Do You Challenge Yourself To DOUBLE Your Income Every Month?

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Do you double your income monthly? Or triple it? etc... Or do you think that's impossible to accomplish?

Also, if you are not attempting it, why not?
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    There is value in challenges like this, but of course it depends on so many factors. Sometimes when you're working on more passive stuff, it can take a good few months before it shows.

    However, in the long run, I do think it's really important to keep on pushing yourself to do better and better. But don't let that challenge get you down if you don't quite make it! This is why I try to focus on life goals rather than $x amount of money each month.

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    Its a great goal, but of course the growing will stop eventually or you will be a trillionaire.

    But, growth in internet marketing can be astounding. I have made more in Jan and half of Feb than I have made all of 2009. And Ruth is right. Challenging yourself to meet life goals is extremely important. But of course if you are running a business, money will be your number one goal.
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    Like it!

    I don't know many businesses
    where that's actually possible.

    Great question and any answer
    other than "yes" is an excuse
    that needs to die.

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    Trillionaire, I like the sound of that! Setting a goal to increase your efforts every month is a great idea. I better get started.
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      Originally Posted by mrmoonlight View Post

      Trillionaire, I like the sound of that! Setting a goal to increase your efforts every month is a great idea. I better get started.

      I'll race you to a trillion!
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    That's a cool concept....I really like's always letting you be aware that there's always another and completely different way to make more money....

    Every two or three months would be really cool for me....I'm going to try it.

    Thx Chica!!
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    Thinking in terms of doubling or tripling your money every month will put undue pressure on yourself. Instead ask yourself, how you can offer more value to your customers? Double the value, triple the value?

    And the money will flow in -- maybe not linearly or all at once.

    Just like you can't make 9 women pregnant and hope to get a baby in a month, you can't make your money double or triple without the required gestation period
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    It def is important to know that you are always shooting to make yourself a better person in every way possible. I always make my goal to make as much in 1 month as I did in the whole year before.
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    Myself I push concrete goals that can = more money but I do not stress over money as the end all be all. I challenge myself to do better overall month after month in all areas as a whole.

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    I challenge myself to increase the number of people that benefit from being associated with me. When I have left a positive impact on more and more people each month, I have succeeded.
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    I think it is important to set new goals for income as you work for yourself; maybe not a specific like doubling or tripling your income, and not even a specific number of funds you want to make. I like choosing a new range of numbers in terms of growth that I would like to achieve and that helps offset potential problems that could arise after investing a lot of time and effort.

    It helps to be realistic/practical, but to also have something to work towards.
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