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Instead of having music in my car, I now listen to business related audiobooks. It's significantly increased my learning, as it's like exercise to the mind.

While not new, I was a bit surprised at how much learning you can get done and how cheaply. You can learn almost as much driving (assuming say you drive for 2 hours a day) as you would if you had taken 2 university courses (and I'm being conservative).

One motivational speakers even said that pretty much everyone he spoke with managed to double their income in at most five year after doing this. I'd like to see where it takes me.

So have you given this a try?What do you listen to in your car?
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    I sometimes listen business related audio books when i work with pc, instead of music. As i don't have car, i rarely have an opportunity to listen audio books in car, but when i walk or drive in bus, i sometimes listen audio books with my headset and mobile.

    Yes, it really works. It is also really refreshing to learn with listening while you walk, you don't get tired or bored of it.
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      And there is so much to choose from!

      I adore spiritual books.
      There are thousands of titles over at Amazon.
      One could browse for days!

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