Steve Pavlina's Personal Development For Smart People

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Has anyone read Steve Pavlina's book Personal Development For Smart People? Any feedback from fellow Warriors?

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    I'm about half-way through it, Phil. (I responded to Steve's invitation to get his book free in exchange for writing a review about it.)

    I've bought a few self-improvement books here and there over the years, but I generally don't seek them out. If I'd seen Steve's book on the shelf at my favorite bookstore, I wouldn't have bought it. So I'm not a "raving fan" of the genre. The reason I agreed to review it was to see if it was worth recommending to my list.

    I will definitely be recommending it.

    While I'm not sure I'll embrace every aspect of what he teaches, Steve's book has opened my eyes and already made a positive difference in my life. One example: after years of popping in and out of the Warrior Forum, I finally did my first WSO (with great results) after being inspired by something I read in this book.

    I haven't even gotten into the nuts-and-bolts section where he tells you how to apply what you learn in the first section, but what I've read so far is excellent. I've highlighted a ton of stuff and will definitely be reading this book more than once.

    Long story short: Read his book!
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    I was unaware he had a book out. Thanks!!

    I would imagine the book is pretty darn good but I will have to find out for myself.

    Bon508 Be sure to post a link to your review when it's done

    All the Best, Mark Nehs

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    Steve Pavlina is well respected in the self development community. I have not had to time to check his book out as of yet, but I too am interested in hearing what others have to say.

    One could get lost on his website with the hundreds of pages of material.
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    He claims he has read over 1000 self development/success books. From reading his website and skimming his book, his thoughts have some uniqueness to them and very good. If you don't get the book, I would encourage everyone to see his website.

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    I thoroughly enjoy his web site, so if the book is half as good as his web site, it will be worth reading.

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    I reviewed the book on my site. I liked it overall. My review is on my blog. I can't post URLs yet since I haven't posted very much.
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    I have just finished reading this book thanks to the great reviews given here. I'm very pleased with how deep Steve goes into each of the topics his book covers. Although I really don't think this book is for anyone who isn't open to new concepts.

    If you want to improve your life this book will be like gold to you.
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