Feeling a little overwhelmed...

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Do any of you remember just starting out in this IM stuff?

I stumbled into the WF purely by accident while researching info on SEO, etc for my newish blog; something I started to see if I could just make some side income to fund a few of my tool purchases and such for my main biz.

Well, you all know what happens when you start reading things here, so I got sucked in rather quickly and I was really excited to see so many people working w/in their chosen product fields/niches and doing so profitably.

I posted a bit in the main forum, and got lots of wonderful and creative inspiration for making a money making venture out of my blog site and I was even lucky enough to get a wonderful offer from a fellow warrior to take part in a project of his, which I accepted.

However, I am suddenly feeling a little overwhelmed, what with all the information, all the techniques, trying to learn the basics and not get lost in it all, figure out how to use the autoresponder program for my site, write articles, post on the blog, read everything ppl are giving me and understand what everyone else around me seems to get so easily.

I'm an educated woman; I'm smart, I'm creative and I've been successful in my other business. I just feel like I can't quite catch up here and that I'm going to look like an idiot if I say so. Which obviously, I just opened myself up for that very thing by posting this. :rolleyes:

I think I've been so bowled over by resources and people selling that I've lost focus on how to apply what you all do so well to my own site and not get pushed in another direction (at this time anyway). I spend so many hours at my PC now that I'm not getting any of my actual creative work done for my jewelry biz and I just feel so scattered.

Anyway, if this is the wrong place to post, I apologize. I guess I'm just looking for affirmation that I'm not the only one that's been in this predicament and that it'll all work itself out if I buckle down and work through it, which is really my attitude and my work ethic anyway.

Aries= stubborn, determined sort....


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    Hi Danielle, welcome!

    I am novice and joined yesterday myself, you will do well, people here understanding and helpful.


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    Take a deep breath...Take a few hours off, clear your head and it will come to you!
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    Hi Danielle!

    Getting started out can feel overwhelming, but don't worry, it gets better. Before too long, it will all just start to click for you.

    Good luck with your endeavors!
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    I think just about any Internet Marketer would be lying if they said they didn't feel like you are at least some of the time.
    This is a huge field and the learning curve can take a while.

    Like other have said, its best to just take a break, go outside, clear your head. Maybe even take a day or two off and not even log into the computer.

    Then when you come back you'll be refreshed and more focused as your mind will of had some time to process it all and come up with the right solution and direction for you to go.
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      Believe it or not this very same feeling of being overwhelmed gave me the inspiration for my current product...But you are right, there is simply more to learn and do and read about than any one person could.

      You need to get away and regain focus. You do that by writing a simple, single primary goal or achievement in the center of a piece of paper. This one single thing is what you want to achieve ultimately.

      Now, if you are familiar with mind maps then you will know where this is going, but you need to make a line from this central item and name the "mile-stones" that must be done to reach this achievement. Each of these milestones can then be further subdivided into goals, tasks, etc.

      The bottom line you are trying to get to is this: What things must I focus on NOW. Get to them, put them in priority order. When you get an idea, write it down so you don't forget it, but then push it aside and DO NOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE NOW...

      You will not believe the peace of mind that will bring because you will know you are moving toward your ultimate achievement. This will help you weed out those particulars of IM that are not immediately necessary. You can focus on the important ones, getting them done and out of the way.

      If you cannot get done what needs to be done this way, you would not be able to get it done by any other means.

      To your Success!
      David T. McKee
      The Master Achiever
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        I feel the same way sometimes, overwhelmed by a to-read and to-do list that would take years to complete, even if I were working on it full time!

        Originally Posted by David McKee View Post

        You need to get away and regain focus. You do that by writing a simple, single primary goal or achievement in the center of a piece of paper. This one single thing is what you want to achieve ultimately.
        This has helped me out the most. Writing out concrete goals makes me remember what it is that I am working at. When I'm on the internet following link to link, I can lose sight of WHY am doing it. You need written goals to remember the WHY, and then it's obvious what immediate things need to be done first.
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      Welcome to Wonderland, Danielle!

      Don't worry, we've all been there. Remember how overwhelming it felt when you first learned to drive a car? Now your reactions are automatic and your anxieties much less.

      I suggest you look for a top marketer with whom you feel a rapport and closely study his/her methods.

      But DON'T jump from guru to guru or you WILL get overwhelmed.

      A good one that I think would suit you is Kevin Riley. He has also just released a very reasonably priced mentoring program at:

      From Hobby To Your Own Profitable Home-Based How-To Business Empire

      That's not an affiliate link.

      KR has a number of low-priced, smaller publications which are also excellent value, as well as a report which covers non-information products.

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        Thanks everyone for your warm words of encouragement. I spent the day working on my creative side and not my blogging/research side, so that was a nice break, plus is gave me a nice clean workbench. With jewelry design, that's always a wonderful thing. It's a blank canvas ready for wherever you want to take it.

        Anyway, I have tried to spend less time on the forums (sounds kinda' silly, I know, but I get led in too many directions...) and just focusing on what I need to accomplish to get the blog going in the right direction. I found a metal company that sells metals for jewelry work and such and they have an affiliate program, so I got all signed up and feel comfortable with their product on my site since it fits in so nicely with my niche.

        I've seen my page hits go down the last few days, but my RSS feed numbers are growing by one daily, so I guess that's ok. Perhaps ppl are feeling like the content is good enough to want to get it delivered daily.

        Ivan, I was interested in your post regarding a mentor type person. I was thinking that might be a good idea for me. Do ppl only do that through a "program in a box" type thing? Most ppl prefer one learning style over another, but I tend to be a mix of all three with an emphasis on auditory and visual. I looked at Kevin's package, it looks nice. I just don't know if reading a thousand more pages of stuff is where I want to go. I've gotten through a big chunk of the "setup" already, so I need more help with the tail end I suppose.

        Anyway. I'm trying to remain focused and positive and working on one goal a day. Keep your fingers crossed! I don't really want to be another "flash in the pan".

        Thanks again everyone....

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    Hi Danielle,

    Welcome aboard and hey, it gets overwhelming at any point along the way from time to time. Heck, this is a big place and threads all over; I'm trying to figure out some forum stuff myself, if you check out some of my recent posts.

    So hang in there There are lots of good days, some cloudy ones, some other ones...just life.

    And cheers! Rootbeer held high
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    Don"t worry we have all been there. You should consider joining a Team with contact to team members. This will save you a lot of time and money. With the right team you could even make money as you learn the ropes.
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    Take action.

    Focus on one thing at a time.

    Stick with it.

    See it to completion.

    When it's become monetized, move on to the next thing.

    (None of my own advice...just things I've learned
    along the way!)
    Tara Needham
    Transcription and Virtual Assistance Services
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      It can be overwhelming at first, but things will fall into place!

      Hang in there!
      "Fate protects fools, little children, and ships called Enterprise." ~Commander Riker
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    Hi Danielle, I am impressed by your writing skills and how well you express your feelings. Why don't you lay off the marketing for a while and concentrate on writing articles and blogs. Slowly it will all come to you and make sense.

    Internet marketing is selling and this is not everyone's cup of tea. Also there is a lot of hype and drama behind getting people to give you money. Many are not up to that and would rather be doing something else online.

    In my own case I joined many programs that had it all. AllI had to do was lie my head off and send out emails written by someone else declaring myself a millionaire or making a fortune which I wasn't. My spiritual side would not allow that. If I cannot do something honestly I don't do it at all.

    Perhaps you are in the same boat. In which case stick to the things you know and are good at. It is possible, very likely, that you have stacks of knowledge that the world is waiting to hear about.

    God bless
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      Hi Danielle

      We have all been there! This is a very common syndrome when you start, so don't worry. The advice here is excellent.

      One thing I have found really helpful is to find a mentor, or training program that gives you a step by step process. This will help you to focus and find the stuff that really works for you.

      Other than that, as the others have said, just take one thing at a time - learn it and then go on to the next thing. Try not to get distracted by emails, advertising and "special offers" - just keep your focus on one thing.

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    It's naturally to feel overwhelmed, especially with all the help and suggestions coming in, stay calm, and only focus on one thing at a time, whether it be ppc, ezine articles etc.

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    Hi Danielle,

    Interesting thread you started.

    What was it old Nietzsche wrote about how you must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star or something...?

    Do you take notes when you are online? Keep a notepad and pen by your computer so you can walk away with your notes and refer to them and remember what on earth it was you were doing with your time!

    Hey, I checked your blog. I really like your writing style. I liked the chain mail too! It looks to me as if you are on the right track with your blogging. I gave your blog the thumbs up on stumbleupon, by the way.

    Good luck!

    David H
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      The common thread I pick up here is growing pains...we all experience them at one point or another. This is where the thick gets thicker because it weeds out the weak links. HOWEVER, I think what is missing is "mentors"...

      I am sure that at some point we have all heard that if you want to be successful you need to surround yourself with other successful people.

      While I believe that to be true, I think a lot of it is just motivational talk....

      Meaning for people who are just starting out....Where do you find successful people who are willing to take you under their wing when you don't know any to begin with?

      This is what I find to be the most frustrating part...You could easily join an apprenticeship in some trade job but good luck finding one in the IM community.

      IS anyone really willing to help somebody out - or - is it "here's some general info and good luck"

      That's why I am tired of IM books because it is all rehashed garbage still leaving you with having to read IN BETWEEN the lines.

      I have been doing IM a little over 18 months and will not give up because I truly enjoy it...

      Rant Over...


      PM me if you know of a good mentor (team) willing to do what I described above because I am seriously interested.

      On Vacation

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    It's totally understandable that you feel this way! I remember feeling the same way when I started out last fall- but everything starts to fall into place once the newness of the whole IM concept wears off.

    You've gotten a great start here by becoming such an active member of the community
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    it might become easier and less overwhelming once you find the right way of marketing which works best for you - and then just focus on that one method instead of looking at the plethora of *possible* ways to make money in IM.

    You can "only" apply so much...it is impossible (almost) to do everything at the same time, writing articles, making sites, promoting sites, social bookmarking, SEO, clickbank marketing, blogging, adsense, adwords.

    However, the beauty of it is that MANY of those things, once they are "running" (eg. adwords campaigns, web sites etc.) dont need constant further maintenance, really. Find what gives you the most profits and focus on that, for now.

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    It is quite naturally to feel that way but sometimes you have to realize that these are just phases in life that is bound to come to an end.
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    I recommend making a priority list when promoting a site or the 50 gazillon ways to promote it will overwelm u
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