How do You fit in on a different culture?

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How do You shape in to different culture? Being an internet marketer, do you think culture must be taken into consideration?
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    Hmm... you just need to understand, listen and adapt other's culture especially through internet marketing because they have their own way of expressing themselves or to socialize with other people. and for me this is how we can interact and share our knowledge to the people. :-)
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    Good question. Maybe you can bring your own culture to other cultures and spur new interest in a market that you would essentially dominate. There is never a need to forfeit your own culture to adapt to others. It's just a means of smoothing out the edges so that both cultural aspects can coincide with one another. Experimentation can lead to lush new grounds of marketability!
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      This is a pretty interesting question.

      As someone who actively avoids the media/TV shows and doesn't live in America, I find it VERY surprising at the spending patterns exhibited by online shoppers in the States.

      Just approach everything with a truly open mind and be ready to unlearn anything as much as learn something new. Things change fast, and the online world changes even faster.
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    Creative question! Cultural factors effects Individuals perception and marketers should take care of that.
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    • It depends on what you're selling and exactly how you're trying to "fit" into another culture. People in all cultures have the same needs for a happy life, (love, security, acceptance) but may have different views about what will satisfy that need. So if you want to fit in and sell to a different culture you need to know enough about the culture to develop a slant that won't be offensive. That can be difficult if you have no real-life experience with it. For example McDonalds made a big boo boo when trying to market to African Americans without due diligence in their research. They promoted the Big Mac with the tag line "I'd hit it" Not realizing that "I'd hit it" has sexual connotation. Needless to say that did not go over well. Long story short yes there are cultural differences that are marketable however you MUST do your research (more than googling), if you don't you'd be better off staying in the middle of the road.
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    Interesting question, actually I'm currently doing my MBA and studying for an exam on International Marketing. According to the course work, culture is extremely important in any type of marketing. Basically in terms of the message, standardise where possible, customize where necessary.
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    They simply have very, very different cultures, that's all. Most people, because of the media, tend to be more familiar with the cultures of European countries (think "National Lampoon's European Vacation). However, because of the nature of politics in Eastern European countries (including the "Stans" which used to be part of Russia), people have not been exposed to the some of the more unusual aspects of their culture. Likewise third-world countries. We are very isolated from knowing much about a lot of places that you do not hear about on the nightly news. Can anyone on this forum (who is not from there) even point to TONGA on the map? I couldn't. LOL

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    Thai people hate 'braggers' - you can be pretty
    sure a 'RichJerk' type sales page wouldn't go down
    that well over there.
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    Culture has less to do with buying. We all buy based on emotions that we generate within ourselves. We see a product, we create a want and then provide ourselves with the prove that we cannot live without that one thing.

    Sales message however does however need to be catered for cultural differences as different messages allows people to begin the process of selling to ourselves.

    A good example would properly be a message on how to laziness and make good money. In many asian cultures that message would be frowned upon, as they see themselves as very hard working people.

    The question however is where are your customers from? Are you at all affected by culture. Of course if you are targeting a specific area, you should at least make split testing to see what works and what doesn't

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      I'm studying this right now in my MBA programme. One must always be aware of self reference criterion, your experiences in your own culture defines how you interpret things. This will include advertising messages etc. thus it is dangerous to assume what works in your market will always work in others

      Got this from the westburn publishers marketing dictionary.

      self-reference criterion (src)

      Having sold a product successfully in the domestic market a firm may assume that the product will, without adaptation, also be successful in foreign markets. Frequently this assumption leads to failure. The src refers to the assumption that what is suitable for the home market will be suitable for the foreign market and therefore there is no need to test whether or not the product should be altered.
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    As a foreigner who lives in a foreign country I find that the Internet marketers culture seems to be international or universal. I do not notice a big difference between a Malaysian/Singaporean marketer and an American marketer. They are all different people, with different national cultures but their professional skills and approach are still the same.

    But there is one thing which makes me smile. Please understand me right. I like Asians, I admire all those Singaporean "gurus". But I find funny when some of them are so proud of the things they bought with their money, like a small plane or a BMW. If they come to Moscow and start bragging about having a BMW or a small plane, people will laugh out loud. It's not that the Russians do not like braggers that much. Well, nobody likes braggers but your wealth is still a proof that your system works. So I accept bragging. The thing I find funny is that some of the braggers brag small. You can't surprise a Russian with a BMW or a small plane. Who cares? Two years ago Moscow used to have more billionaires (74) than any other city in the world (NY had about 60). And you can imagine how many millionaires live in the Russian capital. Many of them have not only better cars than a BMW but also personal jets. So if someone is going to brag in Russia, he's better "brag big", not small. Or just say that you make millions with your system, show some proof and that's enough.
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    By all means. The planet is presently pathetic. Culture is everything to most humans and if you expect them to buy, guess what! You must appease, appease, appease, target and fit in. Remember THIS IS WAR!
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    It should definitely be taken into consideration. We all come from different backgrounds and environments. So it is important to learn about other cultures to avoid doing or saying something that might affect others negatively.
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