouTube.com

29. Conduct and publish surveys to your website.

30. Find joint venture partners that will send you traffic.

31. Start your own newsletter or ezine.

32. Use a autoresponder or email campaign to keep people coming back to your site.

33. Purchase ads on other sites.

34. Send a free copy of your product to other site owners in exchange for a product review.

35. Sell or place classified ads on www.eBay.com with a link to your site.

36. Post free classified ads on any of the sites that allow them with a link to your site.

37. Exchange reciprocal links with other related websites.

38. Network with other people at seminars or other live events.

39. Purchase advertising in popular newsletters or ezines.

40. Advertise on other product's "thank you" pages.

41. Create a free ebook and list in on the "free ebook" sites.

42. Buy and use a memorable domain name.

43. Do something controversial.

44. Create an Amazon profile and submit reviews for books and other products that you have read.

45. Start a lens on www.Squidoo.com.

46. Use a traffic exchange (low quality traffic, but can sometimes be worthwhile).

47. Get referrals from similar but non-competing sites.

48. Create and sell a product with resell or giveaway rights and include a link to your site in it o others pass it around for you.

49. Email your list. If you don't have one, get one.

50. Buy a pair of sandals; get your website engraved on the bottom and walk on the beach, stomp in the mud or play in the snow.
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    I've done a few of those things, such as posting on forums. One time, posting on one forum paid off because its administrator began contributing to my forum and later helped me with my website. That happened because I'd been posting there for awhile. To make anything good happen, you have to give it some time.
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      Thanks webwriter for your response. Please add more to this lists if you want.
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    I like no.50 quite creative.

    Anyways Arnel, I just wanna welcome you on Warrior Forum and wanna tell you that I'm genuinely happy you joined. I've been a fan and I'm sure everyone here is going to benefit from your skills here (specially your exceptional video marketing strategies).

    I did the last 16 week six pack abs challenge by the way and was amazed by the results, thought to let you know

    Hope you enjoy your stay.

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    Which of these have you guys found most effective?
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  • Profile picture of the author ArnelRicafranca
    Maddi, thank you. I am glad to met you here.

    beevork, video marketing is still my number one choice of marketing.
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  • Profile picture of the author Maddi
    Cheers Arnel.

    A question for you. I'd like to promote Instant workouts but would like to have a conversation about it. If you can talk on any messanger as I have a few ideas and want to discuss them with you.

    Though fitness is not exactly my niche but since I've been a subscriber to you (still am) and have acheieved great results from your workouts, I believe in the product so it is something I'd like to do.

    btw If you search maddi110 on youtube I had 3 videos uploaded of my body transoformation and thats when I wasn't involved in Internet Marketing but still promoted your blog, videos and website on my videos because I was a happy subscribers, So i'd like to give back something (and ofcourse earn money in the process) so If you can chat on any messanger msn or skype or whatever that'll be great.

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    Thank you for the list. Having a list is a great way to keep myself in check to all of the things I have or have not done.
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    Thanks for the list. BTW, I think your suggestion #50 is my favorite! I have not tried it yet, but I have to stop procrastinating because it is probably keeping me from bigger and better things.
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    Thanks for reminding us of the basics, enjoy
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  • Profile picture of the author SmartEntrepreneur
    Great list..I agree its an awesome checklist. I am sure even those of us who have been doing it for a while can identify SEVERAL on the list that we havent done on some of our sites.

    By the way, the one main way to get traffic is hard to come by, and is not listed...

    ***Have Simon Cowell wear a black T-shirt with your website displayed in Gold during an episode of American Idol. ***

    Best of continued success to everyone!

    **Smart Entrepreneur/Jeffrey Stine**
    2,500 Unique PLR products for $24.95
    Free Movie Site: http://www.fastmoviepass.com

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