Psycho Cybernetics - 50th anniversay! Self-image is key!

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I have an account for the "unofficial" Psycho-Cybernetics channel on Youtube at
Since it's the 50 anniversary from original 1960 publication, I'm open to suggestions on what kind video to create and upload on that channel? Perhaps someone can create one and I will upload it to my subscribers?

I've read this book way before the "Secrets" came out. To me, the concepts in Psycho Cybernetics is the real deal when it comes to self-improvement -- and was popular way before "self-help" became a "niche market" or personal-growth became very commercialize.

Anyone a fan of the book and Maxwell Maltz?
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    It's a great book. I've had a copy for years. All the genuine elements of "self-help" with none of the fluff and strangeness that came later. Highly recommended, and it's where a lot of the people who have come after got their ideas, anyway.
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    Just curious...

    Have you ever heard of zero resistance living?

    It's pretty cool actually but it costs some money.

    Either way...this is by far top 2 concepts all time...

    Eben Pagan's got the first though... inevitability goal setting can't be beat.
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    I'm a huge fan - I have a cd of the book and listen to it all the time.

    Currently in research mode, any and all thoughtful replies are appreciated!

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    I know Matt Furey the exercise guy tried to make some money off of this work. I read the original and it as groundbreaking at the time. Unlike the secret it is a much more useable concept and deals with self image and self esteem. Every library will have the book.
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      What to think of this Matt Furey? Is he genuine or is he just trying to make money off Maxwell Maltz teachings?

      Is his site the only place where to find the zero resistance living? Is it available for download elsewhere on the internet? possibly at no cost?

      Anything else you can recommend? Books? etc.
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    Well..hmmmm about Matt Furey....hmmm...what to say what to say.

    He's like this really buff wrestling guy that got really into energy efficiency and stuff. I used his "Energizer Workout" and to be honest it's pretty good....I felt better then I stopped using it and I could definitely feel the now I'm implementing it back into my day.

    And if you'd like to try it out I'm sure you could find it over the workbooks though. I've gone through a few weeks just for kicks and it's def Dr. Maltz's Maltz was in the audios. I think Furey bought rights to it or something.

    I don't think you can go wrong if you wanted to try it....I mean...the world seems like this money back garuntee doesn't exsist!! Try it out and if you don't like it send it back....

    I'm legit going to buy it during the summer...for now I'm working on EFT and Sedona Method....annnd Connection by Eben Pagan...that's probably too much to keep my occupied over the next few months...

    If you both want I can friend you and let you know when I pick up zero resistance...I'll give you weekly or monthly updates if your interested....I just feel kind of shaky recommending something without COMPLETELY going through it..but from what it looks's the real deal.
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    As far as books:

    Just pick up one of the psycho-cybernetics if you haven't gone through one of them.

    They're unbeatable.

    If you have read em...I'd recommend a book on energy efficiency. If it's something you'd want to look at I can dig out a book and author for you. It's somewhere in my abyss of notebooks ; )
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      Thanks a lot. PsychoCybernetics - I will see what's available as free pdfs on the web or maybe buy a used copy via Amazon.

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    I quite enjoyed Psycho Cybernetics. It seems like a toned-down, more reasonable and logical version of the "Universe loves you" stuff that got popular with the Secret.
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    Wow --looks like several Warriors have read Psycho-Cybernetics. Cool.

    Someone mentioned about the Zero Resistance Living course -- it's half off here
    Matt Furey - Zen Master of the Internet

    I'm not an affiliate nor does he have one, but I got an email for it the discount.
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    It's funny that I just heard of this book recently for self-improvement and developing my inner self. Picked up a copy a few days ago, and now that I just finished reading the 4-Hour Work Week, this will definitely be my next read.
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    Damn, this book has been on my reading list for sooooo long now. I even owned it at one point before leaving it in a hotel room. Time to re-invest and get it read I think

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