See How Many Times You Can Fail and Get Rejected

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Although I like to not look at things not succesful as learning experiences and keep moving forward, I saw a great Brian Tracy video that earlier that talked about a company he worked with that would have competitions on who could get more rejections and no's.

They said it became a challenge to actually keep working towards the no's. The main reason obviously is the old school sales the more no's you hear the closer to a yes, but also Tracy talked about everyone has a failure percentage or amount of failures before reaching success.

Now thought that was one way to look at it. Overall the most succesful and richest people have failed before but often you hear about the winnings.

So basically thought would throw this out there for a message to say if we fail just keep moving forward and use it a learning experience and figure out a way to improve the results. When you feel like giving up, just think that you may be right near a breakthrough and on your way to success.
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    This is great! I think just like you do. If I fail...I just get up and keep trying!
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    absolutely it's amazing how many clients i work with that talk about they tried one thing in their business and it didn't work so they never did it again. I've come in and adjusted sometimes even just a little to their seo or marketing and incredible results.

    Sometimes it takes the right lesson from what didn't work and the right knowledge to keep going to reach your goal
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    Apparently you can fail 900+ times, get rejected, and still succeed! LOL ( joke!)

    LOL... this lady failed 950 times. or technically 949 times?
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    Yeah apparently the number one people dont succeed (according to somebody on the radio this morning) is fear of failure. His suggesstion was a flooding tactic whereby you face fear soo much at a given time you are forced to not fear it.

    If you fear asking girls out on dates, then go to the mall, sit at the bottom of an escalator and ask every single women that walks down on a date. That was his advice
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    Great message of the day Thanks!

    So true too!

    No one is immune to this rule. Every person who wants major success must face repeatedly rejection and "failure". I know this because I thought I was immune until I failed the 14 or 15 projects I tried in business lol.

    It sucked at the time but now that I am more established and have ongoing revenues, it is easy to see why I had to fail early on. Without those failures I would have no experience to draw from and no pain to motivate me in the opposite direction.

    I've never thought about a "failing contest" before though lol. That's great
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      Every business owner will have failures of some degree or other.

      Those are the ones we drop and the ones that work we run with.

      One thing that I have noticed in my long life on this planet (I am 41 years young) is that so many people do something, anything, get a bad result and then do exactly the same again expecting a different result. Reminds of something an company director once told me:

      "Doing the same thing again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity."

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    I agree with much has of what has been said, however, you have to know when to say when. In a sales environment where you have to rub palms, take calls, etc, IMHO, one should always be tweaking the message.

    Another way of putting it would be to say that practice makes perfect or pretty damn good. (think sports)

    In a business environment, one has to watch opportunity costs too, so getting 949 "no's".....not sure I would have stuck around for that many.
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    well my favourite example is col saunders, who at the age of 65 was left with just 100US$ and a old beaten car.
    he started selling his mother's chicken recipe, he knocked 1000 doors before he got his first order.And look where is KFC today.
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      I saw the same video. Really good someone posted it in this forum some where not sure where but here is the link to the video. Blog BONUS!

      Kind Regards,

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