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Apart from learning done to acquire educational/professional degrees most of the people step into these materials for learning success.

Here is the list which combines Books/Audios/Videos

SelfHelp books
Brain waves(Audio beats of alpha, theta, etc)
Sleep programming
Subliminal Messages
SelfHelp Coach
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    How come all those options aren't up on the poll? Or at least an "Other" category. I'd say meditation is the best for me.
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    I also agree there should be an "Other" category.

    While all of the channels listed help people develop a success mentality, they all ultimately lead you into taking action. And in my opinion, ACTION is the only success channel that works.

    Usually the action starts off in the form of failure. In my case, some pretty embarrassing failures. But I failed fast and often and I also found success much more quickly then some of my other "entrepreneur peers"

    So I say, use one or ALL of these channels to motivate yourself into action. Then take the best action you can at the time KNOWING that you will make mistakes and that you will learn from them. There is absolutely no way to avoid this process!
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    Thanks Silentx and Justinp for noticing the poll flaw. Please suggest if i'm missing any channel in the above list.
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