What draws you to personal development

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Now I admit that I am a self help junkie and I love to listen to self help stuff via books, cds, dvds etc but I cant seem to understand why I love it so much..

I was listening to Eben Pagan say that the self help industry is one of the biggest money making industry. Do you have any idea why....Eben says that when you are trying to reach a niche you need to figure out their emotional needs...

Do you have any idea of what is the emotional needs of people like me who are into self help stuff?
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    We all need hope. We want to know that things can turn around, get better, change...

    - Steve
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      maybe its the feeling that were destined to be more than we are
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        That's a really good question, I've never thought about it before - I think for me it was because I grew up with such a negative attitude, negative beliefs, negative outlook on life in general. I guess you could say I inherited that...

        When I read my first self help book it awakened something within me - I guess you could call it hope like someone else said! "You mean my life doesn't have to be so depressing? You mean I can actually take control and make myself happy?" Wow!

        Not only has personal development been a major force in my life, I've taken it to a new level over the past 10+ years in sharing what I've learned and helping others with it. Very rewarding to say the least.

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    I think that it's the urge for fuller expression that makes personal development so attractive. We want to live fulfilled lives, we want to progress, we want to have more, do more and be more. This is the law of nature. In order to do so we should be developing ourselves on a 24-7 basis. Any time not spent developing is regression, which in my mind is dying.

    We all seek development on some deep level...if we didn't we'd simply lose the will to live. This goes back to Steve's take on hope.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    What draws me to personal development is the concept of seeking to become more than what we are. Also to help others to achieve similar results as well.
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    For me it is the desire to try to reach my full potential. I know I can be more productive, help more people and enjoy life more.
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    Noticing that you've made something that might help people or facilitate their lives for me it is something beyond the words
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    having been through the whole self-help (more precisely: Shelf-help) cycle myself (books, obviously Think & Grow Rich for starters, audios, videos, home-study courses, and the $5000 seminars), my feeling is that the majority of people who are *really* into it is the "help others" crowd, those who want to contribute, support others (HUGE numbers of life-coaches, excellent at helping others, but not themselves...).

    Their biggest problem: they keep having the big AHA-moment, but when they get home (back from seminar), then reality hits and they never take action.

    not much different from what's going on when someone is buying a course in the WSO section;-)

    if you want to get into it, get yourself into one of the seminars, there are plenty of 2-3 day freebies (with the aim of upselling you to the $20000 fast-track to success;-)

    if you've got a serious product for this market (a little more than a plan for an ebook), PM me and I'll give you a few hints/tips/views (my personal opinion of course)


    Connect with me on FB: https://www.facebook.com/veitschenk

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    I'm a fan of self improvement stuff too. I love how books, cds, and seminars can inspire and make me feel good.

    I remember that Seth Godin's said something in one of his posts that the only real thing is self-help. So, everything is designed to help us help ourselves, not just self-help books or motivational speakers.

    It's true.

    In my faith, God said that He will not help people who won't help themselves.

    So, in my opinion, there's no need to blame self-help books.

    If they inspire you, it means that they give you opportunity. Inspirations are opportunity, right? What are you going to do when you've inspired, do nothing or take inspired action?

    Well, that's just my opinion.

    Still learning about Affiliate Marketing.
    Aiming to make $1,266 - $3.346 per day...lol
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    Yeah...here's my take. I kinda like this industry too so here's my perspective.

    When Eben talks about the emotional needs of customers he means...

    Why the ef did they turn to success? Why did they turn to happiness? What made them turn that way?

    Now it's fundamental psychology to say that people almost NEVER look for a solution when they don't have a problem so...

    Success could be money issues, a better job, higher status and respect, all that because they're having problems....with they're money, they could hate being stuck in their position not going anywhere...

    they're more than likely unhappy with their lives and they're career so they turn to self help to get better...

    So just kind of work things along those lines you know? You can get way more detailed than that...for instance:

    If someone is looking into goals....they have a dream and they have a mission....dreams are passionate in every way..from our fears to our ideals...they include everything. So you could split things up for people who are looking to move up in their careers or some for entrepreneurs and dive into each of those...why do entrepreneurs want to start a business?

    Just stuff like that.

    Hope that helped

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    Do you have any idea why...
    I think it is because people are afraid that they could be the final product of it all. They would not be able to withstand the pressure of life if this were the case. The responsibility of what it would mean. We need to believe in something greater than ourselves, the single individual. Maybe in god, maybe in the fact that we are all tied to universal energy or maybe neither of the two. It is just that we are mortal. We DO die and since this is the case, don't we need something to make a sense of it all? I mean, what point would there be otherwise?

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    I am a big fan of personal help as well. To be real honest, seeking for personal help material is like an escape for me to the real problem I need to face. Let me explain : Suppose I want to drink a cup of water, what I need to do is get off from my chair, go to my kitchen, get a cup, open the tap and fill the cup. However say I'm scare about my ability to do the above task, I will seeking information about how to get a cup, how to choose a cup, how to open the tap, how to get off my chair. AND NEVER TAKE ACTION. When I seeking personal help material, I think I'm dealing with my problem and I'm taking action to solve my problem. But actually I'm chasing the shadow, getting all the INFORMATION, cheating myself and not taking any real action.

    Personal development material have their value but keep taking in and never follow through the material is just a waste of time. and I believe people like those just to inspire themself for a while, get themself into a "high" status for a while. Just cheating themself they are doing "something". For the real winner, they will just take a little bit of personal development advice and take action to implement those until they succeed
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    I think it is a natural human instinctive need to want to Improve, achieve, aspire and want...It just takes some of us a while to know.
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    Positive view on things, the idea that things can be better and that it's OK to be OK.

    Think about how much negativity we have around us, it's everywhere -- in the news, at work, family problems -- it seems that all you hear about is how bad things are. It is very hard to keep swimming against that current on your own, to not be swept by it and to maintain a positive outlook.

    I think this is where self help books come in. You feel like you get support from them, encouragement and a feeling that you are not alone, that people do turn their lives around and become successful and happy.

    Just some thoughts... good question!
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    Hi. I think that, as some of our fellow Warriors have alluded to, the urge you feel is that natural desire to continuously be a bigger and better person. And to be such as person is to say to be bigger in mind, body and soul. As humans, we crave expression and seek balance in all three of these areas whether we know it or not. Thank you for the post.
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    For me the self help articles I read gave me the knowledge my parents never offered me. If parents would do their job probably the self help industry wouldn't be so strong.

    Also, I think that the self help books are an expression of our human need to constantly grow and improve.
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