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Today, in IM, the most biggest problem for anyone in the business is stress and information overload. For me, the source of stress was the information overload, and it still keeps me from making my business from working.

So until I manage to sort the things I must do, and in what order I must do it, I am doomed to be stuck at the point of nowhere.

This is why today was different. I managed to take a step back. For a change, we had some sunny weather here in Rijeka, Croatia. And it was such a beautiful day that I decided to just take a walk and free my mind from everything.

I visited some of the older parts of town. Sat down on a bench and just enjoyed the view, not thinking about my studies, my web sites, my projects, my own problems. After about an hour and a half I returned home.

With a clear head, increased productivity and a cup of warm tea by my side I now write this post.

It is times like these that make me thankful for being in the IM where I am my own boss and when I know that, if I want to I can go out and take a time out with out worrying about anything.

Perhaps, from time to time, we all forget that we can do this instead of just working all day.

Don't think of this as any advice, think of this as a reminder that we have chosen this profession not for the stress that it brings, but for the option of spending some quality time with our family, friends or just with ourselves.

Have a great day,
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