Anyone interested in a success partner?

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Looking for a partner to bounce ideas off of, and someone who we can describe our goals to each other; and most of all, to hold each other accountable.

(How we can hold each other accountable for reaching our goals can be discussed.)

I'd be interested in communicating on a daily basis or every two days to keep just to keep momentum going.

Looking forward to meeting and working with you if you're interested!

(p.s. I'd put this in the jv forum, but the mind warrior forum seems the most appropriate)

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    I'd really like to be your Success Partner!
    I've been looking for someone to work with and talk to but I haven't found anyone around me that wants to which is strange. Everyone's just "too busy" to take a breath, look around, and to talk things out.

    Could you give me until Thursday so I can set up my schedule and goals so I'm in good position to talk with you?

    We could also bounce ideas until then. I just haven't set up my classes for school this semester so I'm not sure what my schedule is going to be like.

    I'm Really Looking Forward to Hearing From You,
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    Hey Aaryn,

    Nice to meet you! Ya, Thursday is fine. I know what you mean by being busy. I feel the same way.

    I'm guessing there are a lot of people looking for success partners, it's just a matter of finding the right people at the right time, who are in the same frame of mind.

    I figure we can start out small at first, then when we get to know and trust each other we can really kick it into overdrive.

    my email addy is dave109109 (at) if you need to contact me. I still have to set up my domain email, so that is the best one for now.

    Perhaps there may be others who wish to join us.

    Again, nice to meet you bro,


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      Hello ....

      Holding each other accountable is just where I need to be. I'd be willing if you want. I know exactly what my goals are right now, but bouncing them off of someone would be super. Please let me know. Thanks!
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    It's nice to meet you too David.

    Getting to know each other before we kick it into gear is a great idea. Thursday it is

    My email's huntsman.aaryn (@) (Anyone else interested can shoot me an email too)

    I'd love it if others would jump into the mix. We still have a few days before we even start up so if anyone's thinking about hopping on board, please don't be shy. This could be the best resource for success you'll ever get. Everyday interaction with like minded people is invaluable
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    Missm2m, It's nice to meet you.

    Would it be chill if we all started up on Thurday?

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      Hi Aaryn, David.

      Sure Thursday's good. Let me know ok? Thanks!
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    Hi missm2m,

    Sorry I couldn't reply, I spilled water onto my keyboard.

    I sent ya an emai. Looking foward to working with you.



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    Hey Dave,

    Sounds good to me if you're up for it

    BTW, tried to download the file you PMed, but didn't work Reupload?

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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    Hey Emily,

    Sorry about that, thought you weren't interested so I deleted the file. I'll fix that link after I get home from work, Ok? Running a little late for work this morning.

    Actually, this idea was what I was going to talk to you about inside the game, so you kind of inspired it.

    The others who are interested in this idea look like some great people, I think you'll like them.

    uh oh, I really gotta get going



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    This is great Idea
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    It's great to meet you David, ofcourse I would like tobe you success partner.
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      Sounds like a noble cause ... Have you guys already have a meeting? I'm in, it's been a while since I've been in a Mastermind Group. If their is in open seat still. There's all kind of free conferincing software to use out there and it's alot easier to communicate.


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    Everyone interested can go here:

    The Success Partnership • Index page

    We're getting a few too many people so I think we'll just start dividing into groups of 5 and work from there.

    We're still setting everything up so please be patient.....I'm working on this semi-diligently. If you sign up just introduce yourself, your current situation and your goals and just poke around our posts.

    I'm sure we'll end up redoing all of this but it's good to get to know everyone first and this make it easier for us to split up into groups.

    Once we get everything set up, it's going to be legit though!! I'm going to try to get everything lined up to make it wicked easy to understand what needs to be done to become successful and how to battle that ever so horrid procrastination when we lose our motivation.
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