Do You Believe in Miracles? If Yes, What Do You Consider A Miracle? Have You Experienced Any?

by King Shiloh Banned
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I believe in miracles. For example, I boarded a vehicle sometime last year, the vehicle had an accident, so many people died but I didn't have any scratch; I see it as a miracle.

Do you believe in miracles? Have you ever experienced anything you would consider a miracle?
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    Few years back I was having problems with plummeting blood pressure. When it dropped I would also---flat and out for up to a few minutes.

    One day I was in large parking lot, no vehicles withing 50 plus yards and down I went. Cane one direction and baseball cap in another! I thought I was dying, then looked up and saw a group of "people" looking at me. At same time I heard a voice say....."Gordon, get up. You are not finished yet."

    I got up, retrieved my stuff and looked around. NOBODY ANYWHERE IN PARKING LOT!

    Outcome? Dr. found cause was kidney failure,,,got treatment and am still going (albeit not as fast!) almost four years later. Additional outcome? I have a couple grandchildren who need a grandpa and I am the one.

    Marvelous all the way around!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is never a BAD time to help those living with lousy kidneys!

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    it was miracle for me
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    In my younger days, I was one of those STUPID drivers who thought he was invincible and drove under the influence of alcohol sometimes.

    One rainy night I was apparently driving home on a very wet road while drunk and lost control of my car. The miracle was it spun around and backed into 4 massive trees.

    Had it not spun and hit head on, you wouldn't be reading this post.

    To this day, some 35 years later, I have never driven while under the influence of alcohol.
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    I cured my RSI. That was a miracle.

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    I found this forum. It was a miracle. :p

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    I did have a near death experience when I was young and that was a miracle. What was more of a miracle was when computers were just coming out and I bought one for about $5000. Yeah - I know... It was put on credit and they switched the accounts to some other company for handling. All of the accounts were switched electronically. Well they lost mine. I called b/c I hadn't gotten a bill for a long time and they said they couldn't find my account. Oh well.. I tried to pay. I think I had about $3000 left on it. That was a miracle

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    Miracles are present everywhere. We just noticed those that are too good to be true. For me, a miracle is when there are at least 1 click on my adsense ads everyday
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    I believe in miracles. I will always be graceful to be the tragic character in a joke that was played on me and nobody else was hurt. I would do it again and I did it again.
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