Why does it make sense to be coached on life/work topics?

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I am looking for professionals who know what coaching is and what benefits they can get from it. I temporary offer free international coaching for a good win-win reason:

I am a certified solution-focused coach based in Central Europe. I am a coaching practice owner (Ltd. type of company) with a new project set for this year. We want to coach and be engaged with international individuals, businesses and projects.

The current goal is to do market research based on our own experience with international clients. This has a tremendous value for our project and we are not financially dependent on this activity.

I, as a certified coach, do not advise clients, but I use very effective solution-focused approach to assist you with the topic you have. Please, consult your topic with me to find out if I can coach you on that.

I offer 45 minutes of free VoIP coaching a day (Skype, Gizmo, Yahoo! Messenger etc.) Please, email me to find out more and to book skype coaching session with me.

I will be very glad to hear from you.

E-mail: elsey[DOT]coach[AT]gmail[DOT]com
Skype: elsey[DOT]

Peter 
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