Genius is 99% Inspiration 1% Perspiration

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Genius is 99% Inspiration 1% Perspiration

Yeah, that's right. I deliberately reversed it. Think about it.
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    Once Inspiration has struck, Profits are 99% Perspiration, Fueled by 1% Inspiration
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    I agree with the KansasDragon. Sometimes Inspiration fail then only Perspiration can help you to get the things good.
    So i think 99% Perspiration and 1 % Inspiration.

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      The "genius" debate is a red herring, IMO.

      If we are focused on positive results ~ aka "Success" (however we choose to define it) ~ then it becomes clear that genius is WAY overrated.

      Hard work; persistence; taking consistent daily action towards a goal; rebounding from failure; adapting tactics & strategies to changing market conditions; more hard work... all these attributes are much better indicators of long-term success.

      There are LOTS of self-made millionaires with average IQ; not so many lazy ones. Conversely, there are also LOTS of hugely talented folks who never manage to leverage their potential.

      To paraphrase the Zen koan, "If a Genius is inspired in the forest, but never does anything about it... will anyone else know or care?"

      Just my 2 cents' worth.
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        A true genius is hard to find... For the rest of us, I think 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration still applies.
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          Actually I'm agreeing with MindReality.

          I think you need to seek Inspiration with 99% of your effort first.

          Then it is time to flip the equation. Spend 1% of your time feeling and loving your inspiration, while you spend 99% taking the action to apply it.
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            Do you find lots of successful people with average IQ? I see loads.

            Do you find lots of successful people who are lazy? I've never seen any. Have you?

            Great observation, MindReality.

            You don't have to be a genius to find inspiration, you can always learn from geniuses. In this information age, inspiration is freely available and in abundance (eg. this forum!).

            But nothing happens without perspiration.

            'Genius is 99% Perspiration and 1% Inspiration' is more true than ever.

            Just a thought.


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    It's a cycle....
    It's 99% Inspiration until the inspiration process is that point it becomes 99% perspiration.

    Without inspiration, we can be as persistent as we want....we can't break down a wall with chisel no matter how long and hard you bout we go and get a bulldozer instead and then break down the wall with the same persistency.

    That'll do the trick : )

    Just my thought on the matter

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    I think you're trying to be controversial which is good .

    The smartest person I know is currently either in jail for petty crimes or working minimum wage (or so) just to get by. His brain is insanely fast, but he's too incredibly lazy to use it.

    And as someone said, there are plenty of millionaire with only average IQ but I don't know a lazy one (if you do, let me know).
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