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Well first i suppose ill explain my story, about 2 years ago now i was 18 years old, left school, entered the big wide world, my first thought before anything was what am i going to do and more importantly how am i going to make money.
Well from then till now, im now 20, its already been quite a journey. I think the biggest thing i learnt was that i didnt want to have a normal 9-5 job, making a average wage, driving an average car and living in a average house, unfortunately thats what 95% of people settle for. The turning point for me was simply browsing the internet looking for ways to make money when i stummbled across this whole "Make Money Online" world, From then on i decided thats what i want to do and thats exactly what i will do.
These last 2 years i have been working a normal job but constantly at the forefront of my mind i know that in the very near future i will have a succesfull online business, most of these 2 years have been learning what its all about, but mainly ive been flicking from program to program spending money on things i now know was never going to make money, but thats all part of the learning curve. But guess how much money ive made up till now.............
My Online Earnings $0. But this is where it all changes.
OK then, the change starts from today, im going after success with passion and determination like ive never done before. Ive said it now online that I will Be An Online Success.
So my first goal online - To achieve my first sale or my first $.
After spending the last 24months learning online skills yet making no money, i needed something get me on right track, some sort of direction, and thats exactly whats happened over the last few weeks now ive got Alex Jeffreys as my online mentor. With your knowledge, inspiration and passion i know my life is going to make a big change. Cheers mate.
Im going to document my journey on my blog and i hope many people will follow me if you want to become an online success also.

thanks warriors
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    Hello Jonny,

    I'm just in the same situation as you but I'm 16 years old,
    Hope you have better luck than me!
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    Welcome on board.

    You have come to the right place. just make sure you "TAKE ACTION" like some of us and you will earn some good money online.


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      The key elements for success in my opinion, are Focus, Determination, Persistance, Motivation and above all Action. Decide the direction you want to take and use these key principals in everything you do.

      Success will come to those who have and use those qualities much more than those who don't.

      Best of luck!

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    Hi Jonny

    I am also with Alex Jeffreys training. I think I have visited your blog recently. Just looking around this forum makes me realise just how many people are actually making it out there. But also how many just dont!! I plan not to be one of those so lets keep focused and get it done.

    Regards & good luck


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    Will be interested to follow you mate, fingers crossed!
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    Hey John, Good luck on your journey. I know with your dedication and your mentor's guidance you will make it big online.
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      First Johnny I would like to congratulate you for taking action and setting goals for yourself. You are on the right track! You can do it!!!

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    Every successful IM say, "everybody can do it!", so lets do it!!!

    Keep up the spirit, dude!!
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    Jonny, somebody said it before me, but persistence, and steady work are key. Don't get discouraged if it doesn't come over night. It probably won't, but you have to stick to it! One of the reasons so many fail is that they quit.


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      Update us on your progress! Good luck.
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    good job, good luck!

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    Best of luck Johnny! Be sure and let us know how the training goes!
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    A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Keep going and you will get there. Good luck!
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      Thanks, It's the first time I hear about Alex Jeffreys. I will try to visit your blog regularly.

      Good luck!
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        Goodluck Johnny!

        Congratulations on making a commitment to succeed online, with that attitude there's no way you'll fail!

        I'm in the same boat as you. Havn't made my first dollar online yet but i'm definitely trying to make the commitment.
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