Self Improvement Affiliate Programs Sucks

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Hey guys,

Sorry for the "heavy" word about self improvement affiliate programs.
I had been having a hard time finding for a kick ass self improvement products' affiliate program.
I've searched through some big names and some other people's product in the industry and here are some problems I found.

Their products is either listed in ecommerce shopping cart type of listing, their copy sucks, design sucks, no backend products and did not provide enough information about the affiliate programs.

I am interested in promoting it with PPC and my requirement is simple :
Huge sales funnels with upsell, downsell, backend products or recurring commission.

Anyone here knows any self improvement products that have all these benefits?
To niche down a little bit, the market is motivation, stress management and self esteem.

Appreciate your help.

P.S. I am surprised that when I search through all the products, only Bob Proctor and Jose Silva's site are nicely designed and have a proper copy. Not judging the whole market but heck, anyone have more these type of products in the market I mentioned above?
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    There is quite a few on this very thread. Search for warriors such as Thadbong, thmark, johnabello and there is a few I know but can't remember.

    As far as the prodcut with upsells, downsells, cross sells and backend commissions.
    Wait till I make one and I'll let you know

    By the way. My graphics aren't that bad though its only an eBook I'm selling but they are much better then most I've seen so I kind of agree with you.

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    Try Jack Cranfield & The Sedona Method.
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    Thanks guys, your graphics is better than others Maddi.
    Anyone that knows of other products please post it here if you would.
    That will be a great help =)
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    I suggest you take a look at the Nightingale and Constant program

    FREE >>As We Thinketh << as a man thinketh for the 21st century The missing chapters are actually the best

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    Glad you posted this, thanks for the tip. I was honestly thinking about making a self improvement niche site. Now I might think twice after hearing this.....

    Make Money Wizz ==> Learn how to make money online!
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    you read this book for your motivation, stress management and self esteem.
    book name is "You Can Win" by Shive Kheda
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      Yea I agree. I've searched high and low. Most are just thrown together. I do see some great potential for someone...

      Doing it 1 page at a time

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    The personal development niche doesn't seem to have all the upsells, downsells, continuity products, etc, that other niches have like IM, real estate, dating yet.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I see more print books, speakers, live seminars, and coaching than anything being sold.
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    At the risk of a huge generalisation, the IM niche expects quantity in a product; they expect lots of upsells, cross-sells, OTOs and bonuses.

    These expectations are not met elsewhere, where the emphasis is on quality. You often only get one product and perhaps one upsell, if that!

    I'm in the process of putting together a personal development site what includes reseller rights for some of the products. Hoping to launch beginning of next week!
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    I'm launching one shortly...Thank you for reminding me how important it is to put the Customer first and the Affiliate second.
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    but beware of the leak.

    I think the good quality program of self help out there are from law of attraction niche.
    Those who have time and search for a better time will lose time (Sufi Proverb)
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    When we say that affiliate programs, etc. "suck" it means that the writer is having trouble being successful with the program. Actually almost ANY program will be profitable if you can get the offer in front of enough prospects (suspects). So it is normally not the program that "sucks", it is the weak promotion being used. No offense intended but it all comes back to the fact that we are all in the Numbers Game. The best game in town....
    "Fostering 2nd-Incomes & Security", - Most $$$ programs don't work as advertised. There are exceptions. My Blog is here.
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    Ok this is a self plug. But putting it in because of the mention of the lack of personal development affiliate offers to promote.

    We've several products all listed on clickbank and we're always on the top 10 of the self help sub-categories. The self-help main category itself is dominated by PUA stuff. Looking at the sub-cats will reap you soon gems. We got quite a couple of friends listed there that sell great programs that convert well too.

    Here's a rough listing of some of our programs. All managed through clickbank.

    The page itself looks outdated by the products and their salespages are definitely types that you'll be familiar with. =)

    Alvin Huang

    Happy Cool Hand Luke?

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      We launched our affiliate program a few weeks ago. We are entirely unique on the net...but may disappoint as one of the above warriors mentioned. IM is OTO, upsells and everything else to justify the crap they sell. We sell quality and are the only ones that offer this product in this way. If you have a big list we are always willing to work with you...why not try selling quality for a change of pace ;-)


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      Like Tools? Harbor Freight Coupon
      Learn Camtasia Online Cheap Camtasia Video Tutorials
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        I stumbled upon this thread a bit late (lol 3 years), but if by chance somebody comes here and know some Self-Esteem aff. offers to promote, kindly PM me.
        Thank you.
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          One meeting all or most of your criteria would be the GLOBAL INFORMATION NETWORK.

          Sign up for an affiliate for FREE with TONS of support!! , tho obviously more support if signed up as a member.

          As an affiliate you make $ via signing up members, BUT affiliates don't have to be members.

          Membership fees are $1000-$1500 for initial sign up and $150 per month for membership. Commissions for membership is 20% on both.

          Obviously it is possible to become a member for virtually free via: sign up 5 members = covers membership fee as well as sends you $150 each month on commissions.

          OR just remain a fee affiliate if this works better for you.

          PM me for more info.
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    Even I was searching for something in this niche, as I am in the process of developing a product regarding this..I think this is not an easy niche for everyone to dive in and develop something. Life Changing Products should be from Life Challenging People. If I go through anything, I will update. Thanks. Most of the products suggested by Yee shun-jian (Not only the ones he delivers) are also affiliate products with necessary promotion tools.. Check it out..
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      Try the Alchemy of Love Courses and eBooks, you might like them: Affiliate Program

      Targeting spiritual market and offering proper courses for niche audience: Conscious Parenting and Mindful Being. Including meditation, mindfulness, personal development tools and exercises, videos and all...
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