An Open Mind Is A Sure Way That Will Lead To Progress

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Do you have an open mind? Or do you close your mind and accept what the masses say what can't be done?

New ideas and concepts can only enter your mind when you open your mind. A closed mind only locks the door that imprisons your mentality.

Narrow-mindedness only cuts off opportunities and lines of communication.

We should all encourage our children to develop their imagination. Remember it was someone's imagination that created this website so you can read this article from. It was someone's imagination that created the Airplane, the automobile, a flight to the moon. When we open our mind we give our imagination permission the freedom to act. And when we have this freedom we can create a vision for our life.

A stagnant personality is a sign of a closed mind. Closed minds will allow progress to pass it by and can never take advantage of the opportunities that progress has to offer.

There is a rule of success which states "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." Any person gifted with an open mind goes on to achieve brilliant feats in all professions, while the person with a closed mind still shouts "impossible."

Don't allow the naysayer discourage the dreams you may have. It's been proven through feats like the creation of the airplane and sending people to the moon that all things are possible and it's only a matter of time before dreams like these will manifest itself into the material world. There will be a time where the answer will be given to us for the cause of cancer and its subsequent cure for it.

Are you going to be among the group that says "I can" and "It will be done?" Or are you going to be among the group that says "Nobody can" and "that's impossible?"
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    My teacher has always taught us to look at all angles and to analyze every possibilities. There are always better ways to reach the same outcome, thus I will hold this principle in my life. I think that is what you are trying to tell me.

    A student, an enthusiast, an information seeker

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      Yes that is what I'm trying to say. There will always be better ways to do things. The current ways of accomplishing something may be a valid way today to achieve it until we become aware of a better, more efficient way.

      Keith S. Aul
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    We can do so much more when we open our minds. As my father used to say "Use your head for something other than a hat rack" Good advice.
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    It depends on where your mind opens and where your ego steps in....

    You are entirely right, an open mind will get you infinitely further in just have to understand what to pay attention to.

    For example: I only study the best....who cares what everyone else thinks?
    The best think differently than the rest, and the rest always bash the best until they're the best are on top....then they get jealous...shocker ; )
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      Have an open-mind, but DON'T get distracted from the goals you've set for yourself.

      It's remaining consistent and staying on track that counts.
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    I agree, it is great to have an open mind but also keep to your goals. Know exactly what it is is that you need to do to get your goals done. Make sure that you do your best to make everyday a success.
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    This is completely true, if you want to go far in life you definitely have to be open to anything, and learn from everything at all times.

    I was watching that Anderson Silva just knocked out Vitor Belfort with a front kick that he learned from Steven Seagal!? I mean he learned from somebody that many people in MMA think he has nothing to do with that. And nevertheless Anderson pulled it off just by having and open mind. Amazing!
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    absolutely true, I know so many people who I'd describe as'glass half empty' people. Self believe is absolutely vital and allows you to open your mind to new ideas and concepts you hadn't considered before
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