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I have never been much for achieving goals i have written. I usually write them down and soon forget about them. THe main problem has been really not figuring out what i want.

I have figured out what i want. The whole if money wasn't an issue what would you do. In that case i would travel through southern China . As something to do for fun i would find luxury item over there and figure out how to sell them back here. Not for a large business but enough to fund traveling and living expences. And enough to pay a translator who also helps me learn chinese.

Well that is unrealistic for me . I am unemployed with almost no money saved up. I have no idea which luxury good i would sell and how i would find customers . I know 4 words of Chinese. I have never traveled outside the U.S. . I didn't even have a passport.

Now It 1s stuck in the front off my mind though. I am playing with ideas to figure out how. Ideas on how to fund it . It still seems impossible or difficult. Very unrealistic. IT just has implanted itself in my mind.

So far i have applied for a passport. It is the playing with ideas of what kinda business i can do to fund it. Part of why i look over these boards. I am struggling to get at least the basics down of the language.

Have you had a very unrealistic goal that just burned itself into you mind.
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    Many people call my goals unrealistic but I work my butt off to achieve them or get as fricken close as I can.

    As a tip, use your current situation, struggles, and goals to motivate you to make something work either online or off. Sometimes its desperation or circumstance that gives people the drive to make the seemingly impossible, possible. Make it happen
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    I totally agree with the above post, give it your best and make it happen!

    Also, a great point was made above, that using your struggles and pontentially bad situations is a great form of motivation to achieve more!
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    I son't believe your goals are unrealistic. As you know, this forum reside some millionaires who have made money online and are willing to teach others how to do it. You can do it too if you read through the forum and follow the steps given.

    I think all you need is to organize baby steps and work your way to FF (financial freedom), don't give up becoz life is worth living. Cheers!
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      Hi Odahh,
      I read a little trough your previous posts in order to give you the best appropriate advice. In your case I imagine the best thing do do would be to find a business partner originally from that area (Hong Kong, or...?) which shares relevant interests and complements you.
      If, for example, you like to work hard for your money he/she should more of an ideas type of person.
      That would give you the language support that you need and some local knowledge. It is important though to remember your goals, stick to the plan, and be reliable.
      Regarding the funds, there must be some help available for up and coming businesses in the area where you live...
      I am not sure that using time learning the language is a good idea. That requires time and dedication and I am not sure about the "dedication" side...
      PS your business plan has to be a lot more convincing that your post...
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        Not unrealistic at all. I've known lots of broke people who travel far more than I do. Some suggestions for making a bit of extra cash:

        - Do you have any hobbies that you can turn into services for someone? Do you play guitar for example? Then maybe you teach guitar lessons.
        - Are you handy with tools at all? Fix things for people who are unable to do so themselves.
        - Know anything about computers? A lot of people don't, and they'll pay you seemingly ridiculous amounts of money for simple tasks (go check out the local best buy and ask them how much they'll charge you to scan your computer for viruses)
        - Do you have anything of value around your house that you don't use anymore? An old watch, electronics, etc? Ebay is your friend
        - Offer to mow peoples lawns/shovel their walks/clean their yard
        - Find a temp work agency. There seem to be a lot around that pay cash daily. Not the greatest work, but it pays.

        You'll be surprised how much extra you can pull in with a few little side jobs like that. Good luck!


        When life gives you lemons, at least you don't get scurvy.

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          Originally Posted by businessmatt View Post

          You'll be surprised how much extra you can pull in with a few little side jobs like that. Good luck!


          All work is honorable work. I've cleaned more toilets than I care to mention, but we get paid well to do it. (We [wife & i] own a janitor company)
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    The goal is only unrealistic if you don't believe that you can achieve it. What you first need to do is make sure that you deep believe that you will achieve what you set out. Make a plan of action and then do everything you can to make it happen. Know what each and every step that you need to take to make sure that you will be getting that much closer to your dreams.
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