Starving while Surrounded by Abundance

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I heard an interesting analogy the other day.

It was about how a frog perceives insects as food, but only if they are moving.

If the frog was in a box with flies that weren't moving it would actually starve - all the while surrounded by a bountiful supply of food.

I wonder how often the things we are searching for are sitting right in front of us the whole time.

Perhaps your box is already full of flies.

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    I do believe that there are many opportunities around all of us if we just recognise them. If for example you live in a place where there are few jobs and high unemployment, then you can make this an advantage. You can start a business, even if only very small, instead of complaining there are no jobs. There will be many people down the line willing to work for you for a relatively low wage. There's always a positive in any situation that can be harnessed for your benefit.

    So back to your analogy xiaophil, most of us are surrounded with flies. If we move and try things, it will disturb some of them and we will spot an opportunity!
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    This means that we shouldn't be afraid to take chances and accept opportunities even if it has risks -- well, no fruitful life gained has started smooth in the process anyway so we never know if any opportunity will strike us best. Just keep experiencing things (mainly the good ones) and I believe we'll head onto that success real soon.
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      Originally Posted by jonrhodesuk View Post

      ...most of us are surrounded with flies. If we move and try things, it will disturb some of them and we will spot an opportunity!
      Great stuff! I really like your extension of this analogy. I guess the first step is to have faith that the bounty actually exists, even though we may not see it. Then we can jiggle the flies, make them take off, and as if by magic the 'food' materializes out of nowhere!

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      Sure sounds like something Zig Ziglar would say. After all, he's famous for his flea-training.
      It was some material by Robert Dilts. IMO the unsung hero of classic NLP with his unsurpassed work on belief change.

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