Just Became a Victim of the Economy: Lost my Job of 10+ Years

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This is crazy. Out of nowhere today, my district manager was demoted and I was laid off from a company I have been with forever due to the bad economy. No warning either, I am still in shock.

Luckily, I have some money in reserve from my internet ventures, but I never planned long term. (I didnt care to at the time.) My business model was to build sites, get them profitable, and sell them. It was a great business model, except I have no websites right now :rolleyes: Short term, that was great. Now I wish I would have kept those sites.

Anyway, the reason I posted in the Mind Warrior section is because I wanted your advice on mental states during this time. I am a little freaked out, as I have never been without a job, and I have two small children on that insurance, which is gone (COBRA is an option but OH MY GOD that s expensive. My wife is also freaked out.

My question is, how do you keep your head focused and positive as you start to lose everything? What can I do to keep from getting depressed, and more importantly how do I keep my wife comforted through this time period? You guys are the mind warriors, and I don't really understand you all that much, but I would like to get your advice on this.

Thank God I have some savings from the money I made on the internet!

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    I just spent a few minutes reviewing your posts throughout the forums and the only thing I can say is that you seem to be one of the warriors that I would never connect with fear of failure.

    I looked at your WSO on domains and can't recall many I have seen that are better.

    When I became a victim of the economy it was due to illness and I was sidelined for a couple of years without ability to do much but concentrate on breathing. The last ten years have been a slippery ride down the razor blade of life and I can say that without my wife, and her positive outlook, I may not have made it this far.

    With the talents you have displayed here I would just go for it full bore. Give yourself 8-10 hours per day 5 days a week and get your online to the fantastic profit margin that is available. Take the rest of the time to be with family and keep that intact.

    As far as leaving the depression behind, don't. Face it full on and get rid of it. Don't forget to bring that rose or some other surprise to your lady and she will get the picture. After all, wasn't she smart enough to marry you?

    We are finally getting out of the $$$$ depths of 9 years of disability, low and slow employment and selling stuff off to get by.

    Long drawn out and simply was put here to say. Water off the ducks back--shiver and shake for a day or two and then set the internet on fire.
    Don't worry----Paypal is supposed to handle those large daily deposits!!


    There is never a BAD time to help those living with lousy kidneys!

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    Hi Charles,

    I have been there and can empathize. If you would like to follow up either here or by private message, feel free.

    You are doing the very best things possible right now: reaching out and acknowledging that you have tumultuous feelings. Continue to talk with friends, neighbors, people at church, family, parents of your kids' friends.

    Simply tell them that you were suddenly laid off after ten years, you'll do fine but you're kind of in a shock and daze right now. Let them know you aren't looking for advice, just wanted to mention that it was a real surprise. Some people will change the subject. Some will have a shoulder to cry on. Some people will have advice. Write it down in a little notebook and thank them. You have enough time to think it over without having to act on any of it immediately.

    Find someone who is patient, kind, wise, sympathetic, with whom you can safely discharge the emotional pressure: minister, loving friend, gracious relative, licensed family therapist. Just an hour or two of blowing off steam can really help you think straight again. All the better if the person has training and work experience helping people focus on what they need to next amid confusing circumstances. Do not expect that average person to have the slightest clue how to offer this help. Pay for an hour or two with a professional if necessary.

    Pay COBRA for a month. Eat ramen and potatoes every day if you have to, and also take the bus with car insurance on hiatus a month, in order to make this work. You'll use this month to transition to a high-deductible catastrophic insurance policy that would keep you from going bankrupt if a kid needs surgery. Once that policy is in place, which might be integrated with an HSA, you can drop the expensive COBRA coverage. But you might need to have coverage to get coverage.

    Find out what your options are about rolling over or withdrawing money from your retirement plans. Immediately file for state unemployment coverage. Realize that you will not starve. In fact, you are probably fine for a better standard of living than the average college student for half a year or more. That is plenty of time to come up with an intelligent plan and get it into action.

    If your company was big enough to have district managers, it may well have some level of outplacement assistance. Use it.

    Keep to a job schedule. Every day you will have a lot of stuff to deal with. Deal with it, five hours a day. Then leave the work day behind you and get some rest. Most things can be handled just fine one day at a time.

    Gather any clutter or excess stuff you can sell at eBay or a garage sale without emotional attachment. If you can use one less car, sell one. If you can use a smaller car, trade down. This is all temporary. You will be able to get those things back in a year. The safety of shelter, food, clothing, medical care, love of family and friends comes first.

    Make a list of nice things to do for free. Maybe there's a beautiful new park you could never visit during the work week? Do a couple of those things each week.

    Take a deep breath. Be grateful that whatever deity or force of nature you believe in gave you all the opportunities that are in front of you today, far more than the average person in many countries has ever had even without a job. List the ways that you are blessed and rich.

    Tomorrow let's get your new Internet marketing plan underway.

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      Charles -

      So sorry to hear this. The bonus for you is that you know what to do.

      You are right that the stress can get to you but you can work well in spite of that. Take stock of exactly where you are financially, cut back on any and all expenses where you can. Lower cell phone plan, fewer cable channels, etc.

      Instead of reassuring your wife that all is well (it isn't) work with her to establish a tight budget and a schedule at home that gives you uninterrupted time to work. I don't if she has a job - if not, she might be able to help by writing content or doing niche or other research.

      What I found when faced with something similar is that establishing a schedule of work hours is a necessity. It's too easy to start thinking about the problems and start stressing about them - and it wastes time.

      Look back over the year at where you have made money online - that is probably where you need to start. If you've been selling sites - build and sell more of them for immediate income while also developing your own sites for future cash flow.

      It's not easy to stay focused and though some people will tell you they work best when under the gun - not all of us do. If this had happened a year ago, you would have been lost. You know a lot now - USE IT.

      Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world will change forever for that one dog.

      Sometimes the fear won't go away, so you'll have to do it afraid.
      That's just the way it is.
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      • Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

        Charles -

        So sorry to hear this. The bonus for you is that you know what to do.

        If this had happened a year ago, you would have been lost. You know a lot now - USE IT.

        That is the solice I have found today. The first thing I thought when I got the news was "Thank god this didnt happen a year ago." Also, thank goodness I saved my online play money, and didnt spend it on junk as I was making it. I am lucky there, and that is the main reason I am not freaked out... too bad.

        Thanks for the replies so far. This is some of the best advice in the world.
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          Originally Posted by Charles Montgomery View Post

          That is the solice I have found today.
          I'm glad to hear it.

          Take a couple of weeks to deal with your transition plan. Tie up the loose ends from the old job. Catch your breath. Come up with a new big vision. Choose your plan. Decide if you'll still look for a next day job. Then set a specific day to launch your new business, free of distractions, just as though starting a new job. Maybe Monday, February 8?
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    Wow glchandler....i love your post and advise.... i too...is experiencing the downfalls of the finance world....i have credits to pay left and right... my daughter just got out of the hospital this January 18 2010...recovered well...from Pnemonia...thanks to the Healthcard that my company supplied...but heck...been absent for a couple of days...and its unpaid....wheew...and over $1k of debt in my credit card...worst comes to worst my relative is asking me for $350 that we do not owe them....
    Glchandler...you really inspire me what you have said...and about what you told to his wife... thank you for all the Positive things that im reading in this Forum/Posts
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    Charles, in 1999 the company I worked for went out of business. I had started a part time online business in 1997, so I decided to see if I could make a go of it taking my part time job full time. I had a wife and still had one daughter at home to support then, plus a $900 mortgage, so it wasn't a decision without some risk.

    To make a long story short, I'm still self-employed today and have never taken another job and have never been happier doing any other kind of work. Sometimes what seems a negative is really a blessing in disguise. Hang in there, Charles. You can look for another job, but in the meantime pour yourself into your online business. Maybe it will pay off for you like it did for me. Good luck.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    Take a deep breath and relax. What's done is done. Your in a great position right now.

    You have already been successful so there is no need to worry. Know you can focus on building your OWN business.

    Here's my suggestion: keep yourself focused and centered. (This is the only way you'll make good money. Do the task at hand! )

    Think about it: you didn't lose your job, You just found a better one : ). If you do things the way you have been, you'll be fine. Just find some ideas that will help with profits but don't move from one style or strategy to the next. If you have a strategy that works; keep it. You HAVE TO STAY FOCUSED. Devote some time to studies but be smart about it. Balance between work and study is key for you right now. Start capping in some profit but look for ways to expand your business. Once you find the right tool. Implement it THE NEXT DAY. Get to work on it.

    Study time management at least a few hours a day to start with. You need to be able to manage your time properly. You still have your 8 hour workday, it's just a different job. You need to study the most efficient and effective ways to grow your business.

    If you stay *patient*, calm, and focused, I'm certain you'll be more than fine. It's about time you quit that boring old day job anyways : )

    I'm in the almost the same position as you are. I need to develop some good income by summer. I DON'T want to go back to college, get a 4 year degree, and then end up with some desk job. I want to learn from the most powerful and successful people in our history and I want to be able to help others along the way. This could never happen at school. I have one shot at this and I have to capitalize.

    So we're almost in the same position. I understand that your kids add pressure but here's the name of the game for us right now:

    1. Develop Our Plan
    2. Stick with Our Plan
    3. Capitalize on Time Efficiency
    4. Capitalize on work:profit ratio while still leaving room for your business to breath and grow.

    The rest is history. If you stay focused on your tasks and not on your situation(s) you'll be working full time before you know it.

    I know I'm going to succeed and I'm certain you will too.(You already have a proven track record) I've spent days developing my current work schedule and I'm already in the process of implementing it. The rest will come in time, it's as simple as that. Just keep working and keep your path clear. Knowing this should keep you calm even if at the present things don' look look to great.

    However, if you take one thing from this post I want it to be this:
    You have an opportunity to replace your income. Think about it! Your on the verge of financial independence and IN TIME you can cut hours off your workweek if you feel like it and spend some time on vacations and with your family.(Or you can just make more money : 0) This is what you need to stay focused on the most throughout your journey. Look at your opportunities and only for opportunities. This is key in capitalization. The more you look the more these opportunities will present themselves. No Joke : p

    I personally can't wait until I can take my trip to Peru!! I'm already planning for it towards the end of the summer(takes an hour a week and each time it creeps closer!!)

    I really hopes this helps Charles,
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    I wish you the very best, I would like you to think an alternate way and that is one of opportunity not loss. You are now free to take new direction and meaning in your life, use this rare opportune moment in time to become better than you were before.

    Yes I also had the dreaded news last November from my employer, you feel a sudden anxiety, where for the first few days you belly quills up and your in a daze, then anxiety hits I have children, a wife bills and every other factor.

    You feel worthless as a person and wonder why you are worthless or have been thrown on the scarp heap.

    Once those feelings all settle down you come out stronger with more focus and drive than you have ever had before, your focus is sharper than a razor blade and you will strike with deadly accuracy.

    It is said those who face the extreme edges of the outer limits are those that go on to amass great things, this only comes to those that are in the position you are in now.

    The working man does not have these pressures and as such will continue in the same ol same ol.

    You have not been delivered a blow but instead a wonderful future, the emotions and feelings you have now are just prepping your body mind and soul for what will be your finest hour.

    I wish you well as you move forward

    | > Choosing to go off the grid for a while to focus on family, work and life in general. Have a great 2020 < |
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    Sorry to hear about this.

    I just got fired from my (crap) job this past Friday. I have been laid off last year and been out of work for a few months before I landed that terrible job.

    I have been laid off twice, fired once, so I really don't care anymore. I freaked out like you the first time. The third time I lost the job, I just laughed.

    COBRA is just ridiculously expensive, don't do it. I must recommend you to get a plan from ehealthinsurance.com it's very affordable and has decent coverage options.

    You can either choose to pay for the small stuff like prescriptions and office visits to keep the premiums low, cover yourself for only major unexpected expenses (such as an emergency surgery or accident/injury). If you are in relatively good health, I suggest you to pick a plan that has low premiums and high deductible. I don't know about family prices but they have pretty good options for individual coverage as low as $28/mo. You should be able to cover yourself and your family for a low premium and get similar coverage to the one you got through your employer.

    Some suggestions about coping with unemployment:

    1-Try to pick up freelance gigs in your area, look at craigslist, elance, freelancer.com, guru.com etc (I don't know your career so I have no idea what you can do as a freelancer)

    2- I don't want to recommend my worst enemy to look for another corporate job, but since you are in an emergency situation, I can say go on linkedin and network on the job bards and recruiter boards there. A lot of recruiting managers search linkedin before they post the job openings on major job boards. Look for contract deals too, since everyone is doing short term contracts rather than hiring someone as permanent employee. Contracts pay decent (at least in the tech/IT industry) and you can easily afford a good plan from ehealthinsurance with the money you make from 3-4 months contract gigs. Some of those extend the contracts to 6 mo/1 yr if they like your work.

    3- I don't have much of an idea how good you are at IM and marketing stuff but if you read the war room and got some decent WSO's you should be pretty knowledgeable, I'd say pick up the yellowpages, find some prospective clients to provide them marketing services. I highly recommend finding the posts by AP and read them. The man makes a KILLING by fixing up marketing for businesses like doctors, lawyers, cosmetic surgeons, CPA's. Read all of his posts and that whole "offline marketing" thread where he was writing, there is some gold mine information there. In fact i already started working on one project after reading that thread and hoping to get a couple of clients by next month.

    4- Keep making micro niche sites and blogs. Keep flipping them on flippa. It really doesn't take too long to build those and get traffic once you have the process in place. It becomes automatic and much faster once you do it a few times. Supersimpleblogging.com is a great site too. You should be able to make a dozen micro niche sites in 2-3 weeks. Keep the ones that make more than $5 sell the rest. Keep building more and more. 100 sites that bring $5/day is $500/day. 100 sites that bring $1/day is $100/day still not a bad income.

    5- Last, but not least, cut down all unnecessary expenses. Now! Get rid of the cable/satellite TV. You don't need the darn TV. Ditch the second cell phone, landline (keep the internet since you need the internet to find jobs/make money) reduce your A/C and heating use (wear 2 layers of sweaters) no more eating out, 100% home cooking, start grocery shopping at Wal-Mart if you aren't already doing so. Cut down everything you don't need to survive and get a job/make money. Get rid of all subscriptions except for basic phone and internet. Also this is a good time to shop around for car insurance and look for a lower quote. Maybe lower your car ins. from comprehensive to basic liability. That saves a TON of money.

    Last, but not least, keep posting resumes/browsing through job networks on linkedin/doing the IM thing, all that work should keep your mind busy and you won't have time to get depressed.

    I also recommend reading Steve Pavlina's blog at stevepavlina.com there are some great articles on monetizing blogs and making money. The man started with $4/day blog and it now makes $40.000/mo, very inspiring great articles.

    I hope everyhting turns around. I really hope someone from WF can help you out better than I can.
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    Charles, I can understand your frustration and what ever emotions you're feeling right now.

    Please understand that your emotion equals your point of attraction and while it's perfectly normal to experience negative emotions, when the time passes by you really want to put your head down and focus on the future.

    You said you have the skill of building and selling websites so at least you can start somewhere and have the experience to do things the right way as a webmaster.

    We all have the bad moments and I sincerely hope that sooner or later you can get back up, dust yourself off and look at the future.

    All the best to you
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    im sorry to heard that bro i hope God will give u a way to other thing that can make you a better living
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    Yes, the global crisis surely sucks..

    I always thought that the crisis had ended way back in November of 2009.. So, I got comfortable with the status of my employment.. That was then..

    I am a sales representative.. During one of my sales rounds around one of my areas of coverage I got a text from a teammate that our division will close the next month (January 15 on the dot). Wheew! I'm sure you can relate to what I felt when I read the message.. It's like a wave of cold air hit me..

    My work is my primary source of income, I share some of it with my parents and siblings.. The rest goes to the bank.. To make matters worst, my mother has just underwent a heart bypass surgery and we just borrowed the money for the operation from a relative.. Where would I get the money to pay him? My father has just retired and partly depends on government pension to put food in our table.. He has recently suffered from a stroke..

    Now, January 15 has passed and I don't have a division to work for.. Yes, I'm still connected with my present employer but I am on a "floating status.".. My mind is already distraught as to what would be the next step to take..

    I just kill the time learning anything about IM and HOPING that it will make me sufficient income someday.. Someday..

    I hope the following helps you:

    There is a time for everything,and a season for every activity under heaven:
    a time to be born and a time to die,
    a time to plant and a time to uproot,
    a time to kill and a time to heal,
    a time to tear down and a time to build,
    a time to weep and a time to laugh,
    a time to mourn and a time to dance,
    a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
    a time to embrace and a time to refrain,
    a time to search and a time to give up,
    a time to keep and a time to throw away,
    a time to tear and a time to mend,
    a time to be silent and a time to speak,
    a time to love and a time to hate,
    a time for war and a time for peace.

    From the "golden book."

    I hope you can relate to my story and draw strength from it.. We're Warriors, right? Warriors never surrender..

    Good luck to all of us.. Smile always, and the whole world will always smile at you..

    Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

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    Been there, done that and I will never work for another company ever again. I take it your in Montgomery AL? Funny I worked for a company there as well, I was one of their top sales reps, Here is their reason for firing me. "You sold more than our distributors therefore we are going to let you go." So you get rid of the guy you pay the least yet sells the most for the companies that sell the least but take the most? That doesn't make sense to me.

    That company is now bankrupt. Wonder why eh?

    You best bet as described above is to re-evaluate yourself, the position you are in and get a plan of action on how to achieve the goals you have laid out for yourself.

    Personally I have a growing business of developing software and services for internet marketers and small businesses. Just recently I gained a large corporate contract to build production tracking software, I was pretty shocked.

    Now is, also, a good time to go to your local state run tech school and brush up on the skills. This is, also, a great place to network to get some "sidejobs". My local tech school referred that big corp contract to me. Why? Because I specialize in it. Remember you are not marketing a product, you are marketing YOU. Get out there, be seen and heard! Once you do, the money will come.
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      Thank God I have some savings from the money I made on the internet, but as that money starts running out my mind is going to start to go with it. Maybe getting advice now will help me prepare mentally.
      Quite a few good posts here.

      In retrospect I think the whole answer to your "problem"is located in your avatar section---just beneath the words "War Room Member".

      Take a look at that a couple dozen times a day!

      There is never a BAD time to help those living with lousy kidneys!

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  • Thanks for the replies so far. I have been reading them all day to help clear my head. 10 years of doing the same thing, and now nothing, God that is crazy.

    Thanks for the replies. I have read them about 20 times now, and plan to keep reading them.
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      Hey Charles,

      I'm sorry to hear that you lost your job. I, myself, am a victim of this economy. I graduated last spring with a masters degree in architecture. With the housing market in shambles and companies across the country shrinking, no one is building anything. I can't get an architecture job, and I'm too "over educated" to get any other job.

      It's kind of complicated to explain, but most companies out there are so overwhelmed with resumes and applications that they can't even bother to actually read all the applications. Instead they feed them into a database and run searches for certain skills. Basically, if you want to even have a prayer of getting your resume looked at, you need to essentially do SEO on your resume (kind of ironic, don't you think).

      While all my friends that graduated with me are just unemployed and depressed, I've chosen to see this whole thing as an opportunity to free myself from the rat race. I've been working at IM since August and I've learned so much since then.

      You have the same choice too. You can either let this be a curse or a chance for you to grow into greatness.

      This can also be an opportunity for you to strengthen your relationship with your wife too. I don't know what your relationship with her is like, but let me tell you, I appreciate my girlfriend so much more for sticking with me through all of this. While all of my friends and family were making fun of me for trying to make money online, she stood by my side and encouraged me. That means more to me than anything.




      I'm a conversion consultant who helps you make more money online with your business.

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      Hi Charles, tough break for you and your family. Reading the other posts in this thread one thing is obvious you must keep coming here and follow the great advice that people have given.

      We all get inspired or find comfort in different ways, I like to read, one of the best and most inspiring poet's that you can read are the poems of Rudyard Kipling. I hope that you get chance to read these poems ( 1 a day) in between taking all the great advice here.

      Come back every day and keep people informed about the progress that everyone believes you will be making.

      Best wishes

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      Originally Posted by Charles Montgomery View Post

      That is half what I was making. Seeing this has god me a little more freaked out.
      If you can get an immediate job making half of what you were making, that's better than making nothing. Ramping up your own business to replace half of your income should be faster than ramping up to replace all your income.

      With that half in place,you could keep growing your business until you have a comfortable nest egg. Then you'd be in great shape to quit a job you'll probably be sick of by then, and go online full-time.

      So my recommendation is that if there's job available, you take it and cut the pressure to less than half.
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    Buddy every feeling you have is normal in many ways. You will find your feet, yes you need to make calls while dancing on a hot tin roof.

    If ever you are endure about a decision then just let it be for a while longer and things will clear up for you.

    I would not back myself into a corner and hope you have made the right call with a IM path, take a job if you can to help relieve some stress an anxiety, and get some money rolling back into the door. from there work on your IM projects in the background
    | > Choosing to go off the grid for a while to focus on family, work and life in general. Have a great 2020 < |
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    Lost my job 9 months ago along with 200 co-workers. It is interesting to see how people react differently.
    I suggested this book yesterday in a different thread and I am going to suggest it her:
    Strategic Acceleration
    by Tony Jeary

    available on Amazon for around $11.00
    It helps you get clarity and focus in your life
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    I lost my job 3 years ago after working in the same comfort zone for 20 years had a great salary but when they moved to another location i did not want to move so i took a nice financial package and ran,but as i had been working on the internet for a few years i decided to start up on my own and it was the best move ever.Its taken 3 years to achieve the same salery but i have never been so happy as i am at the moment.

    Its not a nice space to be in when you have just lost your job but you have to stay focused and as they say as one door closes another one opens.

    I wish you the best in finding a job quickly.

    The easy way to earn a very nice income from the comfort of your home.Start earning straight away today its 'possibly' the easiest income you will earn.
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    Charles your WSO seems to be getting some great reviews. If you haven't already, why not place the product on a network like CB or PDC in order to reach some affiliates and generate some more sales. Perhaps some of the WSO buyers will also promote it for you. You could also try selling it as a book on Amazon.

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    Charles, you have to understand something right now that's cruical.

    Confidence is just as easy to come by as doubt. You have a CHOICE to determine whether or not you have confidence in yourself. And confidence is the key between success and failure : )

    Sit down, write everything out. Dissect it. Make sure you understand FULLY what position you are in financially.

    Organize your thoughts and ideas. Structure and plan. This is key.

    Apply for jobs but don't spend every waking moment doing it.

    Focus on developing an online business at the same time.


    Stay calm, stay centered and stay focused.

    Charles, find your strengths and exploit them till they are completely exhausted. What are you good at? Figure it out, use it, then exploit it.

    Maybe you could throw out your ideas along with your strengths and we can help you develop a strategy.

    Remember, IM and product creation is all about providing instant gratification with good value and to present it in a way that relates to and lures in customers your customers.

    Looking forward to hearing from you : )
    Stay Positive Champ, You'll be fine.
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      So Charles...how about I borrow that saying beneath your avatar for awhile!

      Don't know if this is ironic, sad, disheartening or totally depressing but my wife just called and told me she was on her way home, and was not required to come to work tomorrow!

      So I am going to reread a whole bunch of posts, get MY head screwed back on tightly and turn off the television!

      Time to put my money and mouth into the same geographical area and get some more $$$ flowing my way.

      So, just wanted to let you know that you REALLY are not alone and heh heh heh-----I'll be watching you!


      There is never a BAD time to help those living with lousy kidneys!

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        Hang in there. As a matter of fact, I'm being laid off from my 9-5 job in February after 6 years. I've been working really hard on turning my online marketing to a full time position.

        Everybody at my work are constantly asking me "how's the job hunt going?" I don't want to tell them that I haven't looked, so I lie.

        I'm constantly hearing the stress in my wife's voice and I'm always hearing from my mother in law about how I need to look for work.

        I already make pretty good money online, so it's time for me to scale it up.

        I would be lying if I told all of you that I wasn't scared to lose my job, but I know that this was the best 'kick in the pants' I could of ever had to make this happen...
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      • Profile picture of the author AllanWard
        Hi Charles,

        Sorry to hear about the job.

        I work as a financial planner in Australia and over the years I've met with lots of people who have found themselves in a similar situation to you. Many never expected to be retrenched and found themselves having to deal with a whole range of emotions.

        The one thing I'd like to pass on to you is that it does get better. I'd meet with clients a year later to review things and invariably they'd found a new job, had regained their confidence, and were moving forward again in life. Many took the opportunity for retraining and found new work in unrelated fields to where they were working before. With the benefit of hindsight, many were happy with how things had turned out.

        It's tough for you to look ahead now - you've got so many things to deal with. Stay positive, look for the opportunities this brings, work your networks well to find other employment opportunities.

        I admire your attitude and honesty. Good luck.
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  • Profile picture of the author Mr. Enthusiastic
    I want to thank everyone in this thread for making one of the most awesome online discussions I've ever read.

    Charles eloquently described his circumstances and his feelings. The combination of empathy, inspiration and advice poured out in response, by so many, is truly humbling.

    I believe that this thread could very well become one of the Warrior Forum's all-time classic "greatest hits." I envision the collected wisdom here helping countless people in the same boat find a path through the storm, long after Charles gets his own income rebuilt.

    I wonder if some kind of master mind type of discussion could be put together for those who'd like to help each other make plans. If you'd be interested, please PM me and let's see how we could keep in touch to inspire each other and share brainstorming on a regular basis. This would be an entirely free, voluntary self-help effort to supplement this thread with more detailed, confidential conversations.
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  • Profile picture of the author xbokcom
    Job is the safe and secure way. But it limit your income.
    In this world we cannot count on our pension or job. The problem with money is this. Its value that goes down.

    So we need to start building assets. So that the assets value go up. If you just make money and not invest it right. You up for a big disaster. Cause the value of money goes down and the prices goes up.

    This is my tip for you charles. I know that God can take you out of this situation if you work hard and never look back.

    Life is not easy but with faith and action, it cures fear. I know that 2010 will be a year that your income will start grow. If you make a difference in the people you sell to.

    Start building assets and keep your cashflow low. This what I do at the moment and it start working for me.

    It is not how much money you have it is how much money you invest wisely.

    So when the money value go down your assets go up.

    Life is about test and trials. May 2010 be for all of us the victory.

    Be Bless

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  • Profile picture of the author Dennis Gaskill
    Charles, besides the company I worked for going out of business that I already told you about, I was also laid off in 1993, along with 12 other people in my department and about 100 people company wide. I can't tell you what happened to the people outside of my department, but here's what happened to the people I worked with:

    RK - Now works for the county as a jailer. Better job.

    PK - Also worked as a jailer, but got fired for viewing pornography at work on a county computer. Lost track of him after that. Better job until he blew it.

    RH - Shift superviser at a food processing plant. Better job.

    DK - Top aide for an elected state representative. Much better job.

    KN - Started his own business in the renewable energy field. Much better job.

    RP - House painter, considers it a lateral move.

    JH - Sets up office systems. Lateral move.

    GB - Retired.

    SB - Works in manufacturing. Step down, but a small one.

    PM - Works as a police dispatcher. Better job.

    RC - Retired.

    SM - Police officer, then promoted to Detective. Better job.

    And me...I went from that job to a supervisor position, which was a better job. Years later I was laid off again and just started working for myself, as I said before.

    So, out of 13 of us, 8 are better off, 2 took a lateral move, 2 retired, and 1 took a small step down. To put that another way, 12 of 13 are as good off or better and only one is slightly less well off - and he was annoying as hell anyway!

    Life has a way of working out, Charles. Take a deep breath, be calm. You will see this through with the same intelligence, wisdom, and determination that got you this far. Nothing can hold a man down that refuses to be held down. You will not be defeated.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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  • Profile picture of the author Steve Baker
    I believe everything happens for a reason. It can be very uncomfortable at times while you go through it, but you usually end up becoming a better, stronger person for the experience.

    One thing I would be doing for your headspace is looking at what made you money before on the net and focus on repeating that successful strategy over and over again.

    Success and results are the best mindset builders I know.

    Go for it, Steve
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    • Profile picture of the author managepro
      Hey Charles,

      All that happens, happens for the best, who knows by working full time on your internet business you might become a millionaire in 2010.

      There is always a bigger plan, every landmark achievement has to go through tough times and unexpected circumstances. This is the nature of nature.

      Wishing you all the best. Hope to see you as an Internet Millionaire in 2010.

      God Bless, Best Wishes and Regards,
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  • Profile picture of the author managepro
    Hey Charles,

    One more thing, a great book to read in such a time is Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, if you read this book you will see that every individual who has grown to glory has done so only through tough times. You can download the book for free - here , its not an opt-in, its a direct download link.

    Best Wishes and Regards,
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  • Profile picture of the author knowwow
    My girlfriend is very unhappy about her current job and I am trying to convince her to quit and start working online like me. I will send her the link to this thread so she can get some encouragement from the responses given to Charles.

    I don't want to echo other people so I will share a tiny idea for when you start working on your online plan.

    I checked your domain WSO thread. Apparently you have a hot product on your hands, you have some great testimonials and you provide people great after-sales support. Many IM people follow this forum but not every thread, and many other beginners have no idea about the forum or what a WSO is. I'd suggest that you build a site around your product, or even more globally around domaining. You should be able to sell more of what you have and sell other related products to your current buyers.

    Or you can ask to be part of an upcoming beginners course offered by some other marketer with a big base.

    I know you already know and can do the above but my stress is on the fact that you can do this starting today.

    By the way, I myself quit a very well paying job thinking I would soon start making twice that working on my online business. After almost two years, I am not even remotely close to what I was making, and the reason is that I didn't have anyone giving me the above advice.

    Still, with so many bad choices made and lessons learned, I know I can get there in a matter of months (easier if living in a developing country and skipping insurance altogether though [no kids]).

    I wish you good luck.

    - Chief Executive Philosopher

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  • Profile picture of the author sandra.IMqueen

    i'm glad you have taken strength from the postivity and excellent advice wf members have given you so far.

    However, I hear the doubt in you. Of course you are in a fearful place right now, the news came out of left field and you had to deal with the shock of it. Now you are left with your present reality. Looking around for jobs has shown you that you deserve more. Your experience last year taught you that you can be more.

    So now it is time to put your focus on what you want not what you don't want.

    How hungry are you, how ready for success are you? Are you ready to put into action that which you know you can do? You are lucky you have a track record, testimonial and a whole lot of people rooting for you.

    Take some time to breathe, get a clear vision in your head of what you want a real vision, taste it , smell it feel it,see every aspect of your life as the success you want it to be. When you have that vision good and clear get your plan into action. Now I am not talking pages and pages of plans, a broad outline that you can add to with some clear goals you can work towards.

    Whilst you are doing this remember you are still going to be facing your feelings, ask for help when you need it. Don't be afraid to show those emotions, invest in you so that you can invest in your family.

    You have what it takes to rise above your current situation. You can do it.
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    • Profile picture of the author Dan C. Rinnert
      AwesomePossum is absolutely right with covering time management.

      What you really need is a schedule and to keep your mind on the given task, because it is so so easy to have your mind wandering in a thousand different directions when you're wondering how you're going to pay the bills.

      And, that's really the hardest part.

      But, you said you have money in reserve, so it's easier now to start a good habit of focus and time management. Because, as bad as it may be now, it will be much more difficult when the money is getting low or, heaven forbid, runs out.

      Dan's content is irregularly read by handfuls of people. Join the elite few by reading his blog: dcrBlogs.com, following him on Twitter: dcrTweets.com or reading his fiction: dcrWrites.com but NOT by Clicking Here!

      Dan also writes content for hire, but you can't afford him anyway.
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  • Profile picture of the author Justin Says
    Good luck man.

    I really hope that you resolve your problems and can get back on track. I was recently laid off of my own job, but thankfully I also have money in reserve just for that case.

    Again, Good luck.

    My name is Justin Lewis, with Business Optimizer I've been in business for 6 years online with multiple six figure years, here are the tools that have helped me the most: Increase your reviews with this free Review Handout

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  • Profile picture of the author Mr. Enthusiastic
    Charles, can you give us an update please? (Even if the update is "I still just don't know!")
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