7 Responsibilities of a Leader That Will Allow You To Grow

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As a leader in any organization you must accept greater responsibilities to carry out the vision of the organization. As you develop these responsibilities your problem solving abilities increase because while your responsibilities increase so do the number of problems that will come across your desk. This happens because everyone else will look to you for your expertise and knowledge.

Below are 7 of the major responsibilities a leader must develop and continue to improve upon them as they grow throughout their organization:

Set and achieve business goals - You must be clear about the goals you are going to accomplish, be specific and they must be written and measurable. The greater the clarity you have about the goals you are trying to accomplish, the more you become a leader rather than a follower. Remember every leader was at once a follower and even when you are recognized as a leader you are still a follower because for you to improve upon what you do you still must educate yourself on the latest developments, strategies and techniques to grow yourself and your business. This requires directions from others.

Innovate and market - When you're on the cutting edge of technology you will increase customer satisfaction. You must always continue to innovate, look for newer faster, better, cheaper and more efficient ways to attract new customers.

Solve problems and make decisions - Problems continue to come like the waves. They come and go and they never stop. You must as a leader and as a follower continuously think about the solution. Your rise in life is the ability to solve greater problems. And when you solve these problems comes more authority, more money and more power.

Set priorities - This is the ability to work on your most important task that will contribute the greatest value to your end result.

Focus and concentrate - Focus is the ability to be absolutely clear about the most important thing you can do. Concentration is your ability to discipline yourself to focus on just that one task until it is complete. It creates a source of energy, increases your enthusiasm and self - esteem.

Set an example and be a role model to others - Everybody is always observing you. Ask yourself 'What kind of a company would it be if everybody was just like me?' Always imagine that you are being watched even when no one else is watching. So, set high standards for yourself.

Perform and get results - You need to be clear with the results you want. What are the most important results you desire? What results are expected of me and what results are required by my business? In the end your ability to get results will be the measurement of how great a leader you will be.

The desire to be better than you are in any area of your life is also the desire to be a leader. Leadership is the product of that desire for greatness. Don't be afraid to step out and guide other people to reach their greatness.
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    That does some good to see those ideas listed out like that. I'm no leader (yet) in any specific market or business, but when I become one, I'll be sure to harken back to this
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      Thanks for this Thread Keith,

      I think when a person recognizes their responsibilities in business, life, family ect... that is a great step in developing themself as a leader.

      The best leader's I've observed lead by example first; this is my favorite leadership model.

      We should all aspire to develop the qualities you mention in your post and integrate such a value system along with our prospective business interests.

      In the end, people don't remember squeeze pages, or emails or marketing, they remember people.

      Thanks for your Leadership Keith.

      P.S. this is my Signature :) Let's Mastermind on Twitter & Facebook

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  • Leadership is my niche. great stuff!
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    Thanks for sharing, Keith. Leaders always need to be reminded of their responsibilities! I often use the analogy that a leader is like a gardener who's job it is to feed and water his plants (colleagues, direct reports, etc.) so that they bloom and thrive and grow.
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