How Do You Keep Energized During The Day?

by yst
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I try to:
Keep track of my accomplishments. I usually set a goal I can measure with a number.
Take short breaks: the keyword is short and not break. I don't believe in 9 to 5 hours, that's for wimps :-p.
Keep good snacks around: I try to drink something tasty while working.
Minimize distractions: easy say, hard do.
Finish ASAP: I try to complete tasks (broken into small) in energetic spurs.

And yourself?
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      Actually music is the one method I've been trying and it works very well. I will be enjoying the music and at the same, I will be doing the work until I complete the task I'm having. The only problem.. I must find good music and it's not good idea to keep listening to same music.
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    Drink a few cups of tea, usually caramel or peach and meditate for a good half hour to keep me vitalized.
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    Make a list of the things to get done and attack! Get a few done at a time and reward yourself with a break.

    I'm working on some new things. So, nothing to promote just yet.

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    I have something that works for me ( I am retired and have no pressure)

    I have a painting studio set up in the dining room (landscapes)...when my brain starts to bog down.....I paint....maybe 5 minutes or longer....clears my head and fires up the creative juices....

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    Make sure u take a break between tasks so u dnt get mentally and physically drained!
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    It often depends on what I'm working on. Sometimes the excitement of a new project is enough to keep me energised, but of course we all have down times.

    In a literal sense, I lose physical energy after lunch so now I've started doing tasks that don't require much thinking (like blog commenting, forum posting) for 30-60 minutes after I eat. Discovering ways I work best like that is the best thing I've done to help myself stay focused.

    Aside from that, I also believe getting away from the computer and going for walks is extremely important. It gives your brain a break from technology, which we all need!

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      Originally Posted by Ruth P View Post

      It often depends on what I'm working on. Sometimes the excitement of a new project is enough to keep me energised,
      Yes, when you are really excited then the time just flies - also so when you are working on anything new, or especially learning a new skill, or having your eyes opened to new possibilities / ways of doing things.

      Beyond this I drink Green tea all day, and eat a LOT of fruit They just started stocking Passion Fruit in my local supermarket so I am over the moon at the minute

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    Drink Coffee! I'm trying to cut down though, but there is no doubt in my mind that it is a great energizer, even for the more boring tasks : )
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