do you need a "gun-to-the-head" moment to get going?

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hey there,

I've noticed over and over again that most people only beat old habits when they have a "gun-to-the-head" moment

ever heard Frank Kern's story, the whole living in a trailer story, getting sued, "having to do something"...

similarly John Carlton, out on the street, "has to do something..."

I made my own "gun2head" moment by quitting my corporate job and suddenly "having to make money" to feed my family.

Keith Wellman has a similar story, living in his car in winter ...

the list goes on...

so, 2 things:

a) if you're now successful in IM, what's your story -- did you have such a moment in life, how did you "get it" and started making money in the IM niche?

b) for those who are still waiting for that magical moment, here's a little video that may just help you ... get your "gun2head" moment without having to use firearms:

#guntothehead #moment
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    Very insightful video... thanks for sharing!

    I wish I could answer your questions more thoroughly; right now I feel semi-stuck in a fractal universe, somewhere between a) and b).

    My success in IM is still intermittent ~ good months and crappy months.

    Unfortunately, at present my clients' deadlines are creating a "gun to my head" moment, so I gotta run! :p
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    His stuff is very good. I think for me, like you say, it is all about knowing what you need to do next after you finish something. I think that many of us are guilty of not knowing what the next step is.
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    I have my best ideas when I am under pressure. I was out of work for most of 2002 due to the dot com crash. During that time I set up my software business, and it's still selling stuff today.

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    after taking into account all the live seminars (fast track to success ...., yeah right) I stopped counting at around $30-40k.... (not including travel, accommodation, and time spent NOT building my own business)



    Originally Posted by honestbizpro View Post

    For me it was after I calculated the money I lost on all the bullcrap that used to be floating around that I bought into.


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