How Do You Recognize Your C.A.L.L?

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Hi Warriors,

I wonder how do you recognize your call?

I mean, there someone who pursued doctorate to please his people around just to got wound up burnt out.

Meantime myself, I have bachelor degree in visual communication design and next thing I realized I'm in IM field.

Some of people just passing time having no idea where he/she fits. How about you? How do you recognize it? If I (we) should know what is it?

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    You've really tapped into my passion here. My specialty is in helping my clients to discover and develop their unique purpose in life (which I believe is God-given). I've written volumes on this and also developed a school called the Life Purpose Institute. To me the simple answer is this...Purpose is a combination of design and calling. Function is determined by design. Therefore by identifying the qualities that make you uniquely you, we can learn a lot about what you are meant to do. This includes things like, your personality type, passions, talents, experiences and much more. Each is like an individual thread in a tapestry that reveals what you are designed to do. Calling, in my understanding involves learning specifically what to do through this design. It involves knowing, not only the ultimate direction to steer your life towards, but the daily choices that will help you get there most quickly. One thing is for certain, when you work or live outside of your design and calling it's draining and ultimate ends in burnout, no matter how well intentioned. On the other hand, working and living within your purpose is energizing, even when life keeps you busy.
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    I believe you'll realize what your calling is when you discover what you want in life.

    Knowing what you want gives you a direction... it gives you a sense of purpose.

    When you strive to get what you want in life, you'll naturally align yourself with whatever your calling is.

    For instance, I want to live a financially free life and be able to live on my own terms. Right when I started taking steps in that direction I discovered many ways to make that happen. After evaluating my strengths I ended up aligning myself with business, marketing, and salesmanship to accomplish what I want in life.

    I recommend doing the same for yourself. Write down what you truly want to accomplish in life. I'm sure you'll realize what your calling is when you start taking steps in that direction.

    - Sam
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    Anyone would share your mind?
    Va' Dove Ti Porta Il Cuore
    ..Are you IM newbie? Let's share our journey on twitter
    ..What Mistake(s) Have You Made?
    ..How Do You Recognize Your Call?
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    You should read this book called "What should I do with my life" by Po Bronson. I think you'll know if it's your calling when you wake up in the morning with a smile and more than happy to do whatever it is your doing.
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    There is a poem near the end of M.Scott Peck's classic, "The Road Less Traveled." I don't know the page number off-hand, but the gist of the poem (written by a patient of his) is something like this:
    Instead of becoming what I was "supposed" to, I pursued my deepest dreams. I had to ask myself again and again if I was doing the right thing. In the end, I did become Who I Am. But the price was asking the question again and again.
    Not only is our purpose God-given, it is God-revealed; often through struggle, misfortune, and "unwitting" training for situations we may never have chosen.
    Remember the original "Karate Kid" movie? BECAUSE virtually everything in the movie goes wrong, he wins in the end.
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