The Master Key System Study Thread

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Alright, I've been lookin about and I've noticed a descent group of people rockin out on this book.

In short it's golden no doubt. This guy knows his stuff so I've decided why not throw together a thread where we can all get together and talk about it?

So here it is!! I've seen a good amount of people(6 or 7) getting involved in this book all around the same time as me so we should def get together and study together.

6 or 7 minds is infinitely times better than 1 lol

Let's get rollin!!

K, I'll start....I'm around lesson 2 right now and I've been studying this book gradually recently because I found out how incredibly valuable cycles are in life. I've mastered my physical control which wasn't too tough for me....I play poker and I trade so I can chill for hours sometimes

As for the second lesson...I have a quick question?? In the book it said that controlling your thoughts needed to be mastered but then he goes on to say you can only do it for a few'm a little confused...I meditate a good amount so I can descently control my thoughts but I have no mastery of holding my thoughts yet? I've been implementing the 3rd lesson in with lesson for the second half of the session and this one looks like it's going to take me a week or two to master?

One cool thing I've noticed is this: I have these things coming up into my consciousness every couple of seconds....and I've noticed I can kind of follow them down but only to a certain I can't access the area it's coming from but can follow it down...and every time I dive down to the source and focus on it my thoughts quite what do you guys think?? Do you think that's where the thoughts are coming from or just signals?

So just curiosity...where is everyone at? Maybe everyone should give an introduction of themselves and to let everyone know where they are personally and their experience with the book so far...that'd be cool.

Alright, I'm excited about this cuz I know we're going to have a good amount of people on this thread!!

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