What Is Your Perspective On Long Term Thinking?

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<i> It's tough living up to being the "Fast Food Nation" and the generation that wants everything NOW.</i> Although I'm almost 50, I've heard all my life that my generation was going to be the beginning of everything FAST. My Dad's generation was supposed to be the 'GREATEST' because they fought in wars and did an honest day's work of 8-5 and moved their families out into the suburbs and bought a house and a car and saved to send their kids to college. I wonder how surprised they were to find out my generation would want all those things as soon as we got out of college.
No wonder, we are the generation that were the first to get credit card applications in college (and in High School), we were the generation that experienced growing up on fast food and TV night being at least 4 nights a week. In my lifetime we have gone from vinyl records to 8 track tapes to cassettes to CD's to digital all within about 20 years (and to think it took my parents generation about 20 years to get everyone to just buy a TV! Why do I bring all this up?

Well, the expectation is still Victory to those who can persevere and 'wait' for good things to happen and be patient in the midst of adversity. But there is nothing foundational in most of our lives that has ever taught us to 'wait'. Patience is NOT our generation's virtue! Our generation has a hard time grasping reading vs. watching video and saving vs. credit and building vs. buying. And in all this I am trying to have a "long term" perspective about building an online business?

Here's a few things to take into account for those of my generation to make it to the end and build something long term:

1. <b>Patience is STILL a virtue!</b> A great battle many of us will have when even choosing what our future business will be and what we will build for the rest of our lives is, 'will I be able to do this for a long time'? 'Will I have the patience to persevere when things get really hard and it becomes a day by day conundrum of tedious tasks to get the small things done. Will I be able to ever stop and smell the roses and trust that it will all work out? Do yourself a favor and 'never' pray for patience... just take a deep breath, realize Rome wasn't built in a day, the world was here before you got here and will be here when you are gone, and this life is short (especially the older you get!)

2. <b>Perseverance is a Pain but Necessary Tool! </b> There are so many tools for us to fix things quick, to get things done TODAY, to find the solution in an instant. What gives us the right to persevere? I have found that when I persevere and add patience to it, it's usually the second or third thing that I've looked into that is actually the better of the choices. 9 times out of 10 my first choice may end up a disaster. There's something about 'waiting' and persevering that bring about the better options in life over and over again!

3. <b>Suffering for doing GOOD!</b> The idea that I won't get rich quick is frustrating. I'm really not a selfish and indulgent person. I really am not trying to build a great business just for me. I really do care about my family and would love to have the time and the money and the resources to be around them all the time (not what they might want!). But NOTHING good has ever happened in my life without a tinge of suffering. The pain of getting there, of doing the menial things toward the gain, the struggle and striving of the hours of reading and study to learn new tasks. ALL painful! But in the end, I realize over and over I'm become a better and stronger person because of it (I won't bore you with the countless stories of struggling in my life).

Why share all this with you? Because I KNOW for SURE ONE THING, there is no quick fix, no get rich quick, no real gain without the pain. And for that I am grateful and thankful no matter how it all mkakes me feel. I am not just doing business, I am becoming better for doing business.

Until next time, enjoy the pain!

Scott VH
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    Originally Posted by vanhoogy View Post

    I am not just doing business, I am becoming better for doing business.
    Nice essay, Scott. I wonder if you could change the title to refer more specifically to Boomers... something like "Boomers: Here's why it's better to wait!" Although I think anyone could benefit from your point of view. Especially the people who say "I bought a course yesterday, and I'm not rich yet! It must be no good!"

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