Best places to distribute fliers?

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Just launched an online business and looking for the best places to distribute fliers. Any places more efficient than others?
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    I guess your question would be quite tough for anyone to answer without knowing your niche.

    The best piece of advice for print media is making sure the people you are distributing to are interested in what it is you have to offer - targeted traffic.

    For example handing out fliers to random people in the main street on how to become a pilot isn't really going to result in much more than an increase in littering and a lot of wasted money.

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      The business is a discount travel company and it is US Based. Directed mainly towards the baby boomers and I live in south florida. Hah. You can check the link below for the website.
      Pyxism Travel- Turn a $349 Out Of Pocket Startup Into A Realistic 6 Figure Income

      The Breakthrough Solution For Acne
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        I would recommend that you use social media effectively like twitter,orkut, facebook, myspace, myyearbook, migente also loves this type of promotion and it is not concerned as a forced promotion.
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        Obvious market to target is those people about to go on holiday, they certainly want your product!! How about approaching travel agents in your area. As already mentioned, traffic hubs are always a good bet, what about the long stay car parks around airports - could you approach the office where people drop off their keys and ask if you can have a small stand there? Success in business is achieved in more than one way
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    No idea where you are located. Can look into hiring people to hand out fliers to people at subways or transportation hubs like train stations etc.
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    I really don't know if flyers for online business will do it. I depending on your niche, I suggest you find local places that fits their need.
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    If its a Travel Company than you can distribute the fliers everywhere because there is no niche defined every buddy travels. most probably you can distribute outside of the shopping malls,outside of office premises like after off timings or you can distribute on road signals.
    Maria Jarel
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    Social is quiet effective for your campaign. Use facebook and twitter.
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    Personal flyers? corporations tend to target malls, lots of people traffic.
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    I would set up tracking urls and test different venues like houses, apartments, cars, social areas, and so on. That is the only way to know for sure.
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    Schools are a good place
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