Three Powerful Mindset Tips For Newbie Marketers

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Hello Warriors.

I initially posted this on another forum, but did not get much replies, so I'm posting it here for Warriors.

I'm not an advanced marketer yet nor am I newbie -- by newbie, I'm referring to those who are just learning how to create squeeze page. I'm somewhere in between -- an "intermediate"?

Here's what I learn so far and my advice if I were just starting...

3 problem/solution tips

1) Focus on one project/task at a time

The myth here is, the more projects you're working on, the diverse your income sources are. You most likely heard of the phrase, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." Why? Because if you're mainly using blogger blogs as your main source of income, what if your account gets shut down? What if you only use Squidoo lenses and your account gets shutdown, too?

Thus, you may feel that you need to work on 7 projects at a time -- web 2.0 properties, product sites, membership sites, blog sites on blogger/wordpress/self-hosted wordpress, mini adsense sites, and affiliate sites in 10 different niches.

It's fine to have many projects, but the key is to work on them one at a time, as opposed to working on multiple scattered projects and not completing any.

Too much tasks can be a distraction.

When you are overwhelm with so many things to do, you either do nothing or procrastinate (checking emails every 10 mins, checking your stats, reading blog posts, etc). You delay and avoid working on your real task out fear of failing.

Procrastination is the anxiety that you cope with for doing the things you have to do that's overwhelming.


Break those tasks down and focus on what you can do first. One practical task at a time.

I remember reading about the difference between the multi-tasking method vs. stacking method. What is the stacking method to my interpretation? Well, you focus on a grand plan first (even if you have a lot ideas), and then you categorized them into long-term plan, mid-term plan, and immediate plan. You start to work on your immediate plan first -- one at a time until completion and then move on to the next one (removing the stack).

Every time you have a cool/profitable idea, you just write it down somewhere and later categorized it as either long-term or mid-term goal (adding to the stack).

If you can break your bigger long-term goals into various mini-immediate goals, then you'll be less overwhelm. Plus, by working on those tasks one at a time until completion, it's more easier to manage.

If you do not complete those mini tasks, you can rollover it to other days while still keeping the bigger plan in mind.

We are more productive when we concentrate on one task at time especially when we give it 100% of our commitment.

2) Be realistic with the value of a product

Everytime there's a new IM product launch, the hype builds up quick. Those type of pre-sell launches will get you to join their mailing list, show you videos of "how I did it", and ask you to comment (as a form of interaction).

I notice many of the comments are like, "Wow! I can't wait to try your new product. Surely, it will pay off my bills, mortgages, car payments, groceries, and paid off my all my debt for 10 years" and then 3 weeks later, those people refund or never use the product.

Then those type of people will complain the product creator is a scam artist-- "If he's making millions, why is he giving it away for $77??? Scam! Fraud! Con-artist!"

Eventually, those type of people might give up IM altogether from wasting thousands of dollars due to so-called false promises.

Why? Unrealistic belief that the product itself will make you rich. It's not the product by itself that will you make money, it's YOU! No, I'm not here to blame you as a person, but blaming your belief that there's a magic pill that will make you rich overnight or 3 months.

If you're still struggling to make at least $100 a week, how can you make $10K a week that quick? And even if you could, will it be consistent for at least 6 months?


Find the products that fit your current level of knowledge and skills.

Some are catered towards newbies, some towards intermediate level, and some towards really advanced gurus.

If you're a newbie, advanced products might confused you. If you're an intermediate marketer, you'll think newbie products are a waste of time.

Do not buy every product -- assess your level of skills and knowledge first.

Many people get too excited falling in love with the product itself, and not the realistic actions to take.

What do you do with so many new product launches and the latest "FREE" stuff out there?

Sacrifice - do not buy so many products. Who cares if it's going to sold out to the next 50, 37, 2 people left? Sure you could be making $10K a day month with that new product, but at least you're being realistic with making real money first then moving on the next "latest and greatest" toy.

You should be focusing techniques you learn first, apply it, and test to see if they work or not. And testing takes time.

Would you try to risk buying product after product hoping to the hit the jackpot or be realistic at earning $50 a day in passive income first? Once you earn a realistic amount, you save it and reinvest it for other products/services. You scale using the profit you made first. And if you want to buy the "latest and greatest products", it should be from the money you earn as a profitable reinvestment.

Can you make at least $1 day online in passive income for 14 days? If so, you already got the foundation to make $1,000 a week in passive income online. All other products/services are just variations of the same thing to speed up the process...a bit.

So, if you get an email with something like, "Hey Bob -- want to make $10K week quick? My friend Bob2 has given me the secret access code just for your FREE!" -- DELETE IT -- especially if you got other projects on your plate that's not completed.

Are you being realistic with your action first?

3) Take guided action first

You're probably familiar with the 80/20 rule.

80% information first, and then 20% action? That's the old rule.

Many newbies spend 80% of their time reading new information, looking the BEST Internet marketing products/services and time-wasting activities. Then they spend the remaining 20% on profitable action and result-oriented activities.

The mistake lies in waiting for the perfect opportunity to take action. By taking action until you're 100% prepared, you'll go nowhere since you can never have all the information to know everything. The Internet changes constantly and it's better to know just a little bit first and then taking guided action.

Do not spend too much time reading just for the sake of information -- you'll suffer from "paralysis analysis" or "information overload" if you do not take immediate action.


There is no perfect opportunity -- it is NOW. Reading for the sake of information is fine, but transformation is the point. Take guided action first and then improvised by taking a little more information at a time to steer yourself on the right path. It's 80% action first..and then 20% new knowledge just to be up to date, not the other way around.

Also, be eager to fail. In fact, the more you fail, the better. The difference, however, is you're failing forward and knowing what works and doesn't work. Information by itself won't help, but how you implement them.

My rule -- 80% action, 20% reading. Action is primary, reading is secondary.
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      Good Stuff.

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    Thanks for the comments -- I'm surprised I actually got two people to reply!
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    Good info, I like that. I'll try.
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    Good tips but don't be surprised at the paucity of replies. Better to think that people read this and are so inspired they go off to take action!!
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    Thanks for sharing, I can relate with this post seriously, such an eye opener for me. Good stuff!
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    Thanks a ton. Must avoid "shiny object syndrome" . Focus is KEY!
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    Great tips for success man. Thanks for sharing with everyone
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    Definitely agree with #1.

    In fact it seems that a lot of people jump into marketing campaigns without being focused on anything at all. They just want to start tweeting till their thumbs bleed and hope there is a fat paycheck at the end of the day.

    Great advice.
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    Good tips! Alot of IM marketers fail because they don't take enough action. 80% action 20% reading definitely sounds like a great formula. Thanks.
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    Great tips! thanks for sharing. Know your priorities and have focus.
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      Mate! I wish I had read your article a coupla years ago ... But then again, I probably would not have had the sense to take much notice back then.

      Anyway, you're right on the button with that great post ... Terrific for newbies who haven't sussed-out the whole "Focus On One Thing At A Time" routine yet.
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    thats the mindset I needed...thanks, dude!
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      I'd like to add a tip to stay focused. I put a sticky note on my cell phone that says "Make $1000 Today". That's the goal I set for myself, some days I look at it and ignore it, but it stays in your head that way, you can't get away from it. Every time I check my phone I see that, it's a good way to program yourself and stay on track for me.
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    Plain and simple.

    That is what I needed to read today.
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    Well written and full of good information. The problem with a lot of people is they cannot or do not remained focused on the task at hand.
    A person new to internet marketing is often overcome by "information overload" . Do one task at a time and do it well.
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    Thankyou very much for the tips, as you can see this is only my second post but topics like this and very informative. I am very excited and keen to see how far this can go, I have been looking for something else to add to my income and someone directed me to this forum, the universe works in strange ways!. I have read a bit even bought something, But I agree I will learn more by doing than by reading posts on here. Right now I dont even have a clue as to where the money comes from or how you make money from internet marketing, to me that makes it exciting and challenging. I have set a goal to earn $200 a day to start with, if anyone can point me in a direction that might help me achieve it with a proven product that is EASY to use I will be very grateful. If there is anyone on the Gold Coast that likes coffee and is happy for me to pick their brains I would be more than happy to shout you your favourite beverage, just PM me!


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    I agree "Focus On One Thing At A Time" and also don't forget: Outsource as soon as you can!
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    Thanks,, great post, you know sometimes my mind drifts off alot or I start to procrastinate too much... Having the right mindset is one of the most important aspects for your success.. Thanks for sharing.
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    You are exactly right. Some times we often tend to get of track.
    If we read this every day, it would help us stay on track.
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    Very useful insight it would not hurt to make a dollar a day consistently for thirty days then try and accelerate from there
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      Thanks alot, I'm brand new to IM and it's tips like this that make my life easier!

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    Pretty good list, a great checklist for success.
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    GREA T Post ...

    I just said exactly the same thing

    Just one project a time .Don't **** around .... If you are building your focus on activities to build your list for , get others to help , don't get distracted and waste your time on others things that might seen to easier than what you are doing right now

    Don't **** around

    Don't buy product without succeeding with the one you got ... If keep doing that , you will break your bank account and end up worse off

    Thanks for the share

    Every newbie should read ... I wish i read this when i succeeded in Im because that was when i lost focus
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    nice work plan, I should apply it too!
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    Thanks! This is great stuff!
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    Well shared and to the point. I like things that are to the point and for people who are just starting out it is all about less complicated. I don't mind work, I want to work.. it is just great to find things that are easy to put into motion!
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      ... good topic... do you have the mindset?

      I will keep it simple, you have to have the 3 passions to succeed in the
      wild world of internet marketing.

      ... the passion to better your financial situation (helps when you're back is REALLY up against the wall)

      ... the passion to learn everyday and TAKE ACTION!

      ... the passion to never give up against all odds

      good luck to everyone..

      p.s it's an awesome job, when you can make it work!
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    Thanks for the success tips. They are definitely useful to taking action and breaking larger steps into smaller steps.
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    Wow, I posted this thread over a year ago!

    Thanks for the plug all!
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    Thank you frien calling for Warrior
    and you message is useful for me personally thanks for that.
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    Awesome ! Good info~ I will give it a try~
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    Glad everyone found my message helpful!
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    thanks for this. I've been hitting my head against a brick wall for the past three months. Just got my second sale and it's a residual product. I'm pumped

    Read the rules -- no affiliate links allowed.

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    Great tips!
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