Always think of the consequences good and bad.

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Hey everyone. I hope all your ventures are going well in all aspects of your life.

I know all of us are reading this forum to better our lives. You might be here to do that financially, but don't limit your thought process to money. Success principles should be used in every part of your life. Being healthy, bettering time with your family, and just living a great life are things that should be considered as well.

One quick principle that has helped me since learning it and actually taking heed is to continually think about the potential consequence of every action, choice, and behavior I do.

There is one thing that you can never get back and that is time. Since this time is going to go by no matter what and you can't get it back no matter what you do (unless you discovered time travel...), you have to make the best of it.

Every action you take in your business and personal life should be thoroughly thought through. Think about what the long term result will be for each action you perform everyday. This is going to help you find out what your priorities should be. After knowing what these priorities actually are, you will be able to focus on the things that are going to have an actual effect on you in the long run.

Remember, you are trying to make your life better for a continual period. As I've found, there will be never enough time to complete everything that you need to do. When focusing on the things that will actually make a difference, you can make real progress.

Just a quick thought.

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    This is sound advice Travis. Determine a motive behind each act and think about the potential outcome. This is purposeful living.

    Time is a commodity as long as it's used properly. If not used wisely it's a number on a clock. As time is valued the outcome of each act is scrutinized.

    I live by the clock. Each waking hour is pretty much broken down into hour by hour blocks. This helps me immeasurably in figuring out what to do and more importantly when knowing exactly what I'm doing I get a better idea of why I'm doing it. The "Why" is the most powerful factor in figuring out a motive. Once your motives are clear it's easier to see the end result of each act.
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    This is good advice, but just saying this is easy. Coming up with, and sticking to, a plan of action is the hard part. Not to mention, any and every action you take will have positive and negative outcomes that you can and CANNOT forsee. The main problems are those that you can't forsee and how you deal with them as they arise. Naturally, you can't allow yourself to be frightened by the ghostly presence of future problems, but you also can't act rashly without plotting out your major course based on your goals and dreams.

    I think plotting out your daily/weekly/monthly/annual/lifetime course is a matter of creativity. Creativity in generating ideas and creativity in implementing them. We all need a good system for creating ideas and putting them into action. I've been focusing a lot of my attention on just that, and learning about the wide array of techniques and philosophies based on the ideas of creative problem solving for the past few months now. Hopefully we can all come to good, inspired decisions.
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    • This is good advice. I wish some people who work a regular 9-5 job they are not happy with could see this point also. The younger guys say, "well, I will get into that business stuff later."

      I see so many older guys tell me that they wish they had did xxx when they were my age - then things would be different.

      I don't EVER want to say that at 65 years old. I'm sorry, but I don't believe in working 8 hours a day for someone else until I am 65 - only to get a little retirement check from a company that worked me into the ground and a social security check (if it is still here by then). To me, that would be a Lifetime Consequence.

      I would rather work hard and sacrifice NOW, than to pay the major price later on in life.

      Even if I did fail - I can look back and say that I tried with no regrets. But if I get in my old age and say use the word "wish", then that will be a horrible feeling I will have to deal with until I die.
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