Why LOA and other Selp Improvement Stuff work for some and not for others?

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I think when it comes to Self-improvement it is 100% internal and entirely based on your belief system.

There are people who read a book or attend a seminar on self improvement and claim that it has changed their life instantly and forever. But there are others who do the same and many more but report moderate success or nothing at all which makes me to believe that success depends entirely on one's belief system.

Our world and our reality is nothing more than our belief system. How we are successful with a given endeavor depends on whether our current belief system support the success.Change your belief system and you change the outcome of your endeavor to be successful.

The big question here is how do we change our belief system in our favor?

What is your take on this?
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    In order to develop a solid belief system you have to program your mind daily on a consistent basis. You just can't read 1 book or attend 1 motivational seminar and expect to develop a success consciousness.

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    The way you change your belief system is through daily positive affirmations. Try this for 30 days. Say these to yourself three times a day and write them down. Once you do this, I bet your belief system will change.
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    A belief is a thought repeated. The challenge is to identify those thoughts that hold us back, and then to consciously repeat a better thought until it repeats itself unconsciously. At that point, you will have changed your belief. In the meantime, the universe may throw some challenges at you, because you have already been creating your world based on thoughts you are now trying to replace. Momentum does not reverse itself easily.
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      The process involves changing your subconscious mind. Thoughts and beliefs that from long ago are stored there. When you dig these up and replace them with more positive, empowering thoughts, you will move forward in a great way.

      It's very powerful. I do this for a living (my other job besides IM ).
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        If your needing to know that when you say your going to do something and it is going to happen.First start with small goals even just one everyday and when you get that done it feels good right. As you are working on that start changing the people you hang around with. Start really listening and you will find out that they most likely are very negative about everything Job,family,others,...... You really want to remove yourself from that environment. this is a good time to read a self help book there are tons of great ones. You will see your confidence grow very quickly. Now it is time to set your goal and go for it! be sure not to let the negative people around you take it away. Hope this helps.

        I know I went in a little different direction with this but the answer is in here.
        the #1 reason I feel is the company that they keep around them. This will make or break you or anyone for that mater.
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    Originally Posted by success4all View Post

    There are people who read a book or attend a seminar on self improvement and claim that it has changed their life instantly and forever. But there are others who do the same and many more but report moderate success or nothing at all which makes me to believe that success depends entirely on one's belief system.

    What is your take on this?
    Imo I think it is a little different - I think it depends on 2 things:
    1. How much the person wants it before reading that self help book, going to that seminar etc.
    2. What ACTION they take after reading it / going to it.

    I think the 2nd step is the most important. I once heard a speaker say that "only 1% of you will get anything out of this - the rest of you could, and currently think you will, but when it comes to it you just won't take any action." I think this is really correct - action is the ultimate division between success and failure imo..

    ..and this reflects my experience too - it wasnt until I started taking massive action and especially persisting against all setbacks that I started to see success.

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    that's a bit of a question : p

    K, so you believe our beliefs are everything and I 100% agree with you there.

    It's a fundamental principle in human survival so that's what we'll base this conversation on....you're beliefs are expandable and in a sense changeable while at the same time 100% unique.

    Now the reason why some things work for some people and not for others...I mean anything and everything is because it expands some people's beliefs naturally and it leaves others...disconnected.

    They really didn't get it...they're beliefs didn't fit the idea.

    As for applying ideas there's really two ways.

    1. Just go through a bunch of success material from a bunch of different people....they're almost always saying the same thing just in different ways...that helps our ideas grow and expand.

    2. Look at what you believe and reaffirm what you learned into your belief system...does that make sense? It's a little hard to grasp but it's very easy to apply. Look at how you can relate an idea to your life experience. You grow incredibly fast this way

    If you do both of these over time you'll completely redefine your belief systems while at the same exact time not changing your beliefs...you're only growing them : )

    -- OH! And actually do the exercises they tell you to do...like visualization, goal setting, planning, values...whatever is asked of you just go and try it out...it doesn't mean you have to do it forever or anything....the fact of the matter is that we learn best from actually doing things, not from thinking about it all the time : 0 It took me a while to figure that one out but once I did things really took off for me.

    Be patient and have some fun with all of this....success will come in time. Like someone already said here.....you can't just go to one seminar or read a book...you have to practice it on a consistent basis.

    Hope this helped some,

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    Etak said it best. Reprogramming the subconscious mind is an effective way to change your belief system and results.

    Meditation is a must. Start around 15 minutes a day and work your way up to at least 30 minutes. Meditation removes blockages - or limiting beliefs - as well as any personal development practice.
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      Originally Posted by ryanbiddulph View Post

      Etak said it best. Reprogramming the subconscious mind is an effective way to change your belief system and results.

      Meditation is a must. Start around 15 minutes a day and work your way up to at least 30 minutes. Meditation removes blockages - or limiting beliefs - as well as any personal development practice.
      I'm just curious...

      How does meditation remover blocks?

      I'm not saying I disagree here..I'm just looking to see your perspective...

      I noticed a lot of problems go away when I meditate...centering yourself and balancing your mind is really healthy.
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    What I suggest is that first we have to put our logic and intelligence to believe in something. And once we know that the stuff is true then we have put away all our intelligence and just blindly follow it. We just have to develop a complete faith if we really want to see some changes in ourself
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      Hi all,

      I have to agree with numerous respondents here- that Self development and personal development is an over all process, done day by day.

      I know some people who are absolutely not interested, and who say that personal development is just rubbish. I most certainly do not share that view.

      I know that I have come forward in leaps and bounds, from my first introduction to personal development during my first MLM experience. I have learned and continue to learn, and read, and assure you that the only difference between you and others, is the space between your ears.

      We need to nurture it and growm, to become all that we are capable of. You may not see a difference tommorow, but you will when you look back a year from now, and so on. Our minds are like plants. They need to develop root systems, and there is a liot of development prior to the big result- Patience,a nd investment in oneself absolutely do pay off. No question.

      Be your best

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    Truth be told, most people misunderstand the Law of Attraction.

    It's not something that you turn off and on like a lightswitch, or something that you "use" per se, but rather something you keep in mind. It's always "on", like the Theory of Relativity or the Law of Congruity (every action has an equal and opposite reaction - known in the East as "karma", another misunderstood topic, but we're not here to talk about that).

    Problem is, many people will *read* uplifting material, but never actually put it to use. This is most prevalent in the IM world, but also when it comes to losing weight (this multi-billion dollar industry will continue to make money, regardless of whether or not people put forth the effort to make it work for them), relationship advice, or what have you. It's also not enough to just put a smile on and pretend everything's all right when it's not. Positive thinking? Yes, it's crucial, so long as you're not simply in denial.

    The reason a lot of self-improvement stuff "won't work" for many people is that each case is different - behavioral patterns, unresolved issues, emotions, point of view - that can't be covered in one-size-fits-all solution. You can read the material, but then you have to put in the legwork - you KNOW that if you're constantly focusing on your problems - hard to wake up in the morning, the house isn't clean, you don't feel like you're getting anything accomplished, etc - that's exactly what's going to happen. If you're not satisfied with your life, do something about it, then change your thought process to, "this house is getting cleaner and cleaner," or something along those lines. If you absolutely cannot bring yourself to clean house, you need to figure out why. It's not going to be in that one-size-fits-all book. YOU have to do the digging, even if it means hiring a professional to help you. This is the most crucial aspect of making things work for you after reading the material, but sadly, most people just stop there.

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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      A year or two ago we had many threads here about "The Secret" and LOA with people telling others how to do it right - and some complaining nothing has happened, etc.

      Here's how I think of it:

      You have two people who fully believe in LOA and are convinced they control their destiny. Both believe only good things will be attracted to them.

      They each take a rowboat out on a big lake. Both rowboats spring a bad leak. Who is going to survive?

      The person who believes in and practices LOA?

      Or the person who believes in and Practices LOA - and starts bailing?

      Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world will change forever for that one dog.

      You should always be yourself...unless you can be a Unicorn. Then you should always be a Unicorn.
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        Our personal belief system is ultimately a filter within our brain which in turn makes us perceive the world around us entirely differently from one an other. As human external influences control us no matter what and how we go about of lives. We are born susceptible. From birth we each will develop our belief system from factors and places such as our parents, schooling - Education, As seen in our education system these days the information put across is clearly written that we MUST get good grades in order to succeed in life, but we know this is not entirely true in any form. Many millionaires for instance may not have even passed through school with flying colors.

        As I went through school and my tiertiary education, I honestly did have a negative limiting belief that I would not be successful due to my poor efforts in earlier years of school. So It was engraved in my mind that success just couldn't come my way. After much self-focus and drive tides have turned, and my perspective on such things has changed dramatically.

        "Some beliefs will ultimately benefit us, the others will only just limit what we believe we can in fact do."

        I do personally think that beliefs determine each individuals success.
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    The biggest problem is that people think that they just need to read something and their lifes will change like magic, but it is not true.

    Aside from reading, people need to really understand not only what they should do, but the reason that would make it work. If it is totally understood, chances of being successful are higher.
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    In order to become what you want to become you need 1. Understanding (ex. What needs to be done), 2. Faith that you can achieve it, strong enough to lead you to action and commitment and 3. Action (and persistance). Self improvement books (good ones) can give the first part only. My guess is most people stop there and that's the biggest problem.
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    Its not based on your beliefs, its based on following through and having a dose of reality.

    There are proven methods to improve learning, productivity and end results. You just need to open your eyes and follow them through. The mistake most people make is they never start, take short cuts etc.

    They read something then do not take action.


    As for the reality, you need to look at what people do to be successful. Believing in the law of attraction is no different to believing in god for example. Comforting and maybe even inspiring, but unproven at best and at worst completely untrue.

    Focus on reality, focus on following through. Don't look at what you believe or wish would happen, work at what DOES work.

    This is why most people will not improve and succeed:

    "When all is said and done, much more is said than done".
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    Self improvement is something that is either present in a person or not. If you have neither the desire nor the inclination to succeed it is most likely that you will not read that life changing book or attend that life changing event! My experience over the years is that many times I found myself to be alone in my desire to learn and improve. The thought that a sytemic change can be brought about either from a book or event is something that I find hard to believe.
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    I depends on how suggestible you are. The subconcious is very stubborn at accepting new ideas.

    Mindbody medicine shows us this. In The Divided Mind there's a chapter about curing fibromyalgia using the power of the mind. It really does work. Yet a doctor tells a story of talking to a room full of fibromyalgia sufferers and only 4% of them believed that they could cure themselves using the power of their mind alone.

    If you accept that the subconcious is childlike and stubborn along the lines of Freuds ideas then you'll have no problems getting LoA to work.

    Personally I know that mindbody medicine works. I've been somewhat stunned by what LoA has shown me this week. And now I want to see if I can do these great memory tricks that other people who have mastered their subconcious can do.

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