The entrepreneurial divide: what separates the "wanna-be" from the "true" entrepreneurs

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hey there,

after running a couple of iterations with quite a few coaching
clients through the BareKnuckleproductivity programme
(which I launched here on the WF, which is why I'd like to
give back massively here) with some pretty fantastic results,
I've now got an even clearer picture of what's holding people
back most when they're trying to get an IM career going.

I'm presenting all this in a 100% content only webinar
next Monday, all the details are here:

The Entrepreneurial Divide | BareKnuckleProductivity

would love to have you on the webinar, looking forward to plenty of questions!

have an awesome weekend


PS: it's a "give-back" event, 100% content, no pitching!
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    Looks great. Thanks for this free event. I was checking you website and did not see anywhere to order your program. Do you have a link somewhere?

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