How to know when you are getting closer to your IM goal

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I know this when I can honestly mention at least one or more things that I have done TODAY in meeting my goals. These things can range from the smallest, such as buying a domain name or autoresponder --- something really small.

Getting even the smallest thing done today is motivating in that it makes you look forward to completing the next step tomorrow. It also makes seeing the next step more clearly, and so on.

Consider keeping a list of what you have done on a daily basis. Before the month is over, you will have done quite a bit and are that much closer to your goal.

I am doing this and am seeing results already, though I'm not saying that the path ran smoothly all of the time. There were a few minor setbacks along the way that did take a little extra time, but that's what makes IM marketing interesting and profitable.
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    It is so great to have the feeling that something you've done today has brought you closer to meeting your goal

    I recently started a daily diary in a free Blogspot account. At the end of each day, I just write what I did. Don't write it for anyone else, just me, but it really helps. I'm also really looking forward to looking back on what I've written in a few months time and seeing how far I've come.

    I always have my ups and downs. But as long as I can say I did something small to move closer to my goals, that is an achievement even on a bad day.

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    I can know that I am getting closer for a successful career in Internet Marketing by means of getting pleasant reviews and feedback from large number of persons. It is somehow that I was appraised by my performance. Definitely, on my part, it really sounds great.
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