Sites That Teach The Law of Attraction

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Dear all, I am learning the Law of Attraction, please list the sites that you know for teaching law of attraction.

Thanks for sharing.
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    This is the simpliest and the best.
    Laws of Attraction. Guaranteed Activation Technique!
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    I only trust 2

    Effortless Success by Jack Cranfield


    The Quantum Cookbook(pretty cheap. It combines prioritizing your goals and desires with visualization and releasing. It's a good process)
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    I'm a writer and I regularly browse "whackjob" forums looking for ideas for sci-fi projects - seriously... either we're in a LOT of trouble or some of these folks should be writing for Hollywood lol.

    I was quite stunned to find some of the best, most in-depth information on LOA that I have seen anywhere on one of these forums. Very uplifting, informative, expansive in scope and written by a well-known author who's apparently undercover: How "the law of attraction" works, page 1 - no comment on who this mystery author may be (no, not me - I'm a writer, I work for a living)

    Who would have thought that using LOA it may be possible to change our past? My brain hurts.
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    OH MY...

    I take that back!! My number one LOA book is called "The Master Key System"

    By far the best I've seen and it's free!!
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    I would go back to some of the classics - imo the current popular products are pretty overhyped at best, and marketing rubbish at worst. Imo the single best resource is "think and grow rich", it is basically "think and grow successful / any goal you want" and was one of the original works which led to the secret the movie and all this current hype - "the secret" the movie is pretty good, but try not to go guru chasing after it and looking for all the different people involved - just take action, focus your thoughts and write yourself a real plan

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    "The Secret" franchise is pretty great. I prefer Brian Tracy for his straightforward approach, though.

    -Gina E.
    {Perfect Love Here I Come}
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    Visit Secret Formula - The Science of Getting Rich and get 17 Wallis D. Wattles free videos (plus bonuses) explaining the original source for the law of attraction. He is the original inspiration for the "The Secret" (law of attraction).

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    What about Napoleon Hill? Is he considered to be in that category?

    -Gina E.
    {Perfect Love Here I Come}
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      Originally Posted by perfectlovehere View Post

      What about Napoleon Hill? Is he considered to be in that category?

      -Gina E.
      {Perfect Love Here I Come}

      I think he is one of the earliest people who realize the power of law of atraction. Study his concept of 'masterminding' and he proposed the ether concept of receiving and transmitting thoughts vibration.

      Pretty interesting stuffs.

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    hmm....well it depends....over on "The Explanation of The Law of Attraction" thread there's a big contradiction over what LOA falls under.

    I'm under the belief that anything that has a result in attraction falls under the law but other people think it's some mystical concept.

    So personally, ya I think it is.

    I think that his book "The Law of Success" is more of a process in LOA than his Think and Grow Rich...and combined they're incredible. The Law of Success arguably made the most millionaires in history of our existence so I think there's something good lyin in there
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    Quite often there is one important ingredient missing, and that is "taking action".

    I've seen it all to often with coaching clients. They have read all the books, seen "The Secret" and other like that, yet keep on doing the same stuff.

    My definition of insanity is "doing the same things and expecting different results".

    That's why we all must take massive action to achieve massive results.
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    Exactly!! That's the illusion everyone has about LOA. If you sit back and think...nothing's going to change...unless you think:

    If I don't do it now, I know it's never going to get done.

    At that point you take action and the rest is in the history books(you might be too!)
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    I have found some NLP patterns to be very useful for getting the Action part of LOA implemented. As all WFers know, "taking action" is the hardest part lol

    Same with EFT. Mental blocks can dissolve within days, leaving doors open for the goodness out there to come rushing in.
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    NLP's Sick!

    I can't wait to study that stuff
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    Great posts here. I am a firm believer in The Law Of Attraction, we attract what we think about most into our lives. Its not just changing the way you think, that is a big part but you have to believe, see and feel that you are the way you want to be before it has happened and then it will gradually start to manifest.

    My first books on this topic would take me back to 3 years ago where i had been living for years and years of a life of anxiety,phobia and fear. Feeling and thinking this way was only attracting rubbish and crap into my life. Finally it took its toll and i began to do something about it. I studied and seeked help. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy by Dummies is a proven and effective approach to mastering your thoughts. I think this is a great book to start with if you have negative and unhealthy thoughts which in turn stops you from doing things and gets you acting in a certain way. From there i began to read many self help books and then the key to really opening up and understanding The Law of Attraction was Napoleon Hills- Think and Grow Rich along with the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles. And of course The Secret Movie and book explains the LOA very well.
    Of course it is all good and well reading these books but to see any real results ,you absolutely must follow the rules and but it into massive action.

    Kindest Regards
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    Hi All,

    For starters I would suggest "The Secret" for complete beginners, I know it has been over commercialised, and it doesn't give you the full story, but it's a good starter, and it's available in three formats, DVD, Book or Audio
    Some things which have helped me, are NLP, daily visualization, vision board, gratitude and the release technique, but different things work for different people, so you will need to see what resonates with yourself
    I do believe your mindset is the key to achieving anything in life!


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