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I'm sure many of you have heard about how we do things to either avoid pain or gain pleasure. And pain is the bigger motivator.

I have associated pain with TONS of things in my life to create lasting, empowering change.

How has anyone else used pain or pleasure to make a positive change in their life?
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    Every single thing that we do is driven psychologically by a basic desire to either gain pleasure, or avoid pain. This is very useful to know if you're trying to change aspects of your life, because if you can change your thinking, then your doing will naturally change as well.

    Here are some cool facts:

    * The motivation to avoid pain is usually stronger than the motivation to gain pleasure.
    * Most people focus on avoiding pain and gaining pleasure in the short term, but to be successful you need to focus on avoiding pain and gaining pleasure long term.
    * Everybody's perception of what causes pain and pleasure is different and linked to their own experiences.

    Fellow warriors, in order for us to consider making changes in our lives we need to change how we think and how we act. An easy way to do this is to change what you associate your pain and pleasure to. For greater success you also need to shift your focus from short term pain and pleasure, to long term pain and pleasure.

    Thanks MJHULT for bringing this great topic up for discussion.

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      Tony Robbins teaches about this extensively.
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    I use the pain/pleasue method on a regular basis. In fact if you check out my latest post you can see that is exactly what I am try to teach people.

    Check out the post here

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      Hi Giddyup9,

      I am an avid follower of Tony Robbins and he does teach this. I really enjoy listening to him. I am inspired by the work that he does and his ability to inspire greatness in others. He talks about this subject all the time. Good Stuff !!!

      I am sure we are not the only ones on here that know Tony Robbins.

      Have a great week !!!

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        When my husband lost his job, I was terrified that he would have to take on a long-haul driving job just to keep our heads above the water.

        To avoid the pain of him being gone, I forced myself to work harder on expanding my business and getting more writing done. Some women can handle their men being gone, but that's one of my biggest weaknesses. I need my guy around to keep me sane.

        The fear of that pain drove me out of my comfort zone, where I wasn't making much money, into better projects that are harder, but actually help sustain us. Then, the pleasure of seeing my business and skills grow has kept me jumping from stepping stone to stepping stone.

        It was an odd business catalyst, but the end result was the same, so I appreciate the experience.
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    pain gives me pleasure, the more I beat myself up and endure the gloom and doom the more I feel as though it's normal for me in this lifetime
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