Would You Like To Learn Cosmic Broadcasting?

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“Cosmic Broadcasting” is a very unique technique for activating the Laws of Attraction to increase your business.
With “Cosmic Broadcasting”, you can literally communicate to thousands of potential clients at one time and expose your business globally. For Internet entrepreneurs this technique is priceless.

Brief Theory;
Everyone sleeps and everyone goes through dream cycles. Dreaming is done at the Alpha brain wave frequency between 7 and 14 cycles per second. On a subconscious level, you are very receptive at this level of mind. If you believe that everyone is connected, this is the perfect time to communicate with individuals sharing the collective consciousness on a massive basis.

My Experience:
I was in a mechanical maintenance business for over 17 years, had an unlisted phone number, never did any advertising other than business cards, and had more business than I could handle! Now, I did pass out a lot of business cards, they were my target magnets. Let me explain. I used the “Cosmic Broadcasting” technique to attract my clients to my business cards first. This exposed my business to many people and their friends that had a need for my services. I also suggested to my clients (while applying the technique) that they not loose or throw away my card. During the 17 years I came across cards that were from my very first set printed. I would have them printed in different colors through the years so I would know an approximate date in time the card was picked up by the client. It absolutely blew me away as to how well this technique worked. This was from 1980 to 1997, at which time I sold my business and pursued working with the Laws of Attraction and Metaphysics via the Internet full time.

Working with the Internet changes every day, but the Cosmic Broadcasting technique doesn't.
Between back links, SEO, major competition in every micro-niche, and bookmark sites, it is extremely time consuming, can be very costly and is a maybe, at best, to get a decent placement in the major search engines. However, now I use my SEO, back links, bookmarks, etc., as my target magnets with Cosmic Broadcasting and have eliminated the need for so terribly many so-called secret weapons to get traffic. I give 100% credit to this technique for me being able to stay in business for myself for the past 29 years through some major ups and downs of our economy.

My Request:
If this sounds like something the forum is interested in, please reply to this post and let me know.
If there is enough interest in learning this technique, spread the word, and I will record a “follow along” MP3 of the technique and post it as a WSO for $10.
(I've never done a WSO so I might need a little help.)

Have a Great one!
Mountain Mike
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