Anyone here starting the 30DC?

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I'm starting the Ed Dale's thirty day challenge and wondering if any of you are doing it as well???
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    You might want to wait for the 2010 version which starts on July 1st. The 2009 version (which is up right now) is essentially same as 2008 version. IMHO that version is not very effective anymore because of changes in IM scene. The fundamentals are fundamentals and Ed teaches them very well, but if I were you, I would wait till July 1st to do the 2010 version.
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    I am also interested to take part in 30DC. I will get it in july with you.
    Will share more thoughts about.

    Regards !
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    Thanks for the info... I went ahead and started it anyway because I don't want to wait until July, and hopefully I can get the updates then.
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    There's no problem with starting it now and when the new one starts you'll have an understanding of internet marketing.

    I participated in the last 20 challenges and I went from knowing nothing about internet marketing to selling over 100 websites online in six months.

    It is an amazing place to learn this stuff, and it's FREE!


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      I am in the middle of the 30dc.the information you get is outstanding and im very new to IM and the amount i have learned so far is brilliant.i didnt know that the new 30dc came out in july so il have to get a move on with this one.I heard the new 30dc is going to be 7-7-7.7 modules 7 days each 7 day breaks.Anybody know any info on it ?

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