A Mysterious Concept - Appreciate Yourself!

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The title is meant to be facetious, so don't respond to this thread just to tell me that it's not a mysterious concept. lol

Sometimes at work I feel myself getting clenched up. Usually it's just because I haven't gotten enough sleep the night before, because my job really isn't that stressful. My jaw just naturally clenches itself when I'm trying to subconciously stay awake.

However, I realized that just stopping what I'm doing for 10-15 seconds and thinking about how good a person I am really helps. If I focus on the good things I do, how I am as being perfectly acceptable and natural, and the people that I know love me, it really helps me to relax and take a load off my mind, if just for a moment. I've been doing this for a couple weeks now and I can do it without even breaking from what I'm doing. I can do it mid-conversation even, now.

I'd advise you to try doing the same if/whenever you feel stressed out. It is basically meditation without taking a large or even small time out of your daily life. Feeling gratitude for who you are and appreciating yourself can be one of the most spiritually uplifting and mentally detangling things you do in any given day. So try to do this now, and then try to do it another 5 times today and tomorrow. If you can manage 5 times, try it 6 the next day. The more often you do this, the easier it becomes and the more energized you become. Not to mention how happy it will make you. Just try it, let me know if it works for you and, if not, why it doesn't work.
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    Ye, that's part of the Law of Attraction isn't it. Feeling greatful for what you have makes what you want more attainable.
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    That is really awsome...
    Great inspiration to have for yourself....
    I will definately try to adopt it...
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    I can relate to that jaw clenching part, in fact sometimes i notice that i m kind of holding my breath or sitting in a painfully wrong posture ... i guess too much concentration can be detrimental as well :s

    Your advise is good, however, at times the negative thoughts are overwhelming and all of your positive thoughts are countered by some negative experience/thought/fear generated by mind.
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    This is money advice.

    Self-love is the first step to a happy, healthy life.

    I take a break every 45 minutes. I go into a meditative state for a few, fall back on my vision and tell myself "I trust in God, and let go." This is a signal to me, a signal telling me that I trust entirely in God no matter what's going on around me and that I don't need to trust anything outside of God, because God is all there Is. This promotes peace of mind and happiness.

    Letting go means I'm not dependent on people or any outside source for my worth, which creates an awesome feeling of self-love within me. It's knowing that Supply is invisible and when in touch with the invisible all things are possible and this builds phenomenal self-esteem.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Yes stress is the reason for half of the ailments in the world. You need to take a break from life now and then even if it is for a few seconds.
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      Nice concept i really loved reading this. Im going to try and adapt this to my life!!
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    Yes indeed...
    Appreciation of oneself is the first basic step to become successful and stay focused though the hardest thing to most people.

    It's hard to accept others and your environment if you haven't done it on yourself. Be thankful of what you have, what you are...always look at the brighter side even in the midst of a hard situation.

    There is always a catch on everything..A lesson behind everything that is happening in our lives.. Everything has a purpose..It up to us to know what it is and why..

    Best regards,
    "It is one thing to study war and another thing
    to live the warrior’s life"
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