The 23 years old video that might change your life!!

by Tamer
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I'm sharing a short 10-minute video for a speech done by Art Williams in 1987

Amazingly... all these concepts are still so true till today.

It may really change they way you think about life and business!

Just "DO" it...



P.S. Who is Arthur L. Williams, Jr.
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    Excellent. Thanks for sharing.
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    • Thanks for sharing!

      All of us go through those times when business is not as great as it should be & people in our lives are not as happy with us as we would like them to be ... at times we fail to achieve what we want... persistence is the key... Do it , do it, do it!
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    Just Do It, and Do It and Do It... and Do It!

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    I realy liked the part about doing it, keeping doing it, doing it etc... Thats realy what you have to do to make it.... Just doing something will be better than sitting on your ass and not doing anything

    Thanks for the video!

    The Only Way We Can Truly Heal The World Is To Heal Ourselves First

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    Awesome! I've watched probably 1000s of these online and I haven't seen this one before. I hadn't even experienced any of Art's work before so thank you for the intro to him.
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      Originally Posted by JustinP View Post

      Awesome! I've watched probably 1000s of these online and I haven't seen this one before. I hadn't even experienced any of Art's work before so thank you for the intro to him.
      Actually the man is a legend... and one of the best speakers in this filed.

      Glad that you liked his speech... of course if you want to watch more
      go the video in directly and you'll find some more in the "related videos" section.


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    I love it and it's different. Thanks
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    Ha! I love this! I encourage everyone to just do it =)
    From whatever walk of expertise you come from, you will benefit from this outstanding virtual book. Making money never got simpler.
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    Thanks Tamer for posting this video. I'm not very familiar with Art Williams, but I've heard Les Brown quote him several times.

    As Internet Marketers and Business Owners, we have to do whatever it takes to win.
    Commitment is the difference between people who "have potential" and people who have results.
    Demond Jackson
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      I studied under Art back in the late 60's. I didn't get
      into selling insurance, but used a lot of his training
      for other sales I was involved in.

      Wonder man to study. Has a cool history. I still
      have his cassettes.

      You Tube is great at keeping people like this alive.

      I also like Les Brown.
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    It's nice how that attitude eliminates all the excuses. Persistence is key! If you fall, get up, get that dirt off your shoulder, and press on!

    The story of my life. I've learned not to fear failure. I welcome it with open arms and learn from it.

    If you're going to get anything from failure, it's the lesson. It also depends on what you actually do with that lesson. It may take many lessons to get it, but at least you got it.
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    What Art says is so correct! Too bad most are so short sighted.

    Ohhh, Panini

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    There is no doubt that Williams is right.

    Focus and persistence knock down all barriers. If you have a dream, don't listen to others, don't pay attention to discouragement or negative feelings.

    Just act step-by-step, day after day, to move toward your vision.

    Eventually you WILL get there.
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      What a fantastic video.

      After all, is all about, doing something.

      BTW, its kind of funny seeing this clip from 87 and see that Nike Slogans: "Just Do It" came to the market on 88...
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        I am old enough that I was around when Art Williams did that speech. I actually had 3-4 people invite me to the recruitment events. I was very inspired by the concept of "you can do it" and "you can do it by helping other people to save money" though I had my own publishing business that I loved more than being in mlm.

        On the other hand, that speech, and the whole meteoric rise of Art Williams shows me that if and when you can touch people's heart they come alive... (for the most part people are dead, dead, dead, dead, worse than dead...)

        I have been offering these free sessions to craft speaking consistent with that and it's amazing fun, and yet, it is very hard to find people who are willing to submit themselves to this process: for a little while you will have the rug of deadness pulled from underneath you... that is my favorite part, but it is not very popular with zombies.

        Not many Art Williams in the world, alas.

        Sophie Ben****ta Maven

        PS: Art Williams created a network marketing company that taught people to pay their mortgage in a different way and cut their repayment time substantially by paying twice a month... I am not sure why and how people made money with it, but the concept was brilliant, and people did make money. I didn't have a mortgage, still don't, and I don't like mlm, but I liked Art Williams.
        Brilliance at will - free online workshop... not for sour grape guys, sorry Learn the soaring method, find out who you are, learn abundance... from a 27 year coaching/marketing veteran
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    "Make me feel special- I want to be somebody"

    This is something we all need to remember about our customers - they are not just numbers they are people and if we make them feel special they will stay loyal to us.

    Thanks for posting this video.
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    For anyone who is still following this thread...

    I found another 2 brilliant videos by Art:


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    • Thanks for the video. I think I like this guy - he made some great points. I see guys on the street all the time - talking about what they going to do but never take the steps to sacrifice and do it.

      Its all about action, action, action. Actions speak louder than words. But let me add a new one - "there is more wealth in taking action than just sitting idle"
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