Does Laughter Inspire Change?

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What do you think?
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    It most certainly can inspire change. Laughter is like a universal language. It almost always brings a smile to everyone's face. Laughter is also very healthy for you.

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    Laughter is positive, that's for sure. After having a good laugh, I feel good and am ready to get back to work.
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    There is nothing better than a good laugh. With all the negative things that our world has been facing, there is nothing better than putting on a good comedy, and laughing for awhile. Once you do, your soul seems renewed and you will feel re-energized. I am not sure where it is, but I know there are some places where you can get laugh therapy...
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      Laughter is also a great stress relief stategy. It definately is a merry medicine for the mind, body and soul!

      It's great fun as well, so Laugh ON!

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    I definitely agree that laughter inspires change, and because of the inherently good nature of the activity the change is most always positive.
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    I agree also. Laughing at ones self and the situation around you can help tremendously. It all comes down to attitude often and having the ability to always stay positive, even when times get tough.
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    Laughter can definitely cause a change in your attitude. When we feel great, we can do great things. That of course, assumes you are doing the laughing. The other side of laughter includes being laughed at. Being laughed at can also inspire change, maybe even more so. But, it can also stop us dead in our tracks if we let it.
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    It depends what is change to you... If you are talking about generic change. DEFINITELY, laughter is not a major healer in life but also shifts the energy in your body.

    And lot only that but it also elevates your whole body vibration.

    So in a short answer. YES
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    Definitely! We are all aware of how many muscles we use in laughing than frowning right? Right from our physical change, it does really inspire change. How much more for the emotional changes in our lives?
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    Originally Posted by acrasial View Post

    What do you think?
    laughing can turn your mood around and give you a fresh look at the challenges you are facing.
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    Originally Posted by acrasial View Post

    What do you think?
    For me,it really works...
    Laughter produces endorphin which work as natural pain reliever. When a nerve impulse reaches the spinal cord, endorphins are released which prevent nerve cells from releasing more pain signals. Scientific research has reported that laughter lowers blood pressure, strengthens cardiovascular functions, reduces stress hormones, boosts immune system, and produces a general sense of well being and many more healthy benefits.
    Maria Jarel
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    When I want to cry I laugh instead (where appropriate of course) and I have found it makes a huge difference to my perspective on a negative situation. And that is all a negative situation is, imho, my own perspective.

    So I laugh whenever I can - its good for you

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    When you laugh it means you're happy and everything is fine eventually you fell good and your mind is positive indeed then you can think better and plan well.
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