When you Feel like quitting...

by onuel
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... stop feeling like it!

So simple but powerful. Here's what I learned straight from Anthony Robbins, what your feeling is a reality that you made it to be and not the other way around. It's only real because you made it so. If this is in fact true, then you can alter this reality and make it whatever you want it to be.

I have a slightly different variation of the paragraph above that I wrote on an index card which I always refer to when I'm in a negative state.

I don't know if this is going to be helpful to someone but I'd like to share this very simple yet powerful state changing cue's that I use.

First of I'm a visual person, which means I learn, I act, and I respond better when looking at something or visualizing. So I have two visual cues that I use and works for me 100% of the time when I'm in a negative state, like when I feel like quitting at something.

One is the index card I mentioned above (a physical visual cue) and the other is a mental cue that when I visualized it, it almost always wets my eyes and BAM! my State just change to happiness and full of hope, creativity, and excitement just like that.

That special mental cue is actually an image of my son when he was 2 years old. I was not in my best mood that day, just lost thousands of dollars cheated by a friend. So I was yelling and swearing and throwing stuff all over the room without me realizing my boy was watching me. Needless to say I was shocked and appalled of my behavior. My anger just keeps on building up. Instead of him running away from me, he walked to me, pull my hand down as if to say come down to my level, which I obliged to do by kneeling down. We are nose to nose, 5 inches apart. He's holding my cheeks with his two little hands. Eyes looking straight at mine almost in tears, lower lips out and said 'Daddy...' then cried with eyes still fixed to mine. All the hurt and anger that I'm feeling just washed away and replaced by happiness, hope, motivation and renewed dedication for a better life for my son and my family. That image is etched in my mind and will never ever go away.

I'm lucky to have these cue's so try to find yours because you will be surprise how powerful this is.
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    I am always trying to motivate myself to not give up in this business.

    I tried to follow the seminars related with online business to motivated my self.

    Thank you for your this post.
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    Totally agree with your post onuel, when I am losing motivation I just think of my family and I can literally get pumped to keep going!
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    You are right, you have to know what your "why" is and always keep that in your mind. I always think about my family and what I can do for them the more successful I become. It makes it easy not to waste time and get things done.
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      I haven't wanted to give up since I was first starting out.

      Want to know what I did when I felt this way? I shut off the computer and caught up with some movies I've been wanting to see. When I turned the computer on the next day, everything was better...
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    Thanks for your interesting article.

    I'm going to turn it around a bit... (and probably annoy some people, so apologies if that's the case).

    Some people will succeed in this business and others won't. Unfortunately, statisically more will not.

    Why is quitting such a bad thing anyway? Surely it's better to have tried and decided its not for you?

    This business isn't for everyone. For a start you need to treat it like a business which is incredibly hard work.

    Yes you do need to have the right mindset and be proactive and passionate etc. But if you are failing (I hate that word!) or struggling - why?

    Look at what you are doing, try and improve, get help but if its really not working and you're not earning money, how long are you going to keep trying for?

    I must admit I've only been in network marketing for 8 months. But I made my first commission after 2 weeks ($2000). My previous experience was a business owner/business developmet so I do know how to market/sale and just applied my skills and experience.

    My point is, that I was still nervous when setting it up. I gave myself a date and thought if I haven't made any money by xxxx then this business isn't for me and I'll have to move on.

    Luckily I'm pleased to say that hasn't happened.

    Failure in this business isn't bad. What is bad is not understanding why it's happened and if you could have rectified it.

    I would question why you feel like quitting. If you're really not making money - why? what have you done to try?

    Maybe it's just not for you. Simple as that. Nothing bad about it.

    Please don't think I'm suggesting you just quit, because I'm not. But be honest with yourself, really dig deep and have a strategy in place to get you making money and if it doesnt work, try something new.

    Don't believe in the hype of "I started from nothing, was penniless and now look at how much money I'm making" etc. It rarely works like that. Successful people are often successful at whatever they put their mind too. They are entreprenurial. Not everyone is.

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    This is a beautiful story.

    Inspiration, motivation, drive, they are all around us. I think the ultimate is if we open our mind enough to see the wonderful things that we have in spite of our misfortunes and use them as the motivation to move on to better things.

    The past cannot be changed but we still have the option to feel and be empowered enough to make changes for the future.
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    What an inspiring read. In my case, I have a vision board which I keep in my office table and glance at it whenever I feel down. The goals I've set help in motivating myself and to not quit.

    Let them eat cake!

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    Great inspiring story

    Business is so hard, success never happens over night it takes ages, years in fact, i have 2 businesses the first i started 5 years ago, and halfway through 2009 i put it up for sale, it was worth around £60,000 i thought it was worth more and the agent advised me if we could get some more orders on the books he could improve on that offer.

    To cut a long story short I went out of my comfort zone and worked my ass off to try and get the extra for the business, 10 months on i pulled the bussines from the market and order books are filled 2 months for the next few months.

    Its really easy to be caught up in a business going nowhere, buckle down do some hard graft and don't be afraid to ask for help do things out of your comfort zone
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