Are personal development and self-improvement the same thing?

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I want to make sure that I'm not confusing personal development and self-improvement. I like to know the difference between words that sound similar (e.g. motivation, inspiration).

Are these two terms the same thing or is there a difference? If there is a difference, please explain in your own words, the difference between them.

Thank you.
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    It's a good question. Here's my take on Personal Development ...

    ... and my understanding of Self Growth ...

    Self Improvement, I find, is widely used both as a term for the subject itself and also as a label for the process of development.

    Whether you are a Reader, an Author or a Website Owner, we have something for you!

    Books that Inspire
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    I sort of view them as very similar but not 100% similar. I view personal development as taking initiative to make yourself better as whole, meaning educating yourself intellectually, spiritually, whatever.

    I see self-improvement is more of a focus on fixing those areas in your life that you see as weaknesses. This will ultimately lead to personal development.

    Slight difference I suppose.

    my opinion of course
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      If there was a difference that did matter. Personal development would be buying the tapes . buying the books ,Attending the seminars . Self improvement is when you use the information you get from the books tapes and seminars.

      Or to be more picky personal development covers both parts of the formula. The self improvemnt covers the second part
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    I think personal development, self improvement, self help.. all these words mean the same thing.
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    They are 100% the same in my books...self & personal....development & improvement.

    If you want to get all disecting....development would be building a successful structure and improvement would be the tweaking of the structure....just remember....I don't think that's how the masses see it so the true meaning plays no role.

    Just look for what will help YOU in your CURRENT situation more than anything else. Remember you aren't other people. Everyone in life is in a different place so in the self help arena make absolutely sure you only look for the things that will improve you...why? because it's exactly that. SELF improvement not mass improvement.

    With that in mind, I think the universally useful concepts to study are:

    Goals and Values

    *Belief Systems

    **Cycles of any kind. This is by far the most fundamental key to success but it does no good without the proper belief system.
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