The Perfect Opportunity?

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There are a lot of "opportunities" available to people these days. A lot. Some of them are legitimate and real gems, while others are....less than legitimate.
So let's say you come across an opportunity and after having done your due diligence, you come to the conclusion that it is indeed legitimate. What then? Should you try it out or wait for a better opportunity? I think alot of people get past the "Is this for real?" phase, and then decide to wait for a better opportunity that pays more, or has better hours, etc, etc...biding their time and waiting for the perfect opportunity. In my opinion, the perfect opportunity doesn't exist when you are thinking like that. In my opinion, The Perfect Opportunity is the one that you start today. It is the one you commit to and the one that you put off other "Responsibilities" for.

So I want your feedback. Do you think that there is a Perfect Opportunity? Or do you have other ideas? Please, Let me know what you think.
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    You have to take advantage of opportunity when it arrives.Don't just let them pass on by.I have been teaching my daughter bellydancing for about 5 years now and she now has her own class in a wonderful studio. I now do all the costuming for all these woman so a few years of hard work is now starting to pay off.
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    I think it doesn't hurt to look around. When considering joining a good opportunity, you have to think about how others will see it too, of course.
    When you preview it, does it answer a lot of questions you may have? Also look for contact information for the administrators. Put in a support ticket, see how long it takes to get an answer, things like that.

    Sometimes it doesn't hurt to do some extra research or even ask someone for their opinion.

    Good luck to you!

    Jullieanne Matheson
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    The best way is to not just "wait" but to "make your own" opportunity happen. And the so-called perfect opportunity is sometimes ill-conceived by other people that invited you to their dream that you find yourself in a quagmire and you go back to square one. The only perfect opportunity for me is the one you never find, you work your way to the top and go through side streets and keep your sanity intact while you persevere to make your own dream come true. Opportunities are everywhere but you have to align your goals for them to work for you. Of course there are risks involved, you learn something new everyday and you try to apply what works for tomorrow. A simple cash-out is your next question if and when the well runs dry. Sometimes the simplest opportunities are the ones that are perfect. Learn to look from the bottom up.
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      If you (anyone) have a clear vision of what your future WILL be, have specific success-supportive goals, then selecting from the myriad of opportunities presented to all becomes a choice of what opportunities best fit/support that vision. What may be a 'super' opportunity for one may not be worth anything for another.

      Individual choices . . . individual responsibility for making the best/most of the opportunities chosen.

      Learn to see the sunrise in a new way and your worries about your future will vanish.
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    The goal in life is to recognize when an opportunity comes knocking and then jump @ the occasion with full force!
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    I think opprotunity knocks sometimes - but if you want an opportunity - go get one! Make it happen!

    What do you want?

    Get clear
    get certain
    get excited
    get focused
    get committed
    get momentum
    get smart

    you can have whatever you want with the right mindset!

    I have made my own opportunities from making well researched decisions after checking out the options.

    Get motivated and find or create what you are looking for - dont wait for it to come to you - that might never happen!

    Be like Nike - Just Do It!
    and good luck to you!

    PS - I love watching belly dancing!
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      Bottom line....

      You can research the heck out of everything.

      At the end of the day...if it all checks out...then TAKE ACTION.

      Everything else is an excuse and is part of the Buyers Remorse Syndrome.

      It is that simple Imho.
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        First of all, thank you to everyone. Everyone has been so helpful and these are definitely suggestions to keep these things in mind. It's really nice to get fresh opinions.
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    In our life many opportunities come some time we grab them and sometime we miss them but never let them pass. Always take advantage of opportunies come in front of you. we donot know which opportunity will chage our life.
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    That's a great question. I think that what is more important than the search for a "perfect opportunity" is the search for a good enough way to make something better in life or business.

    Measure up for how much improvement you get, not down from some abstract perfection.

    Don't ask, "is this the one & only perfect opportunity that's all I will ever need?" Instead, ask, "Is there a realistic way that this investment, if I commit to it, could help me expand my situation more than other opportunities I could begin right now?"

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    I believe in making your own opportunities. So when it's finally there, you'd better not let it get away. I also believe that no opportunities approach you twice. So I guess that makes every opportunity is the perfect opportunity.
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  • Profile picture of the author Tonio Smith
    In order to be able to
    act on opportunities you
    must be right in the mind
    and in your heart. We're
    all at different points in their
    lives but it is important to
    know where exactly you are.
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    I would go with my instinct. If it feels right go for it!! Do start doubting yourself or start having negative thoughts.

    There are oppurtunities presenting themselves all the time, you just have to be awake and present to see them.
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